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"Eye Can't" is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fifty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


Trying to avoid a trip to the eye doctor, Lisa makes a new pair of glasses that actually makes her eyesight worse.


Lisa has had an irrational fear of the ophthalmologist.

One morning at the Loud house, Lisa seems to have trouble with her eyesight. Rita points out that she has been having these issues the entire week and Lynn Sr. deduces that she needs new glasses. However, Lisa has an irrational fear of going to the ophthalmologist ever since she was little which explains to Todd. Wanting to avoid that triggering, Lisa decides to make a pair of new glasses herself.

However, the new glasses end up giving her even worse eyesight than what she started off with. However, her parents have still scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor, so Lisa has Lana take apart the van. However, Lynn Sr. is not going to be deterred, calling Mr. Grouse and asking him if he could lend his car for a fee of Lynn-sagnas. Soon, they're on the road and on the way to the eye doctor. However, Lisa, who still doesn't want to go, decides to hack into the Royal Woods transportation system to manipulate the traffic lights, thus creating traffic. The parents take a shortcut through a cornfield, where Lisa summons a storm cloud. However, they reach the eye doctor nonetheless.

Lisa finds the "train out of Royal Woods".

Lisa is now in the office of Dr. Tran, where she easily escapes the appointment by finding a fatal flaw in the Dr. Tran's list of languages. Speaking in French, she calls in the help of Todd to get her out easily. She and Todd enter the next-door "train station" (really the Royal Woods Mall) where the two of them have an... interesting adventure due to Lisa's poor eyesight:

  • Lisa mistakes a train set as an actual train that'll take them out of Royal Woods, and actually falls asleep on it.
  • Thinking she arrived in Florida, Lisa mistakes a perfume scent for the ocean. Also, while roaming in "Florida", she accidentally takes a vaccum with her (over Todd, who while looking for Lisa decides to get dressed at Reininger's).
  • Lisa mistakes a chicken mannequin for a local farmer, and her lodging of choice happens to be a bear cave, and the "bellhop" happens to be ... a bear.

Now seeing the bear, she also realizes Todd isn't with her, so she runs full-tilt out of the cave with the bear on her. Lisa ends up bumping into Flip. Her parents show up and Lisa agrees to go through the eye exam.

Back at Dr. Tran's office, she ends up doing the eye test painlessly. Lisa plans to do weekly checkups with her while planning to apologize to Todd.

Meanwhile, Todd is walking the red carpet for summer fashion with Leni providing the commentary.


Lincoln and Lana have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode in Season 6 to use the standard title card music.
  • The reason for Lisa's ommetaphobia is never explained.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the cross-cylinder lens above Lisa's left eye.
  • Thanks to a presumable Christmas gift, as she mentioned Santa, Lisa is shown to have software that can hack into Royal Woods governmental systems. It can even seed clouds. A device like this would be shown again in "Dine and Bash".
  • This isn't the first time a Loud comes into contact with a bear. The first time is in "In Tents Debate", but with Lincoln.
  • Dr. Tran knows Thai and English, but doesn't know French, a vital weakness that Lisa finds and exploits to exit the doctor's office. This scene also reveals that Lisa has learned French somewhere between the events of "Fool Me Twice" and this episode.


  • Eye Can't - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "I can't".
  • Mister Magoo - A visually-impaired Lisa misinterprets her surroundings, resembling the titular character of this television series.


  • Plot holes:
    • Possible: Lisa's vision starts to go bad in this episode, even with her glasses on, even though it was shown in "Making the Grade" that she was able to improve her eyesight via laser eye surgery. While it may be assumed that the LASIK has worn off since then, laser eye surgery never wears off.[1]
      • Considering the procedure was done by her and not by a professional, she may have had a flaw of some sort when doing the procedure
      • This was previously implied in The Loud House Movie, as in one scene, Lisa attempts to high-five Lola with her glasses off, but ends up hitting her instead.
      • It was also implied in "The Loudly Bones" as she seems to have trouble looking without her glasses.
  • After Lynn Sr. finishes filling the cereal, the front of both boxes are reversed.
  • When coming to the realization that she is in the den of a bear, Lisa refers to it scientifically as an Ursus americanus (American black bear) when it's clearly an Ursus arctos horribilis (American brown bear).


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