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"Fails from the Crypt" is the third episode of the second season, and the forty-first episode of The Casagrandes.


The kids try to break a local record for staying in the cemetery overnight.


While carrying a bag, Ronnie Anne attempts to leave, but it stopped by Hector, Rosa and Sergio. When they ask where she's going, Ronnie Anne states that she and her friends are going to spend the night over the Great Lakes City Cemetery, saying that she wants to accomplish what a group called the Fearless Four did 40 years ago. The three refuse to let her go, saying that it's dangerous, but Ronnie Anne says that her mother gave her permission, and as Rosa goes to scold Maria for letting her do something potentially dangerous, Ronnie Anne uses puppy eyes to convince Hector to let her go, and Hector, tempted by Ronnie Anne's pleas, lets her go, much to the dismay of Rosa and Sergio.

At the cemetery, Ronnie Anne and her friends set up their tents. Sid reveals that she brought along an owl named Gil to keep patrol, where she tells Laird that that one hoot means that everything's fine, but two hoots means to run. As the night progresses and the kids pass the time in Ronnie Anne's tent, they suddenly hear the wind increasing and a spooky voice telling them to leave. When Casey suggests they check it out, everyone pushes him out to investigate. As he looks around, he discovers a skeleton nearby suddenly coming to life, causing him to run out of the cemetery in fear, dropping his night vision goggles along the way. Hearing Casey's screams of panic, the other proceed to go look for him, and when they come to a fork in the road, the group splits into two. As Sameer and Nikki search together, they encounter a giant spider that scares them into leaving the cemetery. As Ronnie Anne, Sid and Laird search, just as a fog rolls in, Gil arrives and gives two hoots, prompting an already frightened Laird to leave. When Sid suggests they forfeit, Ronnie Anne is still determined to make history, but the skeleton, the spider, and a zombie arrive, and the girls are cowed in to leave. The moment they leave, the monsters reveal themselves to Hector, Rosa and Sergio, while the fog was revealed to be done by Vito. It turns out that they are the Fearless Four Ronnie Anne talked about earlier, and drove them away because they wanted to keep their 40-year record preserved.

The next day, Hector, Rosa and Sergio ask Ronnie Anne and Sid how their night at the cemetery went, and the girls state that they were horrified. However, they also reveal that they plan to go again, this time being more prepared. As Maria and Carlos help them pack, Hector, Rosa and Sergio (later Vito, who shows up unannounced) agree to scare them a second time, wanting to keep their record intact.

At night, Ronnie Anne and her friends attempt to stay at the cemetery a second time, now with more preparations (even Gil, who brought a security blanket). After going into their tent, the Fearless Four, wearing their costumes from last night, are prepared to scare them again. When they instruct Vito get his howling ready, they suddenly hear a wolf howling and a vampire rising out of his coffin. Realizing the danger they're in, Rosa suggests that they go rescue the kids. When they point out that a vampire is coming, they quickly run away. During the escape, Gil loses his security blanket and it lands on Vito's face, causing him to fall into an open grave. Everyone quickly takes shelter in a crypt, and just when it seems like they're safe, a werewolf pops out. Now cornered by a werewolf and a vampire, Hector and Rosa urge them to spare the kids by offering themselves. Suddenly, the kids laugh, and the werewolf and the vampire reveal themselves to be Carlos and Maria respectively. Ronnie Anne reveals that last night, when she was telling her mom about happened, Maria and Carlos realized that they were scared by the exact same three things, and saw Sid eating a tamale the spider dropped (which had Rosa's name on it).

Because of this, they all planned to get them back (except Laird, who was never informed of the plan), and Hector, Rosa and Sergio apologize, saying that they let their competitiveness get in the way. When they suggest they go back home, they exit the crypt and discover that the sun has just risen. Realizing they all survived the night, Rosa decrees that all three generations (kids, adults and elders) now hold the record and change the name of the Fearless Four to the Fearless Twelve. Suddenly, a hand pops from the ground, and they all run away, believing it's a zombie. However, it turns out to be Vito, who was climbing out and asks how he got to where he is.



  • In broadcast order this is the first episode of Season 2.
  • This episode reveals that Rosa, Hector, Sergio and Vito are a group known as the Fearless Four and have held the accomplishment of being the only ones capable of spending an entire night in the cemetery for the past 40 years.
  • Ronnie Anne and her pals have their own way of calling "dibs", which involves touching their noses, just like what the Loud siblings do.
  • This episode reveals that Nikki giggles when she is nervous and that Laird has a security blanket.
    • It also reveals that Hector is strong enough to hold Vito for long spans of time.
  • Irony: Rosa and Hector won't let Ronnie Anne go to the cemetery with her friends, but they tricked them instead. Before the end, they were tricked by her, her friend group, Carlos and Maria.
  • This is the only segment to have the black title card, while the other title card is white.


  • Fails from the Crypt - The title of this episode is a reference to the horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt.


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