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Fairway University is a university that Lori attends. It first appeared in the episode "Driving Ambition."


Fairway University was established in 1857.

It is stated to be three hours from Royal Woods and just a few miles outside Great Lakes City. While shown that it gives a standard college education, most of it is shown to be golf-related.

Driving Ambition

While playing golf with her high school's varsity gold team, Lori's coach, Coach Hutch, informs Lori that because she's impressed with her golfing skills, she invited Fairway University's head coach, Coach Niblick, to come and watch her play. Lori is surprised by this news, since Fairway is her dream college. While trying to sharpen her skills, she suddenly loses her ability to play properly because of her increasing anxiety of making a good impression. After some training, Lori gets her skills back, but once she starts playing the championship game, the presence of Coach Niblick causes Lori's anxieties to kick in, and cause her to fall to last place. After being encouraged by Rita and Lynn Sr. that something good will happen no matter the outcome, Lori regains her confidence and successfully rises to the top of the scoreboard. Coach Niblick, who was initially going to leave after seeing Lori's poor playing skills, is impressed by her real skills, and offers her a spot on his team.

Can't Hardly Wait

While getting the mail, Lori discovers that Fairway University has sent her the course catalog. As she reads through it, Lynn Sr. gets emotional, saying that he can't bear the idea of his eldest daughter leaving for college. When Lynn Sr. prepares to head off to work at his restaurant, Lori points that he needs to hire more workers, and the two realize that this opportunity is perfect for them, since Lynn Sr. can spend more time with Lori, while Lori states that working there could get her the money needed for college.

Don't You Fore-get About Me

While giving the kids their mail, Lynn Sr. discovers that there's a letter to Lori from Fairway University. Lori reads it and says that class registration is next week. When Lori expresses some hesitance that she's not sure whether Fairway suits her, Rita takes this opportunity to spend their day touring the campus. However, Leni is revealed to be worried, since she fears that once Lori leaves for college, she won't be able to do the activities they used to do together anymore. While touring the campus, Leni tries to dissuade Lori by pointing out negatives, but Lori points out the things wrong with her claims. When Leni says that her plan isn't working, she decides that if she can't convince Lori not to go college, she'll make Lori look bad that the college won't let her. After some failed attempts, Leni decides to make Lori look bad in front of Coach Niblick, who agrees to revoke Lori's scholarship. As the family prepares to leave, Lori says that she got a phone plan that would allow for endless chats with Leni. This causes Leni to admit that she got Lori's scholarship revoked, saying that she was worried about her leaving and never being able to do things together anymore. Despite being furious at first, Lori calmly tells her that it's not too late to stop Coach Niblick from revoking it. Arriving to Niblick's office, Leni tells him not to revoke Lori's scholarship, and he agrees after seeing the real Lori putt a ball into a cup effortlessly.


When the new school semester starts, Lori is shown to packing her things to depart for college. After packing everything into her newly acquired car, her teary-eyed family embrace her with a hug and watch her depart for Fairway University, with Lynn Sr. clutching onto the back and begging her not to go. Arriving to the college's dormitory, Lori tries to find a floor to live on. She first tries the Quiet Floor, but discovers that she can't do a single thing without the other students constantly shushing her for the slightest noise she makes. She then moves to the Driving Range Floor, but can't tolerate the other students, who constantly fling golf balls from room to room, making going through the hall extremely dangerous. She then goes to the Caddy Floor, but her caddy constantly observes her, making her uncomfortable. She then goes to the Sand Trap Floor, where the closet is filled with sand that starts to flood the room. This causes Lori to break down, saying that she can't find a good place to stay in the dorm. After arriving back home, Lori ponders if she can take three hour trips every day, but after being inspired by Lincoln telling his friends that the best thing to do is to make the most of the current situation, she proceeds to head back to Fairway. Lori, after arriving back to Fairway, arrives to the Water Hazard Floor, which is full of water and has a live alligator swimming. Despite this, Lori, following Lincoln's words to make the most of the situation, decides to stay on this floor.

The Boss Maybe

With Lori in college, Leni has to take on the role of being the responsible oldest sibling in the Loud House. When Leni becomes overwhelmed by the antics of her younger siblings while trying to babysit them, Lola comments that if Lori were babysitting them, she could've easily solved all their problems. This gives Leni the idea of calling up Lori for advice on how to babysit the siblings. However, Lori is in the middle of her classes when Leni calls her up, and despite being called at the worst possible time, Lori agrees to help her. During the first two phone calls, Lori gives good advice to Leni, but during the third call, which was made during the middle of a class lecture, her phone is confiscated by her professor, leaving Leni to solve problems on her own.


While preparing for the Petoskey Open tournament, Lori has several encounters with a ghost that seems to be haunting her and cannot concentrate. She has Lincoln and Clyde use their ARGGH! expertise to banish the ghost, and they succeed in doing so. The next day, she finds her fellow team members struggling in practice, and learns that the ghost is actually Fairway's good-luck charm, the late alumnus Shanks Bogey. Realizing what she has done, she calls Lincoln to come over and bring Shanks back, telling him that without Shanks, she will have to leave Fairway. Lincoln instead has Lucy and the Morticians Club help Lori. The Morticians (except Boris, who ends up joining the college's cheerleading team) help Lori in trying to bring Shanks back, but as Lucy runs out of ideas, they discover through a disco ball broken during their last idea that Shanks is waiting in the university's cemetery. Knowing she was responsible for Shanks's departure, Lori heads over to the cemetery alone to bring him back. Back at the cemetery, Lori manages to win Shanks's trust with a few practice rounds. When she learns he is unwilling to come back, she informs him of the tournament, and leaves. The next day, however, Shanks comes back and helps Lori win the tournament.

Season's Cheatings

Lori is busy studying for her finals when the Louds have their annual family gift-swap. Lincoln calls her while disguised as Rita to convince her to get him a Rip Hardcore backpack, but learns that she is so busy she can only offer a Fairway mug as a gift.

Lori Days

Lori chats with her family through her smartphone from the university. Lori's friend Marisa suggests her to just visit her family.

Tee'd Off

Bobby visits Lori at the university. Bobby suspects Lori found a new love, Ewan, so he tries to win her back.

A Loud House Christmas

Towards Christmas at Royal Woods, Lori calls her family to inform them that she cannot join them for Christmas because she has exams coming up at college and a golf tournament two days after Christmas. Seeking to reunite his family for Christmas, Lincoln anonymously sends Lori Lynn Sr.'s figgy pudding, causing her to get nostalgic and call Bobby to send her back home.

"Dine and Bash"

Rita visits Lori for Mother-Daughter Golf Day.

School members


Current Students

Former Students

  • Shanks Bogey
  • Frances Krutz
  • Anne Green
  • Billy Hunt
  • Myles Karshall
  • Mabel Hull


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  • Most of the staff members tend to have some sort of golf pun in their names.
    • Coach Niblick - a niblick is an iron with a heavy, lofted head, such as a nine-iron, used especially for playing out of bunkers. This type of club is now considered obsolete.
    • Shanks Bogey - a combination of two things. A shank is when the golfer hits the ball with the hosel (the socket of a golf club head which the shaft fits into), and a bogey is one stroke over par (the predetermined requirement of strokes for a hole).
  • The university itself also has a large number of golf puns:
    • A fairway is the place on the putting green where the ball must land in order for best performance in motion when putted.
    • The quiet floor is a reference to how silence is needed in order for concentration in golf.
    • The driving range floor is a reference to a driving range, which is where golfers can practice their swings.
    • The caddy floor is a reference to a caddy, which is a person who carries around a golfer's clubs and provides moral support.
    • The sand trap floor is a reference to bunkers, which are sand traps placed in a golf course.
    • The water hazard floor is a reference to water traps, which are places on a golf course that are filled with water.
  • The university is located approximately three hours away from Royal Woods.[1]
  • The name of the school golf team is the Birdies.[1]
  • The school has a Mother-Daughter Golf Day.[2]


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