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Got kicked out, Fam Scam?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Germany[citation needed][note 1] due to the presence of Clyde's fathers, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Fam Scam" is the thirty-eighth episode (thirty-ninth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-seventh episode of The Loud House.


Embarrassed by her family, Lola pretends to be a McBride to impress her new sophisticated pageant friend.


At the Little Miss Pageant pageant hall, Cheryl is doing a roll call on the pageant contestants. When she gets to Lola, she discovers her hiding in a clothes rack, observing pageant legend Cricket Van Doren, who has won pageants on every continent. Lola wants to make a good impression to introduce herself, and she immediately charms Cricket after she falls down and covers her blunder with a little white lie. When Cricket introduces herself in both English and French, Lola, even more amazed, remarks to Cricket that her family loves to travel the world, and Cricket asks if they want to hang out, to which Lola immediately agrees. When Cricket remembers that her parents will be hosting a charity polo match at her house, she asks Lola if they can do it at her house instead, and Lola, fearing that Cricket will have a horrible time having to deal with her siblings' shenanigans, attempts to decline, but Cricket says that she would love to meet her family, and leaves. This causes Lola to realize in horror the situation she put herself in.

At the Loud House, as the kids sit at the dinner table, Clyde arrives, having cooked their dinner because he and his dads will be hosting the operatic society, and needs to perfect his baking skills. After presenting his Parisian themed dish (to which the kids quickly devour), Lola suddenly gets an idea. She approaches Clyde and asks if he can do another test run at his house tomorrow in order to impress her new friend. Although reluctant at first, since tomorrow is the day his dads do their organic produce shopping, Clyde agrees with Lola's plan.

The next day, at the McBride house, Lola and Clyde are getting themselves ready for Cricket's arrival. While Clyde cooks the food, Lola begins to do some altercations around the house to give off the impression that she lives here, like replacing all the cat decorations on a shelf with her pageant trophies, and slapping crudely made sketches of her face on all the family portraits. Once she's done with her task, Cricket arrives and Lola lets her in. Throughout the visit, Lola attempts to keep Clyde from spilling any details on her not actually being a McBride. Later, Cricket is about to leave, and just before she and Lola exit, Howard and Harold arrive home after their organic produce shopping, and Lola, in an attempt to convince Cricket that they are her parents, hugs them both, much to Howard and Harold's confusion. The second they exit the house, Cricket says that she had fun and asks Lola if they want to hang out at the mall tomorrow, and Lola agrees.

The next day, while Lola waits for Cricket's arrival, she discovers that all of her siblings are present, as Rita and Lynn Sr. have errands to do. At that moment, Cricket arrives and greets Clyde as "Lola's brother", much to Lincoln's confusion. Throughout the entire visit, Lola either tries to keep herself distanced from her siblings or tries to prevent Cricket from seeing them. After some close calls, Lola, hiding in a photo booth, discovers the siblings leaving, and tells Cricket that they can leave now. However, Howard and Harold arrive, and despite Lola insisting that they take more pictures, Cricket decides to walk up to the two to introduce herself. When Howard suggests dropping off Lola at her house, Cricket realizes that they referred to Lola as having her own house, and when she tries to correct them by saying that she lives in their house, Howard and Harold, realizing that they've been told a lie, tell her that they're not Lola's parents. Realizing that she has been lied to by her friend, Cricket sadly retreats to the photo booth to express her despair (rather elegantly). Lola apologizes to Cricket for lying to her, explaining that she wanted to impress her so they can become friends, and was afraid of introducing her to her real family out of fear that they would embarrass her. When Lola says that she can make up for her actions by letting her introduce her to her real family, Cricket agrees to forgive her.

Later, Lola and Cricket arrive to the Loud House and Lola proceeds to introduce Cricket to the chaotic antics of her real family. Cricket says that she finds them fun to be around, explaining that she always acts prim and perfect around her family, so she expresses a desire to cut loose every so often.


Luna, Lucy, Lisa, Lily and Lexi Rose have no lines in this episode.


  • The premise of the episode is similar to "Write and Wrong" and the Casagrandes episode "Mexican Makeover", as in both episodes, the main character pretends to be better than they actually are for the sake of having a beneficial company.
  • The episode uses the same title card music as "Read Aloud" and "A Star is Scorned".
  • According to Leni, she has a "psychic gift" when it comes to fashion, seemingly able to pick out an outfit the customer would find perfect.
  • According to Harold, he and Howard have a weakness in regards to buying lamps.
  • Foreshadowing: The title card shows pictures of Lola stuck to some McBride family pictures, which Lola would do in the episode.
  • Irony:
    • Lola didn't tell Clyde and his fathers about her lying scheme until it was too late, despite them being main parts of it.
    • One of the signs on the mall marquee reads "4 shirts for the price of 4", which is essentially buying four shirts at full price.
    • Lola fears Cricket will be put off by the usual Loud house shenanigans, but it turns out Cricket finds chaos her cup of tea as she can loosen up.
    • Lola pretends to be a member of Clyde's family to avoid associating herself with the typical Loud house chaos, but when Cricket arrives at the Loud House, Clyde himself is part of said Loud house chaos.


  • Fam Scam - The title of this episode is likely a reference to the 2020 Disney Channel reality dance series Fam Jam.
  • Nancy - The outfit Leni suggests to Cricket is a white long-sleeved shirt with a black vest and a red skirt, which is the signature outfit of this comic strip character.
  • Wonder Woman - The lamp Howard and Harold buy has a color scheme similar to this superheroine.


  • Plot hole: Cricket notices Lana's resemblance to Lola, but not Lincoln.


  1. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.

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