The Loud House Family Band Guide 🎸 TryThis

The Loud House Family Band Guide 🎸 TryThis

Family Band Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on January 22, 2019.


The Louds are starting a family band! But before they start rockin’ they have to figure out WHO will do WHAT. From lead guitarist to lead mechanic, there’s a lot to do before this act can hit the road. 🎸 Plus - Every band needs an awesome name!

Luna can play guitar and write the music to all their hits.

Lily is first suggested to write the lyrics, but since the only word she knows is "poo poo", the host then wonders if Lisa should write the lyrics, but as much as her rhymes are fire, they need lyrics more relatable, so in the end it's decided that Lucy will do the writing.

The host then suggests Lily could be the lead singer, but then wonders if Luan should do it, and despite the idea of Charles singing lead being cute, the host thinks they should leave it to Luna.

Next, they need someone to slap the bass, Lincoln seems like a good choice.

Lisa could be the DJ, because her beats are scientifically to proven to make you shake your booty, and she has great moves. Lisa also has experience in therapy, so she can help the family with pressure that come with being in a famous band.

There's only one Loud who loves cowbell, and that's Lynn Sr., and Rita can rock out on the tambourine.

The band also needs some backup singers, at first the host asks Leni if she can sing backup, but Leni doesn't get the idea. The host then figures she can be a backup dancer, but she doesn't get the idea of that either. So it's decided that she can design the costumes for the band instead.

Lola is put in charge of hair and makeup, and very excited about it.

Suddenly, Lincoln drops his bass, so instead he can be the choreographer, and Clyde can help since it takes two to tango. And Lily wants to help choreograph too.

So many fans means this band needs security, and since Lynn already kicks butt, this job is perfect for her. And Charles can be her watchdog.

Luan can tackle lighting and visual effects since she's already a master show woman

Lana will make sure Vanzilla is in touring shape, but more importantly, make sure all the toilets at the venues work.

The ban needs publicity, Lori can take care of that because she's a whiz with her phone.

All that's left is a name for the band. The host asks the viewers what the name of the band should be.


  • This video claims that "Poo-poo" is the only word Lily knows, however, in the show, she has been heard saying other words on occasion.

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