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Got kicked out, Farm to Unstable?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Germany[citation needed][note 1] due to being paired with "Fam Scam", and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Farm to Unstable" is the thirty-ninth episode (fortieth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


After realizing farm work with Liam is harder than they thought, Lincoln and the gang look for shortcuts.


At the middle school, Lincoln and friends are initiating their daily lunch swaps. When Rusty offers to trade his tin of sardines, Liam decides to trade his sandwich for them, where he proceeds to give them to his pet goat, Carol Anne. Liam is soon revealed to be milking Carol Anne, mixing a liquid in a barrel and peeling ears of corn simultaneously, as he reveals that tomorrow is the biggest Hunnicutt family farm sale, and has his hands full, as Mee-Maw sprained her ankle after mud-wrestling Virginia, and his father and brother are at an egg convention. Not wanting him to handle so much by himself, the others suggests lending their assistance, to which Liam is grateful for.

Later, at the Hunnicutt farm, Liam instructs his friends on what to do: while he sets up the stand, Lincoln has to milk the cows, Clyde has to pick the eggs from the chicken house, Stella has to shave the sheep for their wool, Zach has to pick the rutabagas from the field, and Rusty has to look after a wheelchair-bound Mee-Maw. Before he sends them off to their tasks, Liam hands his friends rolls of stickers that they attach the items to signify that they're 100% organic. However, Liam's friends soon find out that their respective tasks are much harder than they thought, as Lincoln gets trapped in a bucket after the cow kicks it onto him, Clyde is attacked by the chickens, Stella is chased by the sheep, Zach has to deal with a gopher, and Rusty has to cater to Mee-Maw's constant demands while making sure she doesn't see his friends' unsuccessful efforts. Seeing how difficult farm duties really are, Lincoln and his friends suggest taking a shortcut by buying the goods at the grocery store. Before they leave, they appoint Rusty to cover for them while they're away.

Arriving to the Super Mart, Lincoln, Clyde, Zach and Stella find out the place is closed due to floor buffing. Going with a backup plan, they decide to get their goods at Flip's Food and Fuel. Upon arriving to the store, the gang quickly purchase the items they need like eggs, milk, rutabagas, and Flip's chair (in place of wool). As Rusty continues to stall Mee-Maw, the rest of the gang quickly attempt to cover the questionable quality of Flip's items by putting Liam's stickers of approval on the items to give the impression that they're genuinely organic. At that moment, Liam arrives and commends his friends for pulling through in getting the items ready for the sale.

Sometime later, there's a line of customers at the farm purchasing items from Liam and Mee-Maw. Among those customers are Mr. Grouse wanting a bag of rutabagas, Cheryl and Meryl wanting some wool to make dresses for a double date, and Scoots and Tyler needing milk and eggs to make pies for a party with her motorcycle gang. Later, as the sun is beginning to set, Liam and Mee-Maw proceed to close up shop, and just when the two and the gang celebrate for a job well done, the customers come back, angry and upset. They complain to Liam and Mee-Maw that their produce has given them trouble, like Mr. Grouse getting sick after eating the rutabagas, Scoots' eggs and milk being sludgy and rotten, and Cheryl and Meryl's dresses made the fluff of Flip's chair giving them horrible rashes. As a result, the customers demand their money back and proclaim they're never coming back to buy from them again. As Mee-Maw laments over losing the money they need to keep their farm going, Liam inspects one of the rutabagas and witnesses his sticker falling off, revealing Flip's sticker. With the truth exposed, the gang confesses that they took a shortcut because the tasks they were given were harder than they thought, and didn't feel like putting in the effort. As an angry Mee-Maw orders Rusty to take her inside her house, Liam expresses immense disappointment in his friends and dejectedly walks away. Feeling bad for putting the farm's livelihood in jeopardy, Lincoln says he has an idea on how to fix things.

Later, Lincoln, Clyde, Zach and Stella decide to put in the effort to get the produce the right way. This includes Lincoln giving the cow a box of hay to get its approval to be milked, Clyde giving the chickens a pie in exchange for getting their eggs, Stella shaving the sheep into unique designs, and Zach offering the gopher a cookie in exchange for the rutabagas. The next day, Liam and Mee-Maw discover that the gang has gone out of their way to fix the Hunnicutt name by getting the produce the correct way, and convincing their customers to come back after telling them the items they bought weren't from the farm. As a result, Liam forgives his friends for the trouble they caused the day before, and Mee-Maw decides to celebrate with a celebratory dance, which has Rusty spinning her wheelchair, only to get snatched by the mole and dragged away underground.


Unnamed City Woman, Teri's boyfriend, and Teen Girl have no lines in this episode.


  • The plot of the episode is similar to that of "What Wood Lincoln Do?", as in both stories the main characters take shortcuts instead of working hard to finish their tasks only to mess up and make up it by working hard.
  • This episode reveals that Liam has a brother, and his father is still alive.
  • Rusty mentions the events of "Flying Solo" by telling Mee-Maw that Clyde is part of the school's glee club.
  • When Zach comments on how dusty Flip's eggs are, the expiration date on the carton reads 1997, which indicates that Flip's Food and Fuel has been around since 1997.
    • The expired food further means that as of this episode, Flip has reverted back to his old ways, breaking the promise that he made in "A Flipmas Carol" to never swindle again.
  • Rusty is revealed to be skilled at giving manicures and pedicures.
  • According to Flip, he is able to smell desperation within people.
  • This episode reveals that Cheryl and Meryl are in a relationship with a pair of twins named Errol and Darryl.
  • Irony: Liam's friends bought Flip's products, but didn't bother to remove his stickers from them.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • A gopher is able to pull a wheelchair and its user underground.
    • Lincoln's whole body was crammed into the bucket he was using to milk Liam's cow.


  • Farm to Unstable - The title of this episode is a pun of farm-to-table, a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer.


  • Possible plot hole: According to Lincoln, he and his friends worked all night to get the produce they were supposed to get the correct way, even though it was shown to be daytime during the montage of them doing so. However, they may have started working at night and ended their work in the morning.



  1. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.

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