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"Fast Feud" is the twenty-second episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid try to take down the obnoxious burger restaurant that opened up across the street.


What a terrible nightmare.

In the living room, Hector, Rosa and Carl watch a program about a man named Jim Sparkletooth exposing hidden secrets in the food industry. At that moment, Ronnie Anne enters, asking why it smells like burgers. Bobby also comes in and says that it's the new restaurant that opened up across the street, Burger Blast. Ronnie Anne says she's going to bed. However, the restaurant proves to be nuisance to Ronnie Anne, as the restaurant obnoxiously sings a jingle every few seconds and the neon sign completely lights up her room. These two factors result in Ronnie Anne barely getting any sleep at all.

The next morning, Ronnie Anne and Sid (who is also revealed to have lost some sleep because of Burger Blast) decide to go to the restaurant to complain. However, the two employees, Padma and Pierre, are overworked and tell the two to put their complaints into the complaints box. After putting in their complaints, they leave, hoping that they'll listen.

The next day, Ronnie Anne and Sid take note on how their complaints haven't been addressed yet, and believe they're getting shafted. This prompts them to ask Carl for help, and he comes up with some ideas. First, he has Sergio attempt to cover the sign a giant tarp, but then Sancho comes in tell Sergio something, and he immediately abandons the plan. Next, Carl suggests that he get injured, as there's a health inspector in the restaurant (as evident by her clipboard). Entering the restaurant, Carl spills some mustard on the floor and falls backwards to convince the health inspector that the restaurant is dangerous. However, the girl holding the clipboard was actually filling in a job application, and Padma and Pierre make up for Carl's "injury" by giving him a free kid's meal. As Carl enjoys his burger (which is then stolen by Sancho), he, Ronnie Anne and Sid resort to one last tactic: have them be exposed by Jim Sparkletooth.

As Ronnie Anne and Sid go incognito inside the restaurant and discuss their plan to have pigeons storm the restaurant as soon as Jim Sparkletooth arrives, they suddenly hear Padma and Pierre talk about the sign being dimmed down. When Ronnie Anne and Sid ask if they heard what they just heard, the two employees state that they listened to their complaints; they were just so busy with running the restaurant, it took them a while to get to it. They also revealed that they fixed the other problems, as they hired Rosa to fix the ketchup machine, installed some fans to stop the burger smell from reaching their rooms and gave the singer of their jingle a different task. Hiding under their table, Ronnie Anne and Sid realize that the restaurant isn't bad at all, as they were listening to their voices. Ronnie Anne attempts to abort the attack, but Sergio doesn't catch her request, as he and the other pigeons swarm the restaurant as Jim arrives, where he reports that the restaurant allegedly uses pigeon meat for their burgers. With the customers gone, Jim concludes his report and is prepared to broadcast it. However, Ronnie Anne and Sid convince him not to by saying that they got something even more juicy.

Ronnie Anne and Sid enjoy their burgers.

Later, Ronnie Anne, Sid, Rosa, Hector and Carl watch Jim's program, where he reports that two "vengeful tweens" attempted to ruin Burger Blast by saying that the restaurant uses pigeon meat. Despite Jim over-exaggerating the story, Ronnie Anne and Sid state that they only did this because they just wanted sleep, and tell Padma and Pierre, who are completely struck with fear from the attack, that they're glad to have the restaurant. The report ends, Rosa says she's proud that Ronnie Anne and Sid did the right thing, the girls admit that their burgers actually taste good, and Hector is happy that the restaurant does deliveries now (courtesy of Sancho and the other pigeons).


Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • The two "vengeful tweens" on Jim Sparkletooth's program is actually Jim himself wearing Ronnie Anne and Sid's clothes.
  • According to Hector, he is capable of sleeping through anything due to living in the city for so long.
    • Since this is the case, it might explain his habit of sleeping wherever whenever in "Walk Don't Run".
  • Cartoon physics: on both the title card and when Ronnie Anne is sleeping, the smell trail is able to form into a hand. In real life, it is not able to meld itself into anything.



  • Fast Feud - The title of this episode is a pun of "fast food".
  • Good Burger - The premise of this episode is similar to this 1997 Nickelodeon comedy film, as both the episode and the film involve two people attempting to shut down a nearby burger restaurant.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The counterfeit ice cream bars the ice cream man was selling looked very similar to the titular main characters of this franchise, complete with varying colored bands like the turtles' signature colors.


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