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"Feast or Family" is the forty-fourth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-ninety-third episode of The Loud House.


When Luan must enroll in a culinary class, Dad uses it to share his passion for cooking with one of his kids.


As the kids hang out in the living room, Lynn Sr. enters and asks where a smell is coming from. Following the smell to the kitchen, he discovers Luan making a sandwich. When Lynn Sr. asks why she's cooking, Luan explains that high school electives were announced, and her two top picks were taken, so she had to go for Intro to Cooking as her elective. Lynn Sr. tells her that if she allows him to help her, he can show her how cooking is and can be a fun thing.

Lynn Sr. decides to teach Luan cooking.

Sometime later, Luan, Lynn Sr. and Mr. Coconuts are in the kitchen, following the syllabus Luan was given. First, Luan needs to cook eggs, and she accomplishes this by cooking eggs into the shape of his face. Second, Luan's task involves vegetables, which includes cutting and checking them. Third, Luan needs to bake a cake, and she successfully makes a four-layered chocolate cake (which ends up erupting like a volcano due to using too much baking powder). For Luan's final task, she is required to make a dinner for 10 or more people. Lynn Sr. suggests that she make the first dish he ever created: linguine with clams. As the hangry (angry from hunger) family demands dinner, Luan and Lynn Sr. enter, where Luan presents her meal. As the family eats, they give positive remarks and thumbs up, showing that they love it. Luan and Lynn Sr. celebrate, knowing that Luan's first meal was a success. When Luan reveals that her elective is over, Lynn Sr. encourages her to continue cooking by revealing that he plans to have her inherit Lynn's Table, and Luan agrees, stating that cooking was fun.

However, Luan eventually discovers that by being into cooking, she has to go through several grueling tasks, such as having to get up very early to get fish, having to mix the batter at an extremely fast speed, and Lynn Sr. bringing food for Luan at school. When Luan lays on her bed, she discovers, to her horror, that Mr. Coconuts is missing. Going around the house, she asks her family where he is, and Lynn Sr. eventually reveals that he stored him away, saying that if Luan were to inherit the restaurant, she needs to put comedy aside. Luan finally gets fed up with Lynn Sr.'s insistence and tells him that she doesn't want to inherit the restaurant.

These two are a good "pear".

Feeling bad for taking Luan away from the thing she loves, Lynn Sr. apologizes for his actions, saying that someone finally took interest in the thing he loves, and just wanted to express sharing it. Luan accepts his apology after he realizes that his attitude did take the fun away from cooking, and says that she still likes cooking when it's fun. After reconciling, the two enter the kitchen, Luan reunites with Mr. Coconuts, and the two promise to make the most fun they can while they're cooking together.


Benny, Ruby, and Flip have no lines. Rita has no lines in this episode although she can be heard complaining with the kids when they were "hangry". Despite being listed in the credits, Lori, Lana, and Lisa have no lines.


  • The title card of this episode is similar to that of "The Loudest Thanksgiving".
  • This is the only episode directed by Jordan Koch.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the pizza in the oven.
  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr.'s first dish he ever served was linguine with clams.
    • This episode also reveals that Lynn Sr. has both a fish person and a sauce person.
  • This episode reveals that Luan and Luna made a roommate pact with each other. Luan promised not to put Luna's hand in warm water while she sleeps and Luna doesn't play her gong after 10:00 P.M.


  • Feast or Family - The title of this episode is a pun of "feast or famine", which is a situation in which something is always either extremely abundant or in extremely short supply.
  • Lady and the Tramp - The way Charles and Cliff suck on a noodle until they kiss lips is similar to the most iconic scene in this 1955 Disney animated film.
  • Toy Story - Lincoln's sheriff outfit resembles Woody.


  • When Lynn is laying on the couch to air out her feet, she has her worn-out socks on but in the next scene, she is barefoot. Also in the same scene, both her feet are misplaced on each leg.
  • When the pressure cooker on the kitchen counter begins steaming, the steam is layered over Luan's ponytail.
  • While sitting at the lunch table, Shannon's skirt is halfway up her thighs, but as she turns to vomit, the skirt suddenly lengthens down to her knees.
  • In the picture of Luan and Mr. Coconuts, Luan has freckles.


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