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"Fed Up" is the eighteenth episode of the second season and the seventieth episode of The Loud House.


Tired of monotonous meals, the children make a plan to sabotage dinner so they can have pizza.


Lynn Sr. announces that dinner is ready, causing the siblings to quickly rush downstairs with excitement. Suddenly, the footage stops, and Lincoln appears, explaining to the viewers that the siblings would never act like this when dinner is ready. Lincoln enters his room, and explains that every day, Lynn Sr. always cooks up a dish for a specific day, and for the same seven days of the week, the Louds are forced to eat the same meals, and they're bored of it. When Lynn Sr. presents tonight's meal, Lincoln tries to hypnotize himself so he can imagine the dish would taste differently. Lola tries to steal his hypnotizing coin, so she could do the trick, but in the process, knocks the dish onto the floor. However, Lynn Sr. saves it just in time. Lynn Sr. claims that if the dish was ruined, he would've had to order pizza instead. This causes Lincoln to get an idea.

Later, when the Louds are getting ready for bed, Lincoln comes in, and explains that he has a plan on how they don't have to eat tomorrow's meal. If tomorrow's dish is ruined, their father will order a pizza instead. Almost immediately, the sisters agree with Lincoln, and begin to devise a plan.

Lynn Sr. arrives back from the store, carrying goulash ingredients (since he makes goulash on Thursdays). The moment he walks in, Lincoln asks him why he always makes goulash on Thursdays. Lynn Sr. proceeds to tell Lincoln why. As Lynn Sr. tells the story, the sisters discretely confiscate the primary ingredients. After stealing enough ingredients, Lincoln leaves. The siblings meet up in Lori and Leni's room, and proceed to look at Lynn Sr. through a security camera hidden in a loaf of bread. Lincoln predicts that without the primary goulash ingredients, Lynn Sr. would order a pizza instead. When Lynn Sr. notices that his ingredients are missing, the siblings anticipate that he'll order a pizza, but instead, he proclaims he'll go back to the store to replace the ingredients, much to everyone's dissatisfaction (even Lisa, who claims that she should've chloroformed him, since "unconscious people can't make goulash"). Lynn Sr. tries to head to the store, only for the steering wheel to break off (due to Lana stealing the wheel's screws). The siblings and Lynn Sr. meet up in the living room, where the siblings await their father's response on what to do. Lynn Sr. announces that he's going to make tomorrow's dish today, much to everyone's annoyance.

Up to this point, the siblings constantly try to sabotage their father's cooking, like stealing his ingredients and kitchenware, putting raccoons in a pot, gluing the oven door shut, and cutting off the power to the house, but no matter how hard they try, Lynn Sr. always finds an alternative way to get the job done. When Lynn Sr. thinks he's finally got it, Lily deliberately throws her rattle on the floor, causing Lynn Sr. to trip, making him drop his dish, which the raccoons quickly devour. Giving up, Lynn Sr. finally decides to order a pizza, much to the kids' happiness.

Later, Rita and Lynn Sr. realize the charade that has been going on when Lynn Sr. discovers his slippers are filled with meat, and robe pockets filled with noodles. Caught red-handed, the siblings admit they sabotaged dinner so they can get pizza because they're tired of eating the same seven meals. Rita tells the kids that their father puts a lot of hard work in preparing those meals, and reminds them that when they have to cook in the future, it's not a simple task. Lincoln gets another idea: he and his sisters will cook tomorrow's meal so their father can take a break. Lynn Sr. doesn't see the harm in it.

The next day, the siblings are in the kitchen, thinking of what to cook. All of them have different ideas on what to make (including Leni suggesting goulash, and Lincoln reminded her they're making their own dinner so they wouldn't eat it), and Lori suggests that they make a potluck: all will make what they want to make. Soon afterwards, it's complete chaos in the kitchen; the siblings are fighting over different ingredients, bumping into each other, and ruining each other's dishes. As the siblings engage in a fight, Rita and Lynn Sr., awaiting for their kids' cooking, ask the kids if they're ready. Immediately, the kids stop fighting, and realize that they got nothing to serve. The siblings then proceed to mash all of their dishes together. After presenting it, the family shakily take a bite of the dish, and as expected, it tastes horrible. The siblings apologize, saying that cooking is a hard task, and promise that they will never complain about their father's cooking (except for Lola, since she claims it'll be a promise she won't keep).

For once, dinner was good.

Lynn Sr., not wanting to go a night dinnerless, decides to use what is left in the kitchen to prepare a meal. With the siblings' help, he manages to cook up something, with the result being a casserole. Later, the kids realize that the dish was delicious, and that things can taste better with a little tweaking. Satisfied with how the kids are appreciating his meals now, Lynn Sr. prepares to head to the store to get some ingredients for newer dishes. However, not long after departing, Lynn Sr. crashes the van, and Lana sheepishly realizes and admits that she forgot to put the brake pads back on.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Chaos familial", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • The pose of Lincoln and his sisters after fighting resembles the pose from the short "Slice of Life".
  • The sisters' positions when telling their father that things are going fine closely resemble their positions in the opening during the "one boy and ten girls" line.
  • Lynn Sr.'s dinner schedule:
    • Sunday - Salisbury steak
    • Monday - Meatballs
    • Tuesday - Turkey loaf
    • Wednesday - Weinerschnitzel
    • Thursday - Goulash
    • Friday - Fish fry (Although it is franks and beans for the rest of the episode)
    • Saturday - Succotash
  • How the girls are getting ready for bed is similar to the beginning of "Space Invader," although it has a few differences from that episode:
    • Instead of fighting over the toothpaste, Lynn was picking her nose, and Lucy was flossing her teeth.
    • Leni was not brushing her hair and she has her sunglasses on.
    • Luan was in her regular clothes with the others, however she flosses her teeth in both episodes.
    • Lana was in the toilet instead of brushing her teeth.
    • Lisa does not have her clipboard.
    • Leni and Luna switch positions.
    • Lori, Lola, and Lily are the only ones who stay in the same positions in both episodes.
  • The beginning of the episode was copied from "The Sweet Spot," but the difference is Lola using her Princess car and the siblings cheering in excitement.
  • It is revealed that Lynn Sr. is a Libra, meaning that his birthday falls either on or between September 23, and October 22.
  • Each Loud child's contribution to sabotage dinner:
    • Lincoln - Leading the operation and distracting Lynn Sr.
    • Lori - Sneaking away the knives.
    • Leni - Rating Lynn Sr.'s skating and hiding the meat and noodles.
    • Luna - Cutting a hole in one of the bags, and gluing the oven door shut.
    • Luan - Taking away the can opener.
    • Lynn - Grabbing the tomatoes and using her boomerang to get a can of beans.
    • Lucy - Possibly getting the pot of raccoons.
    • Lana - Using her fishing rod to snatch the noodles, dismantling Vanzilla and using Hops to grab a can of beans.
    • Lola - Using her Princess car to knock out the power.
    • Lisa - Using a drone and a magnet to grab the meat and beans (and Lynn Sr.'s belt).
    • Lily - Carried an onion away in her diaper and tossing her rattle on the floor to make Lynn Sr. trip.
  • Although Lily usually blows raspberries at Luan's jokes, here she smiles at one of her jokes.
  • The music that plays on the title card can be heard in the scene where the kids are making a mess in the kitchen.
  • This episode reveals that Lola has baking skills.
  • The individual dishes the kids (minus Lily) made:
    • Lori - Quinoa
    • Leni - Goulash
    • Luna - Meatloaf
    • Luan - Turkey
    • Lynn - Bologna
    • Lincoln - Cereal
    • Lucy - Chicken
    • Lana - Barf
    • Lola - Frosting
    • Lisa - Potatoes
  • This episode reveals that coconut milk is bad for Lynn Sr.'s intestines and three-bean salad is "three times as worse".
  • This episode reveals that Rita does not like Thessolakian sheep dip because she finds it too "gamey".
  • This episode reveals that Lisa owns a chloroform.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Lana fits in the toilet tank.
    • Lynn Sr. used Geo's teeth as can opener without breaking the teeth.
    • Lynn Sr. was ice-skating on floor to cut sausages without scratching the floor.


  • Fed Up - The title is a pun on this phrase, which means being annoyed or upset at a situation or treatment.

"Lily Breading"

  • Cat Breading - When the kids stopped fighting, Lily was briefly seen sticking her face out of a slice of bread. This seems to be an allusion to this meme of a cat sticking its face out of a slice of bread.
  • Hudson Dairy - The milk carton inside the refrigerator parodies this dairy company.


What kind of company makes this kind of calendar?

  • Plot Hole: Lynn Sr. said that they had a short budget, but at the end, Lynn Sr. leaves to get more ingredients.
  • In the beginning, when everybody is running, the window in Lynn and Lucy's room shows that it is daytime, instead of night.
  • In the beginning, the calendar has 37 days.
  • Lynn Sr. said he had to cut 20 hotdogs, but he was holding six pack of four, meaning he had to cut 24 hotdogs.
  • When the family is going to eat the food the kids made, Luan's spoon is upside down, but once she eats the food, it is right-side up.
  • After the kids fight, they are messy and bruised, but when they are asked if it is okay, they are fine.
  • In this episode, Luna says that Mick Swagger's favorite food is shepherd's pie, but in her bio, she has claimed that his favorite food is bangers and mash.
  • After the kids finish stealing the goulash ingredients, there are still several items sticking out of the bag, but when Lynn Sr. puts the bags down, they are empty (save for one orange).
  • When the parents are upstairs looking mad at the kids, both of Rita's eye bags and eyelashes are disconnected from her front face.
  • When Lynn Sr. announced that he was making franks and beans, everyone was frowning, but Lily was smiling.
  • When Lola was making her cake, the topper was the same color as her hair, but when it got smashed, it was pink like the rest of the cake.
  • When Lily walks through the kitchen, she is walking slow, but when the egg yolk falls on her head, she is walking faster.
  • When Lily purposely drops her rattle to make Lynn Sr. slip, Leni's sandals are the same color as the bows on them.
  • Lincoln says their dad makes fish fry on Fridays, but when he could not make the goulash, he decides to make Friday's dish, which he says is franks and beans.
    • However, franks and beans could be a secondary dish that he makes on Fridays if he cannot make fish fry.
  • In one scene, Luan was taller than Luna.
  • When the siblings promise not to complain about Lynn Sr.'s cooking, Lola's mouth is missing.
  • When everybody was in the bathroom, Luna was on the left side and Leni was in the right side in the scene, but later when Lincoln explains his plan they swap places.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, when Lincoln asks Leni "Leni, why would you hide the meat in the slippers Dad wears every night?," he calls her Lynn.


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