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Fenton the Feel-Better Fox (also known as the Demon Toy) was a toy that appeared in "The Crying Dame".


Fenton was originally Lori's favorite toy when she was a baby. While he always cheered her up, his constant singing drove her parents crazy to the point that they almost didn't have any more children. Presumably around the time of Leni's birth, the parents stored Fenton in the attic, though they believed each other to have gotten rid of him.

In "The Crying Dame", Lori passes down Fenton to Lily to stop her from crying. The toy succeeds in cheering Lily up, though Rita and Lynn Sr. warn their children that Fenton will drive them crazy, too. Over the course of three days, Fenton's constant singing aggravates the kids, even driving away Lori's friends. Under Lincoln and Lola's suggestion, the kids plan to get rid of the toy. While Lily undergoes a diaper change, they steal Fenton and toss him into a dumpster. Despite their attempts to keep Lily from crying, she deeply misses Fenton to the point of depression, so the siblings go to search in the dumpster, but Fenton isn't there. They check the local dump in hopes of still recovering the toy, but to their distress, it is sent through a trash compactor upon their arrival, effectively being destroyed in the process. To make up for their guilt of destroying their little sister's favorite toy, Lincoln dresses up as Fenton and dances in front of Lily, while Luna sings its song. Lincoln admits that he and his sisters might have to sing Fenton's song for the rest of their lives, but they do it to make Lily happy. When the parents come back home from shopping and see the kids singing and Lincoln in a Fenton costume, they put their earmuffs on and run away screaming in horror.

In "Home of the Fave", Lynn Sr. dresses up as Fenton while spending time with Lily. This is ironic, considering his fear of the toy.


"Cheer Up, Baby" is Fenton's signature song, which it sings when its foot is pressed. Its lyrics are:

Cheer up, baby, don't you cry
No more tears, it's cheer up time
Laugh with me and we will be
Happy, happy, happy!

It does a side-to-side dance as it sings, moving its arms up and down in synchronization while shaking its hips. It has wheels on its feet so it can rotate as it dances.

Fenton's jingle was listed as an honorable mention in The Loud House Mega Music Countdown.


  • The name "Fenton" is a parodical reference to the species "fennec fox".
  • Fenton's appearance bears some resemblance to Foxy from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, except that Foxy is a pirate, not a singer.
  • Though technically genderless due to being an animatronic toy, Fenton is referred to with male pronouns as Lori reminisces that "he always cheered [her] up."
  • According to Rita, because Fenton's singing almost drove her and Lynn Sr. crazy, they almost didn't have any more children, which would have left Lori an only child.
  • Fenton's jingle is titled "Cheer Up, Baby", so he's possibly aimed at babies.
  • Fenton was presumably taken to the attic around the time of Leni's birth because the comic "It's Just a Phase" shows a one-year-old Lori blaming her flatulence on Fenton.
  • Fenton makes a cameo appearance in the credits of The Loud House Movie, in which he is cuddled by a baby Lori. Interestingly, he is depicted with his legs in a sitting position, even though previous appearances had no indication his legs can be articulate.

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