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Fenton the Feel-Better Fox (also known as The Demon Toy) was a toy that appeared in "The Crying Dame".


Fenton was originally Lori's toy when she was a baby, and was later stored in the attic. It was then passed down to Lily to keep her from crying. Lynn Sr. and Rita were immediately horrified by this discovery, as they remembered the obnoxious repetition of the toy's song when Lori was a baby. When Lily kept on playing Fenton's song, the rest of the family got annoyed. They later distracted her and, after an elaborate plan, stole Fenton and tossed him into a dumpster. The next day, Lily was depressed because she missed Fenton, so the siblings went to search in the dumpster, but Fenton wasn't there. They check the local dump in hopes of still recovering the toy, but to their distress, it is sent through a trash compactor upon their arrival, effectively decimating it in the process. To make up for their guilt of destroying their little sister's favorite toy, Lincoln dresses up as Fenton and dances in front of Lily, while Luna sings its song. Lincoln later states that they might have to sing it for the rest of their lives, but they do it so they can make their baby sister happy. When the parents came back home from shopping and saw the kids singing and Lincoln in a fox costume, they put their earmuffs on and ran away screaming in horror.


When its foot is pressed, Fenton sings a song that goes like this:

Cheer up, baby, don't you cry
No more tears, it's cheer up time
Laugh with me and we will be
Happy, happy, happy!

It does a side-to-side dance as it sings, moving its arms up and down in synchronization while shaking its hips. It has wheels on its feet so it can rotate as it dances.


  • The name "Fenton" is a parodical reference to the species "fennec fox".
  • Fenton's appearance bears some resemblance to Foxy from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.
  • Despite Fenton being an animatronic toy (which makes it genderless), Fenton is referred to as a male throughout the episode, such as Lori saying "He always cheered me up".
  • According to Rita, because Fenton's singing almost drove her and Lynn Sr. crazy, they almost didn't have any more children, which would have left Lori an only child.
  • Fenton's song includes the lyric "Cheer Up, Baby," so he's possibly aimed at babies.

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