Are You a Loud House Song Expert?! Finish The Lyrics Challenge 🎶 KnowYourNick

Are You a Loud House Song Expert?! Finish The Lyrics Challenge 🎶 KnowYourNick

The Finish the Lyrics Challenge is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on July 11, 2018.


The main task of this video is to determine which of the provided song lyrics is correct.

Episode 1

This episode features songs that were played throughout the show.

1. The Loud House Theme Song

Crashing through the crowded halls
Dodging girls like ping-pong balls
  • A. Just to reach the bathroom on time
  • B. Just to say "hello" to a mime
  • C. Gotta find a word that can rhyme

2. You Got Tricked

I don't think they've been fed, in a long long time
Every corner every door
Watch out they ain't herbivores
Ghastly ghouls out for blood
Sorry bud, you got tricked
You got tricked
You got punked and pranked with a spooky twist
  • A. Before I fly to France on a big broomstick
  • B. Before we get these ants on a Pogo stick
  • C. Before you wet your pants, better get out quick

3. Road Trippin' Blues

[Lynn Sr.]
Wanted a family vacation
Just to get out of town
Had it all planned
Packed up the van
Ended up in a ditch somehow
We've got the blues, baby
Those road trippin' blues
[Chorus (Lori, Leni, Luan, Lana, Lola, Lisa)]
Bad, bad news
These seats smell weird
The baby is crying
  • A. She's probably mad we left her behind
  • B. We ran into some random guy named Brian
  • C. From all of the poo poo that she's been supplying

4. 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, the Loud House gave to me
  • A. A big old block of Swiss cheese
  • B. A big bucket full of big bees
  • C. A phone plan for me and Bobby

5. This Lab is Where I Belong

This lab's so amazing, it's making me sing
With so many test tubes, my tests won't go wrong
This lab is where I belong
No wailing guitars, and no spooky sis
  • A. No cupcake dilemmas, you can even hear this
  • B. No froggy dilemmas, no parties to miss
  • C. No princess dilemmas, no froggies to kiss

6. The Best Dang Brother Anywhere Around

The best dang brother anywhere around
Lincoln Loud, Lincoln Loud
The best dang brother anywhere around
Luna: He helped me get this T that's sweaty
Luan: (as Mr. Coconuts) He helped me get red carpet ready
Leni: He helped us buy that closet thing
  • A. I told you guys, I just wanna swing
  • B. I hold the fries and onion rings
  • C. I told you guys, I don't want to sing

7. Crazy Rock 'n' Roll Dream

Dropping records on a weekly basis
Playing shows in exotic places
Rocking out to a cheering crowd
  • A. Hear them screaming Luna Loud
  • B. Trying to make my parents proud
  • C. Make it rain just like a cloud

8. That's What Christmas is All About

I used to think that Christmas was
About the wish list filled with stuff
I never really needed, anyway
  • A. It's a time for snow, a time for play
  • B. It's all about Santa and his sleigh
  • C. But as long as we're together, it's a holiday

9. The Loud House Theme Song - Extended Version

Me time, a little room to breathe time,
A little quiet and peace, I've never had.
At least I'm never lonely,
We're never lacking for a sports team,
  • A. This crazy's not that bad
  • B. This baby's not that sad
  • C. This lazy dog's a dad

10. The Loud House Credits Theme

That's the way we show our love
In the Loud House (Loud House)
Laundry piles stacked up high
Hand-me-downs that make me cry
Stand in line to take a pee
  • A. Hurry up! Pretty please!
  • B. Never any privacy
  • C. No privacy policy

11. The Loud House Theme Song

In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
One boy, ten girls
(Wouldn't trade it for the world!)
Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!
  • A. Doo doo
  • B. Woo woo
  • C. Poo poo



You're a Loud House music maestro


You're a true Loud House song super fan


You're a Loud House lyrical genius!

Episode 2

Finish the Loud House Lyrics Challenge! 🎤🎵🎸 KnowYourNick

Finish the Loud House Lyrics Challenge! 🎤🎵🎸 KnowYourNick

This episode features songs that were played throughout "Really Loud Music".

1. Play it Loud

First things first, I ain't no second place
Rules are meant for bending till they break
Right or wrong with no exceptions
Rocking out my way
Play it loud! Play it loud!
  • A. I'm about to blow your speakers out
  • B. Time to rock the world upside down
  • C. I got no time for turning it down

2. Best Buds

And the beat goes on and on
Even if we get it wrong
  • A. 'Cause friends don't think they're just in sync
  • B. No need to get it right, when I'm by your side
  • C. Dance, get loose, be a silly goose

3. Luan's Laugh Parade

Every now and then, I think the world's a scary place
But I remember it looks better
  • A. Squirting water in your face
  • B. When there's braces on your face
  • C. With a pie thrown at your face

4. What Have I Done?

Someone real, with imperfections
I can't deal no direction
  • A. Lost the map, where it was leading me to
  • B. The real Luna Loud needs a vacation
  • C. Got off course, gotta find my own way

5. Best Thing Ever

Friday nights, summer light
Just me, my friends and I
Top down, peel out
But I'm yelling at my mom
  • A. 'Cause she never thinks she's wrong
  • B. 'Cause she took my phone away!
  • C. 'Cause I'm still too young to drive

6. Toilet Jam

A plumber's job is never done
Especially in this house
I've been dubbed the number one
To get the number twos to go down
But when life throws me a storm
  • A. I face it 'cause I'm strong
  • B. I still sing along
  • C. I fix the family clogs

7. What Everybody Wants

We just want to la, la, la, la, la
All day long
Everybody loves this, everybody does this
  • A. Everybody sing along
  • B. I think I just made a hit song
  • C. I'm just gonna do it too

8. Lori2Leni

When he IMs my friends, is he trying to get me?
Look at this one again, what do you think it means?
  • A. He likes you... but is literally immature
  • B. He's got a big crush on you
  • C. He's gotta like you for you

9. Get Pumped!

Get pumped (what!)
Get ready (huh!)
This beat's about to get heavy (oh yeah!)
Rough riders!
  • A. The sound of the crowd when I crush the game
  • B. If I wanna win, I just gotta play
  • C. That's the sound of me winning all day

10. Periodic Table Rap

Yo, yo, yo
I make this Bunsen burner start to overflow
Mix some dope rhymes with a little H2O
My idiom for indium is shine like gold
Barium, radium, don't you be afraidium
  • A. I'm packing the palladium, they'll call it "Lisa Stadium"
  • B. Rhymes so unstable, they're on the periodic table
  • C. Spitting sick rhymes, is easy for my mind

11. Song of Silence

The universe is empty.
And there's nothing to be sure of but darkness.
There's no music in the void, so why bother anyway?
  • A. Embrace the mystery, own the alone
  • B. That's why I write poems, I don't really sing... sigh
  • C. Embrace the emptiness, own the futility

12. Glam Song

A little lip gloss keeps me going all day long
When my high heels hit the floor
  • A. The applause becomes a roar
  • B. My style cannot be ignored
  • C. They say I'm so adorb!



Loud House music fan


Loud House music maestro


Loud House lyrical genius!

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