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"Flight Plan" is the tenth episode of the second season, and the forty-eighth episode of The Casagrandes.


Frida and Carlos go on a fancy plane ride, but Carl, CJ and Carlitos try to sneak on for an adventure of their own.


Today is Carlos and Frida's anniversary. After he and the kids present a breakfast shaped like her face, Frida gives Carlos his gift: a trip on a vintage World War II P-40 Warhawk plane. As Carlos thanks Frida for this gift, CJ, Carl and Carlitos ask when they'll be leaving to ride the plane. However, Carlos and Frida state that the plane ride is for them only, and that the boys will instead be babysat.

A little later, Mr. Nakamura takes on the role of being CJ, Carl and Carlitos' babysitter. The moment Carlos and Frida leave, the boys, upset over not getting to join their parents for a plane ride, try to come up with a plan to join them in any way. Carlitos eventually comes up with the idea to drive away their babysitter so that they're forced to take them. At that moment, Mr. Nakamura shows the boys his vintage dolls, and warns them not to open them, saying that they're more valuable in mint condition. Realizing this perfect opportunity, Carl asks Mr. Nakamura for some popcorn, and while he does so, the boys open the boxes, thus causing the toys to lose their value, and making Mr. Nakamura faint. As Carlos and Frida wait for the train to arrive, they get a call from Mr. Nakamura, saying he quit as the babysitter. This causes them to go back home so they can find a replacement.

Later, the two have gotten Miranda to be the boys' babysitter. When Miranda says that they'll be watching a movie, she says that she'll watch anything but a horror movie, as those scare her. Unbeknownst to her, the boys overhear this and decide to use that to scare away Miranda. Later, as the four watch a romance movie, the light suddenly go out, and the boys proceed to scare the living daylights out of her through various means like Carl "transforming" into a werewolf, Carlitos crawling on the ceiling, and CJ laughing evilly while shining a flashlight on his face. This causes Miranda to run away in fear, and call up Carlos and Frida, saying that she can't babysit. Upset at having lost another babysitter, Frida decides to call up some "serious sitting".

The next babysitter is revealed to be Maybelle, and her no-nonsense attitude proves to be a major challenge for the boys, as she's not easy to fool. As Maybelle punishes the boys for their bad attitudes by having them scrub the floor with toothbrushes, they discover her fawning over an actor named Javier Luna in a magazine centerfold. Carl discovers that this is the perfect opportunity to drive Maybelle away. Pulling out his phone, Carl calls up Maybelle and successfully tricks her into thinking it's Javier and that he made her dinner at his mansion, prompting her to leave immediate. At that moment, Carlos and Frida arrive to the airport and see firsthand the plane they plan to ride. However, Maybelle calls them to say that she cancelled her plans, having fallen victim to the boy's prank. Realizing they have no other choice, Carlos and Frida are forced to bring the boys with them.

Later, Carlos, Frida, CJ, Carl and Carlitos arrive at the airport. Carlos and Frida tell them that are mad at the three for driving all their babysitters away and, instead of letting them ride on the plane with them, order them to sit on a bench so they can think about what they've done. After the three sit down, CJ, Carl and Carlitos are upset that they went through all that trouble for nothing, and Carl, who's the most angry about this, says that he'll still get a plane ride regardless. After the three jump onto a plane (CJ and Carlitos following behind a determined Carl), Carlitos hits a button that causes the plane to turn on introduce itself as AI Airlines, "the world's first self-flying airplane". Realizing they got on the wrong plane, the boys attempt to jump off, but the door locks them in and it set for a trip to the Arctic. Realizing they can't stop the plane from taking off, the boys are forced to sit down as the planes takes off. Once in the air, Carl hits a button on the control panel that turns on zero gravity. As the boys have fun by floating around, the AI tells the boys to sit back down, as it's about to enter stunt plane mode. As the plane begins to fly in random directions and do tricks, the nauseous boys attempt to stop it, but after Carl bangs on the panel and saying that they just want to land, the angered AI tells them to land themselves, as it enters manual mode. At that moment, the plane begins to plummet to the ground, forcing the boys to try and land themselves. Realizing they have no idea what to do, the boys begin to cry that they were dumb to jump on the plane, and CJ apologizes to the AI, but the AI says that it's still waiting for Carl to apologize, and Carl tearfully apologizes and asks it to land. Accepting the apology, the AI takes control of the plane and safely lands on the runway. Upon landing, the boys jump off, but not before the AI tells Carl it's watching him, which scares him.

As the three boys hug the bench, happy to be back on ground, Carlos and Frida arrive back after their trip. Seeing their parents back, the regretful boys apologize for being naughty, proclaim that they should've listened to them more, and promise to be good from now on. Unaware of what happened, Carlos and Frida decide to let it slide and forgive the boys. When Frida says that they should head back home, Carlos reveals that he called in a self-driving taxi. At that moment, the taxi arrives, and the AI, which is the same as the plane's, greets Carl, causing the boys to scream in horror.


Carlota has no lines in this episode.


  • This along with "Fool's Gold" marks the first time where Ronnie Anne is absent from both segments.
  • The first half of this episode is similar to the Loud House episode "Sitting Bull", as both involve parents desperately trying to find babysitters, only for the babysitter that they hired to make the kids uncomfortable, with trouble leading to the babysitters not sitting for the kids anymore. One difference, however, is that in "Sitting Bull", the babysitter caused trouble, while in this episode, the kids who were being babysat caused trouble. Also, the only sitter who actually made the Casagrande brothers uncomfortable was Maybelle-- with the others, the boys just didn't want to be babysat.
  • This episode reveals several things about the Casagrandes' neighbours:
    • Mr. Nakamura collects antique toys.
    • Miranda is too nervous to watch horror movies.
    • Stanley Chang finds airplanes boring.
    • Maybelle has a crush on a mango-loving actor.
  • This episode reveals that Carl hates thinking about his misdeeds and often neglects doing his homework.
  • This episode reveals that the Casagrande brothers generally enjoy airplane rides, but may get nauseous if the plane flips upside down too many times.
  • Cartoon biology: When Maybelle blushes, her cheeks turn pink. In reality, when dark-skinned people blush, their skin darkens rather than reddening.


  • Flight Plan - The title of this episode is a type of document used by pilots to indicate the plane's planned route.
  • Ride of the Valkyries - The title card music is a rock version of this classical arrangement by Richard Wagner
  • Trainspotting - Carlitos crawling on the ceiling to scare Miranda is similar the iconic scene of a deceased baby crawling on the ceiling of Renton's bedroom in this 1996 film.
  • The Shining - The way CJ says, "Here's CJ!" is similar to Jack Torrance exclaiming, "Here's Johnny!" in this 1980 horror film.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids - One of Mr. Nakamura's dolls is from a brand called Carrot Batch Kids, a parody of this brand of dolls.
  • Wright brothers - When Carlos sees the P-40 Warhawk for the first time, he mentions these siblings, who are credited for inventing the world's first successful motor-operated airplane.


  • The plane Carlos and Frida ride on is a World War II P-40 Warhawk. In actuality, this model of plane is designed to seat only one person.
    • It's possible this fact was dismissed in order to serve the narrative.
  • Possible plot hole: It is unknown how the AI knew that the boys were not allowed on the plane.


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