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Philip Philipini, more commonly known as Flip, is a recurring character in The Loud House, and a minor character in The Casagrandes. He is the owner of Flip's Food & Fuel, a gas station and convenience store which is located in Royal Woods.

He first appears in "Butterfly Effect", and since then, he has made many other appearances and cameos. In "Intern for the Worse", he returns as the main antagonist.


He appears to be a smug opportunist and a swindler, as seen in "Come Sale Away", where he manages to cheat each Loud sibling by giving them "Lily's blanket" in exchange for their garage sale money.

In "Out on a Limo", Lincoln states that he never gives him free smoothies, which means that Flip is stingy.

In "Intern for the Worse", he comes between Lincoln and Clyde's friendship, by making them compete for higher ranking staff positions at his store, much to his advantage.

Flip is also a very repulsive man, as seen in "Intern for the Worse" where he sells expired milk, and uses the melted cheese machine to put his dirty clothes, mostly his socks. He also falsifies lottery tickets with a black marker. The oil he uses in his store was actually hot dog grease. His disgusting behavior is shown again in "Roadie to Nowhere", where he has so much gunk on his teeth which Rita tries to remove. He also has a false tooth made out of beef jerky.

He cares a lot for his profits, but has no regard for safety or lives of his customers, because in "Washed Up" he let Louds hire a broken boat from him. He blamed them for ruining it, despite it was his own fault. In addition, in "Snow Way Out", he would have abandoned the Loud children and Hops if not given the tickets, despite them being in danger of developing hypothermia.

Flip is also an opportunist, as seen in "Last Loud on Earth" he used the storm as a distraction to steal some burgers from Burpin' Burger.

He doesn’t care if food is cold.


Flip is a middle-aged man of short stature. He has gray hair, and a bald spot on the top of his head. He also has a gray mustache, and eyebrows ds well. He wears a brown pants, black shoes, and a t-shirt that was originally white in Season 1, but changed to red from Season 2 onward. In "Intern for the Worse", he wears a red button-up shirt.


  • According to Lisa in "Butterfly Effect", Flip is the only person in town who will hire a four-year-old with no experience. It is unknown if this is true, or just part of Lincoln's fantasy.
  • The fact that he cuts corners, tampers with the expiration dates, and has unsanitary conditions with the food he sells, is similar to Apu from The Simpsons.
    • The fact that the slushies he sells have their own name, are similar to the Squishees, that Apu sells at the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • He received a slight redesign in "Intern for the Worse", and for that episode only, with that redesign featuring a slightly different shape to his facial features (prominently his nose and mustache), as well as other fine details added to the rest of his face.
  • It is revealed in "Snow Way Out", that Flip owns a Humvee, which he uses as a snow plow.
  • In "Roadie to Nowhere", it is revealed that he has bad dental hygiene which he states that running his store was more urgent, and furthermore, according to Rita, his appointment has been ready for ten years.
  • In "Net Gains", it is highly likely he has been to prison before since one of the inmates recognized him as both he and Lynn were driving by.
  • In "Deal Me Out", it is revealed that he also runs a pawn shop business called 'Pat's Pawn and Prawn' and a ticket reselling business called 'Tucker's Tix and Tux'.
  • It was revealed in Lucy's episode of Listen Out Loud, that his great-great grandfather, Gip, founded the first ever business in Royal Woods, called "Gip's Girdles 'N' Garters".
  • In "The Spies Who Loved Me", it is revealed that Flip has impatience issues, as his struggles to fix the Flipee machine and nacho cheese machine completely aggravates him.
  • In "Recipe for Disaster", it is revealed that he was once a middle school delinquent and was in the same middle school as Lynn Sr.
  • John DiMaggio uses his Bender voice (from Futurama), when voicing Flip.
  • He has a tendancy to refer to himself in the third-person when speaking, usually by the name "Ol' Flip."
  • "House Flip" reveals that he's a "lone wolf", which means he prefers to live, act, and/or work alone.
  • "Blinded by Science" reveals a number of biological oddities about Flip:
    • One of his legs is super-strong (presumably not the one that broke in "House Flip").
    • His heart is in his abdomen, and when he gets a heartburn, it's felt in his actual heart.
    • He can burp out of his ear, and his burps can wilt plants.
    • He can hold his breath for five minutes at a time.
    • He has a high tolerance for the cold.
    • His liver is in his neck.
    • He has gills on one of his legs.
    • He has two butts.
    • When he gets a brain freeze, he feels it in his knee.
    • This episode also reveals that he cannot spell "help", spelling it with an "A" instead of an "E".
  • "Any Given Sundae" reveals that he has grown multiple sets of wisdom teeth.
  • In "A Flipmas Carol" it’s revealed that his full name is Philip Philipini and that he became a con man after being conned by Scoots, and that broccoli gives him nightmares.
  • In "Electshunned", it's revealed that he once ran for mayor in the previous mayoral election, but lost to Mayor Davis because she and her campaign manager Vic exposed major dirt about him.

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