This page shows all Flip's different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

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Season Two

Flip Loud House
"Intern for the Worse" While at the Job Fair, and at Flip's Food & Fuel, Flip wears a red polo, rather than his usual white or red shirt.
S2E02A Flip entering the toilet
After a raccoon attacked Flip, he needed to take care of his wounds. He was wearing a bandage on his head and nose, a cast on his right hand and on his left foot. He supported himself with a crutch.
Flip's Winter Outfit
"Snow Way Out" Flip is seen wearing a snow suit.

Season Three

S3E10A Flip is now Pat
"Deal Me Out" Flip wore a name tag that said Pat.
S3E10A Tucker Smiling
"Deal Me Out", "Antiqued Off", and "Present Tense" Flip wore a tuxedo and a name tag that said Tucker.
S03E20B I don't mean no trouble
"Tea Tale Heart" Flip wears a life jacket.

Season Four

S4E06A Where's my boat
"Washed Up" Flip wears a life jacket and fishing hat.
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