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"Flip This Flip" is the fifth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fifty-first episode of The Loud House.


The Loud kids help Flip clean up his image to impress his middle school crush.


At Flip's Food and Fuel, Lincoln and Lana are drinking Flippees. As they drink their Flippees, they overhear Flip talking to his pet raccoon, Nacho, about making a phone call, but constantly changes his mind due to anxiety. Approaching Flip, they learn that Flip is trying to call Tammy Gobblesworth, his old middle school flame, but is afraid of speaking to her. With encouragement from Lincoln and Lana, Flip proceeds to call up Tammy, but only after a few seconds in the call, Flip panics and accidentally tosses his phone into the nacho cheese. Fishing the phone out of the cheese, Lincoln proceeds to impersonate Flip by asking Tammy for a day of hanging out at Lynn's Table tomorrow night, and Tammy agrees. Ending the call, Flip thanks the two Loud kids for saving his back.

The next day, as Lincoln and Lana watch a home renovation show called Flip This Dump, Flip suddenly arrives to the Loud House and tells the two that he's now doubtful that the date will go smoothly, having read an article in a magazine showing Tammy being fashionable, smart and glamorous, and fears that she'll be repulsed by his slobby appearance. At that moment, Leni, Lola and Lisa arrive (having heard the three aforementioned words) and state that they'll help Flip for his date. What follows is a montage (titled "Flip This Flip") of the five Loud kids cleaning up Flip.

  • Lana, in charge of hygiene, proceeds to clean up Flip by hosing him down
  • Lisa, in charge of providing interesting conversation topics, tells Flip to wear a pair of technological socks she made, saying it'll help him later on
  • Lola, in charge of etiquette, teaches Flip how to choose the correct silverware akin to a drill sergeant
  • Leni, in charge of fashion, settles on the outfit Flip decides to wear

With Flip finally cleaned up for his date, Lincoln, in charge of transportation, proceeds to bike Flip to Lynn's Table, with the sisters tagging along when Flip says he could still use their help.

At Lynn's Table, as Flip waits for Tammy, Tammy arrives and Flip becomes frozen in shock, prompting Lisa to reveal that the socks she gave to Flip are tickle socks, which tickle his feet enough to knock him out of trance. After the two eat their dinner, while the kids help Flip prevent Tammy from seeing his slip-ups, Flip tells Tammy that their next stop is at the opera. As Flip and Tammy watch the opera from the balcony, the Loud kids, observing from a neighboring balcony, proceed to stop Flip from causing an incident by knocking a beach ball he was inflating out of his hands and tickling his feet when he falls asleep. After Flip gets some popcorn from himself and Tammy, Flip, eating the popcorn by flinging it into his mouth, accidentally falls out of the balcony and lands in one of the orchestra's tubas. Escorting Flip to the lobby, Lana manages to get Flip out by blowing into the tuba, but this also causes his suit to fall off. Landing in front of Tammy, Flip confesses that he's not classy and sophisticated, saying he only pretended to be so he could impress her. However, Tammy reveals that she's actually not as classy and sophisticated as she looks; she's actually revealed to be just as much of a slob as Flip, wearing unkempt clothes and exhibiting the same gross mannerisms. Tammy also reveals that when she arrived at the restaurant, she saw Flip all dressed up neatly and went back home to change, saying that she was actually trying to impress him. Because of this, Flip decides to start their date all over again.

Later, Flip and Tammy's date goes along much smoother, as the two begin to express their love for each other through constant farting. Unable to tolerate the smell and struggle of carrying them, Lincoln proclaims that he's going to hire a limo next time.



  • This is the first episode to be written by Kevin Sullivan after his work on The Loud House Movie.
  • The events of "A Flipmas Carol" are shown in this episode when Flip is revealed to still be in possession of the turkey label Lynn Sr. gave him, as well as when he brings up the backstory of how he lost his chance to dance with Tammy at his middle school's winter dance due to losing his ticket.
  • The title of this episode refers to the Loud kids' actions of changing up Flip in order to make him more presentable. The title is even mentioned when Lincoln starts the montage of him and his sisters cleaning up Flip, which follows a format similar to those of home renovation shows.
  • This episode reveals that Lana can speak raccoon.
  • This episode reveals the following about Flip:
    • He's not much of a hugger, so he opts to give out free beef jerky in lieu of a hug.
    • He sweats nacho cheese, causing his sweat to appear orange as a result.
    • He and Tammy enjoy licking the frosting off bakery cupcakes when no one is looking on Sundays.
  • Irony: Flip was afraid that Tammy wouldn't like him for the slob he is, given her reputation as the head of a turkey company, but Tammy reveals that she likes Flip for who he is, as she is shown to be just as much of a slob as him (her high-class appearance is merely a front to her true self).


  • Flip This Flip - The title of this episode is likely a pun of the phrase "flip the script", which means to reverse a situation in an unexpected way, or "flip the switch", which means to be or do the opposite.


"A Flipmas Carol" and "Flip This Flip"

"No Bus No Fuss"

  • The turkey label was shown to be yellow in "A Flipmas Carol", but in this episode, the label is green.
  • As in "A Flipmas Carol", some of Lincoln's schoolmates can be seen in the flashback of Flip's Christmas dance, even though they weren't even born yet.
  • Through the scenes at the opera Lincoln, Leni, Lana, Lola and Lisa are seen non shaded compare to everyone else as if light is shining on them. When they are pushing around the chariot across the street Leni, Lana, Lola and Lisa are seen non shaded compare to everyone.

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