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"Fluff Love" is the twenty-third episode of the second season, and the sixty-first episode of The Casagrandes.


Carlitos goes on a wild adventure to get his favorite stuffed animal from the arcade.


At Joe's Arcade, Frida, Carlos, and their kids are hanging out, having fun. As they play, Carlitos spots a stuffed penguin in a claw machine. The penguin introduces himself as Mr. Fluff and desires to be Carlitos' new best friend. However, at that moment, the family leaves the arcade.

At the Casagrande apartment, Frida places a rather sad Carlitos in his crib, and Carlos puts a teddy bear beside him to cheer him up. As Carlitos lays, he keeps seeing visions of Mr. Fluff appear, and the stuffed penguin tells him that he needs to be saved from the arcade. First, he tells Carlitos that he needs a disguise, to which he uses the teddy bear Carlos gave him. After taking the fluff out and putting the hollowed out bear on his body, Carlitos crawls out of his crib, and evades Lalo, who's sleeping nearby. Afterwards, he needs to exit out of the apartment, but he's too short to reach the doorknob. Carlitos manages to open the door by using an extendable claw, and to his luck, his family is occupied playing a VR game, so they can't see him. Upon exiting the building, Mr. Fluff says that crawling to the arcade will take a long time and suggests using some wheels. Seeing Laird with a skateboard and a flock of pigeons flying by, Carlitos successfully gets Laird away from his skateboard by having the pigeons carry him away after they spot crackers in his hair. At that moment, Lalo, having been woken up from a piece of fluff landing on his nose, discovers Carlitos gone and spots him riding away from the apartment. Lalo tries to warn the family, but they make the assumption that he wants to go for a walk, with Carlos taking on the task.

Arriving to Joe's Arcade, Carlitos arrives to the claw machine Mr. Fluff is in, and he explains that they only way in is through the top hatch. Using the whack-a-rat game to launch himself, Carlitos lands on top of the claw machine, opens the hatch, and reunites with Mr. Fluff. However, their celebration is cut short when Vito, playing the game, catches Mr. Fluff, forcing Carlitos to tag along as Vito wins them.

Later, Vito arrives to the park and approaches Bruno, who was watching Big Tony and Little Sal for him. Vito reveals that he won Mr. Fluff and a disguised Carlitos with the intent of making them his dogs' new chew toys. Horrified that they're about to become a dog's play thing, Carlitos grabs Mr. Fluff and runs off, with Vito taking off his dogs' leashes so they can go after them. Meanwhile, Lalo frantically runs around the city, dragging Carlos as well. Arriving to the arcade, where Alexis loses the claw machine much to his dismay, Carlos spots Carlitos' diaper bag and believes Lalo brought him back here because they left it behind.

Back at the park, Carlitos and Mr. Fluff are successful in evading Big Tony and Little Sal, but when they try to escape through the entrance, Lalo and Carlos arrive, forcing the two to hide behind a statue. Unfortunately, Big Tony and Little Sal have spotted them. As the two factors close in, Carlitos spots Alexis nearby, moping over his failures of not winning the claw machine. Knowing it's the only to save themselves, Carlitos decides to give Alexis Mr. Fluff while he climbs up the statue. At that moment, Sergio and Sancho arrive, and when Sergio asks what he's up to, Carlitos explains that he's either going to become a dog's chew toy or get punished by his parents for sneaking out, the two birds proceed to help out Carlitos by carrying him back to his crib. Lalo, witnessing this, quickly runs back to the apartment, just as Carlitos takes off his disguise and pretends to have been woken up at Lalo and Carlos arrival.

As Carlos and Frida scold Lalo (the former for his strange behavior and the latter for "waking up" Carlitos), Carl and CJ enter and tell Carlitos that he has a visitor. It turns out to be Alexis, where he explains that he wanted to win a prize from the claw machine so he can cheer up Carlitos. When that didn't work, he says that he found a stuffed penguin at the park earlier, and intends on giving it to Carlitos, much to his happiness, as he's finally reunited with Mr. Fluff. As Carlitos hugs and plays with his new friend, Lalo, still trying to tell the family of Carlitos' adventure, arrives with Carlitos' teddy bear disguise, only to get scolded by Carlos for supposedly destroying the teddy bear.



  • The premise of this episode is similar to the Loud House episode "Any Given Sundae", as they both involve the baby character using their smarts to get something they desire.
  • This episode reveals that Carlos can play video games, often loses at "not it", and thinks all claw machines are rigged.
  • Frida is revealed to be able to carry Carlos on her back and play video games.
  • This and its sister episode mark the second time when Ronnie Anne is physically absent from both segments, the first being "Fool's Gold"/"Flight Plan".
    • However, she does appear in a picture in "Chancla Force".
    • This is also the first episode where Laird appears without Ronnie Anne.
  • This is the last episode where Diego Olmedo voices Alexis.


  • Fluff Love - The title of the episode is a pun on "tough love", an expression used to describe a firm, sometimes cold, approach to handling someone's actions.
  • Toy Story - The scene where Carlitos tries desperately to prevent Vito from taking Mr. Fluff after grabbing him with the claw, only for both of them to be won at the same time is similar to a scene in this 1995 animated film where Woody does the same after Sid grabs a hold onto Buzz Lightyear with the claw.
  • Whack-a-Mole - Wham-a-Rat is a parody of this popular arcade and carnival game.


  • On the official YouTube channel, a video for a clip from this episode instead shows a clip from "Maybe-Sitter".

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