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This article is about the episode of The Loud House. For the episode of The Casagrandes, see Fool's Gold.
Episode Information

"Fool's Paradise" is the twenty-ninth episode of the second season and the eighty-first episode of The Loud House.


The Loud family believes that they are safe from pranks on April Fool's Day, because prankster Luan is away at camp.


The siblings (minus Luan) are having a meeting in Lori and Leni's room, debating on how to survive the upcoming April Fool's Day. Lisa suggests cryogenically freezing Luan, but is left with horrified expressions, while Lana and Lola opt to wear "prank-proof" hazmat suits. As they continue to toss ideas around, Leni comes across an ad in her magazine for a special "Clown Camp," happening during April Fool's Day. Despite the high price tag, Rita and Lynn Sr. readily agree to the plan. At dinner, they present Luan with the offer, who is excited but is disheartened at the fact that the offer is only available on April Fools' Day. However, the family coaxes her into going, and Luan eventually agrees. After dropping Luan off at the camp, the family quickly drives off.

As the family begins heading home, Vanzilla breaks down, so the family decides to spend the night at a convenient motel. After Lana says prayers for her animals, the family goes to sleep. Unfortunately, Lincoln can't sleep, due to a cricket chirping noisily. He tries to turn on the light to find the cricket, but the switch he finds makes the TV blare loudly, to his family's annoyance. As Lincoln desperately tries to fix the problem, the whole room goes mad with malfunctioning appliances. Lana finally shuts everything down, finding the problem. It turns out the wires behind the switch are all mixed up. If that wasn't surprising enough, Lincoln discovers the cricket is fake and is actually a prop from Luan's favorite prank store. Rita tries to call Luan to prove that she can't prank them, but her daughter's voicemail sadistically confirms that everyone has fallen into her trap. As everyone begins panicking, pranks begin to befall onto the family:

  • Lisa, claiming it's safer in the room, sits down on the bed, when suddenly, the bed folds in on her, trapping her in the wall. Lisa tells her family to go on without her.
  • As the family runs on the pathway, the wooden boards begin breaking apart, causing Luna to fall into a giant block of gelatin. Lynn tries to help her, but Luna tells her family to save themselves, as she begins sinking into the gelatin.
  • The family arrives at the lobby, but are afraid to open the door. The siblings vote who will open it by playing "nose goes," the method of touching your nose to indicate you don't want to do something, and Leni loses by touching her ear instead of her nose. She opens the door, and an inflatable clown flings her onto the motel sign, covered in flypaper, and modified with a laughing Luan neon sign.
  • The family enters the lobby, where the employee gives them a key for a new room. Lola takes the key and enters the designated room, but it's actually a janitor's closet. Worse, a skunk sprays Lola, causing her to faint.
  • Lana takes the key and heads off to the actual room. However, fearing that it could be like the prank Leni fell victim to, grabs a janitorial cart, and rams the door down, however, she ends up falling into a pit full of pies. Unfortunately, Lana's face swells up, causing her to realize that the pies are filled with rhubarb, which she's allergic to.
  • Lori, unable to take it anymore, jumps into Vanzilla to drive off, but the airbags deploy, causing her to lose one of her eyebrows.
  • The family seeks refuge in the laundry room. As they hide, Lily spots a rattle on the floor, and begins waddling towards it, wanting to grab it. Rita, however, stops Lily from grabbing it. However, a bunch of laundry falls onto her, rendering her immobile.
  • As the family attempts to leave, Lucy accidentally triggers a rope, causing some liquid to spill onto her. Suddenly, she completely turns white, realizing the liquid that spilled onto her was bleach.
  • With Lynn Sr., Lincoln, Lynn, and Lily remaining, Lynn Sr. suggests on what to do next, but as they discuss, a fishing line snags Lily, and a monkey gets lowered into Lily's place. As Lynn Sr. tells Lynn to take herself and Lily to a safer place, the monkey begins attacking Lynn.

Lynn Sr. tells Lincoln that they should head to the rooftop. However, Lincoln discovers his father looking at his arm in suspicion. Lincoln looks at his father's arm and discovers it's actually a list of all the places where they got pranked, causing him to realize that he was helping Luan. Lynn Sr. escorts his son into a closet and admits that he was helping Luan. He explains that a few weeks ago, while taking a drive, Luan approached him, and said she needed his help in pulling off her biggest April Fools prank yet. He made the advertisement for the clown camp and had bought a huge section of land just to set up the fake entrance. The van breaking down was actually due to one of Luna's fog machines, and Luan was observing them all along, disguised as the motel employee, not wanting to miss out on her family getting pranked. When Lincoln questions why would he sell out his own family like that, Lynn Sr. says that Luan was going to spare him from pranks for a decade. Lynn Sr. eventually breaks down, regretting taking part in Luan's schemes instead of going against her. Lynn Sr. then realizes that he can redeem himself if he gets back at Luan, and Lincoln immediately goes along with his plan.

The family's running away after Luan vowing to prank them next year.

As Luan watches over the security cameras, she witnesses Lincoln and Lynn Sr. walking into the elevator. However, the elevator breaks down, and Lynn Sr. calls Luan over the elevator phone to come and fix the elevator. Luan, disguising herself as the employee, fixes the elevator, when suddenly, an inflatable clown shoves Luan, resulting in her falling into the numerous pranks her family got themselves into, ending with her being lifted into the air by Lana and Lola's "prank-proof" hazmat suit. As the family begins celebrating that they managed to get back at Luan for all the mistreatment they've endured, Luan tells her family that they may have gotten back at her, but she warns them that next year, she won't go easy on them, especially on Lynn Sr. This causes the family to run away in terror, all while Luan laughs maniacally.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Photo de groupe", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This the second April Fools episode after "April Fools Rules."
  • This episode is omitted from Nickelodeon On-Demand on DirecTV for unknown reasons.
  • In the Korean dub, this episode shares its title with "April Fools Rules".
  • The pranks each member of the Loud family encounters:
    • Lincoln - Turns on all machines inside the motel room unintentionally.
    • Lisa - Gets trapped in a fold-in bed.
    • Luna - Gets stuck in gelatin.
    • Leni - Gets stuck to the motel sign.
    • Lola - Gets sprayed on by a skunk.
    • Lana - Falls into a room full of rhubarb pies, causing her face to swell up due to being allergic to rhubarb.
    • Lori - Vanzilla's airbags puff up, making her lose one of her eyebrows.
    • Rita - Gets trapped under a pile of dirty laundry.
    • Lucy - Gets bleach dumped onto her, turning her entire complexion white.
    • Lily - Gets swapped with a monkey.
    • Lynn - Gets attacked by the monkey that took Lily's place.
    • Luan - Gets stuck to the motel sign, then gets a pie to the face, falls onto a fold-in bed that flings her into a bin of dirty laundry, gets launched into gelatin, gets sprayed on by a skunk, and floats up into the air by Lana and Lola's inflatable hazmat suit.
      • Lynn Sr. was the only one who did not get pranked by Luan because he was her partner in crime.
      • Lincoln and Lily's pranks actually turned out to be mess-free and somewhat harmless.
  • The main colors on the title card represent Luan's signature color (yellow), and the name of the episode is the color of her squirt flowers (hot pink).
  • This episode reveals that Lana is allergic to rhubarb.
  • This episode reveals that, like Lincoln, Lynn Sr. tends to come up with overly long names for his plans.
  • When Lana is saying a prayer for her pets, she mentions that she has an ant colony.
  • This episode reveals that Luan purchases her pranking equipment from Fanny's Prank Emporium.
  • The monkey that Luan used to replace Lily has a similar appearance to Lana’s unnamed pet monkey that appeared in “Butterfly Effect” and “The Price of Admission”.
  • The animation of the sisters (minus Luan) celebrating at the end is recycled from them finding out Lincoln was being picked on by a girl in "Heavy Meddle".
    • Lincoln's celebration dance is his victory dance recycled from "Come Sale Away".
  • Irony:
    • The Prank-Me-Not Poncho is supposed to protect the wearer from Luan's pranks, but when Lincoln tests it out, Lincoln could still feel the pain hitting him.
    • The Prank-Me-Not Poncho that was supposed to protect the wearer from Luan's pranks became a prank device used on Luan.
  • Foreshadowing: When Rita received the threatening voicemail from Luan, everyone screams, except for Lynn Sr. This is a hint to the fact that he was aiding Luan.
  • Cartoon Physics: The bleach poured on Lucy washes out all the colors on of her clothes, including her hair and skin.

International edits

  • In the United Kingdom, Lucy's lines: "Please tell me this is not bleach" and "And it's bleach," were cut.


  • Fool's Paradise - The title is a reference to the term of the same name, which is a state of happiness based on a person not knowing about or denying the existence of potential trouble.
  • Kansas - Luna quotes the beginning lyrics of the chorus to the band's song, "Carry On Wayward Son," while falling into the gelatin trap.
    • This marks the second time Luna quoted the song.
      • The first was in "Pets Peeved," when she said the third line of the chorus' lyric "Lay your weary head to rest."
  • Fearless - The epic Veigar Margeirsson song plays when Lincoln and Lynn Sr. devise a way to get back at Luan.
  • Psycho - The Buttz Motel, the setting of this episode, is a pun on the Bates Motel, the setting of this classic horror film.
  • Futurama - At the beginning of the episode, Lisa suggests putting Luan in a freezing chamber. The appearance of the chamber resembles the cryonic tube Fry fell into in the series pilot.
  • Total Drama - When Luan makes a joke and laughs evilly while the Loud Family screams in horror, music from the show plays and later when the Loud Family (minus Lisa) leaves the hotel room while Lincoln drops the cricket, music from the show plays.


  • When Luan realizes that the "clown camp" is during April Fool's weekend, in the next scene Luna is missing the paperclip on her right ear.
  • Leni said she always gets "nose goes" wrong, but in "Suite and Sour" and "Potty Mouth," she got it right, and the one who lost in those episodes was Lincoln.
  • After Lynn gave Luan her blue clown shoes, Leni gave Luan her sandals as a back-up pair, but when the family is at the motel, Leni has her sandals back.
  • When Lynn Sr. and Lincoln team up to find Luan, Lynn Sr.'s bags are missing.
  • Rita's eyelashes are disconnected from both of her eyes and for every split second, Lynn Sr.'s patches are both gone and back when he moves his arms up and down.

"BROOMS" still visible, even after the door is opened.

  • When Lana rams the room door with a janitorial cart, the "BROOMS" on the closet door is visible, despite the door being open.
  • The 1A sign falls off the door to the closet but disappears when Lola comes out after getting sprayed by the skunk. It then reappears under Lola when the family rushes to Room 1A.
  • When Luan is floating in the prank-proof suit and telling her family that they got her, her eyelashes are missing.
    • In the next shot, where she tells them she'll get them back next year, her eyelashes are back.

"I'd rather have my eyelashes disconnected up here than get pranked by Luan!"

  • When Leni is hanging from the motel sign, her eyelashes are disconnected from her eyes.
  • Unless the basement had no security cameras, Luan would have seen Lincoln catching Lynn Sr. checking the crib notes scribbled on his arms, thus exposing himself as being part of her scheme.
  • Plot Holes:
    • Lana noticed that her toolbox was missing when Vanzilla "broke down," but when she managed to shut down the electronics going haywire, she had her tool belt.
    • Possible: It remains a complete mystery as to who owns the Buttz Motel, and how Luan was given the right to infest it with traps. Though, it could have been an abandoned motel.
    • Possible: It's unknown how Luan managed to hitch a ride beneath Vanzilla even though she left for "clown camp" and that Vanzilla had already left her behind. However, that night when the Louds were sleeping, when Lynn said, "Those gas station burritos always get me going," it could imply that the Louds went to a gas station that must have been near the "clown camp," so that Luan would be able to catch up with them and sneak under Vanzilla without them knowing.
    • It's unknown how Lincoln and Lynn Sr. had enough time to turn all of Luan's traps against her.
    • Possible: Lana is revealed to be allergic to rhubarb, even though in "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln tells Clyde, who is afraid that someone in the family is allergic to peanuts, that "No one has a food allergy!". However, Lincoln may have meant that none of the healthy Louds had a food allergy (since Lana was already sick) or that no one had a peanut allergy.


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