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For the Casagrandes episode, see The Bros in the Band.
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"For Bros About to Rock" is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln is going to his first rock concert, and Luna is determined to make it the greatest experience ever.


Lincoln and Clyde are excited to go to their first concert of their favorite band SMOOCH at the mall, but just as Lincoln is about to leave, he's startled to see his sisters (minus Luna) behind him. They push him back into his room to tell him not to let Luna know that he's going to his first concert, since she'll insist on tagging along, and will probably ruin his experience, just like she did at all of their first concerts. After Lincoln's sisters manage to help him out of the house without Luna knowing, he meets up with Clyde at the mall. However, they're surprised to see Luna already in line for tickets, since she already knew about the concert, and saved them a spot in line.

Luna immediately tries to train Lincoln and Clyde for their best concert experience, including dressing them up and teaching them to pose like rockers. After embarrassing him one time too many, Lincoln calls Luna out on her attitude. Saddened by her brother's harsh words, Luna walks out of the line. Lincoln feels guilty, and tries to run after her, but loses his place in line. He and Clyde are forced to go to the end of the line, and by the time they finally get to the box office, the concert is sold out. To make matters worse, Lincoln and Clyde try to get tickets from who they believe is a scalper, but is really an undercover mall cop, and they promptly get arrested and thrown into the mall jail.

Luna finally succeeds in making a first concert unforgettable.

Later, Luna tries to get Lincoln and Clyde out by dressing up as her mother after the Mall Cop Captain called about them getting locked up, but Bobby, who is working at the mall as a cop, inadvertently blows her cover, leading her to get thrown in with the kids. Luna apologizes to Lincoln and admits that she only wanted his first concert to be memorable because she wanted him to feel like she did when she attended her first concert back when she was young. The Mall Cop Captain, touched by Luna's story, decides to let the three out, and gives Lincoln and Clyde their tickets to the concert back, and even Luna a spare ticket upon Lincoln's request. Lincoln apologizes to Luna for the things he said, which she happily accepts his apology, and the kids go to the concert. Unfortunately, the tickets are for seats way high up, making it hard to see the band, but thanks to Luna's teachings, Lincoln and Clyde make it down to the stage, and they all end up having the time of their lives.


Leni, Luan, Lucy, Lana, Lily, and Cristina have no lines in this episode, though Lola had Lana's voice in one scene.


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Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Welcome to the Loud House" and "The Complete First Season", and "La Chasse au trésor" DVDs.


  • Chris Savino considers this episode his personal favorite.[1]

The original title card.

  • This episode's original title card colors were red and yellow.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Bobby's surname is Santiago.

The Loud House writers

  • The people in the line for SMOOCH tickets were cartoon depictions of the writers for The Loud House.
  • The Mick Swagger song Luna heard in 7th grade, "Transformation", can be heard at the beginning of the episode "Undie Pressure", when Luna is listening to the radio.
  • After Clyde explains his rock pose is for an igneous rock, Luna breaks the fourth wall by looking at the viewers.
  • Irony: Lincoln and Clyde purchase tickets from a scalper, but the scalper (who was an undercover cop) arrested them, despite giving them the tickets.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Luna found outfits for Lincoln and Clyde and dressed them very quickly.
    • In flashback Luna floated to stage and changed her clothes by spinning, but she was just coloring this memory.



  • Lola sounds a bit like Lana when she was warning Lincoln about Luna ruining their first Blarney the Dinosaur concert (since they're both voiced by the same actress).
    • Coincidentally, in its sister episode, Lana sounded a bit like Lola when she said "It's mine!".

Luna's missing right paperclip earring.

  • Luna's right paperclip earring appears to be missing when she was telling Lincoln to do something about his "duds".
  • In the line up scene, the caricature of Jordan Rosato is wearing boots in one instance, but in the next, she is wearing low-cut shoes.
Jordans Boots to Flats.png
  • When the camera is zoomed onto Clyde's rock pose, Lincoln's shoes don't have red stripes.
  • The Mall Cop Captain told Lincoln and Clyde that their "mom" is here for them even though Clyde doesn't have a mother, just two dads. However, the Mall Cop Captain doesn't know the boys, so he easily got fooled by Luna.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub of the episode, the boy band "Boyz Will Be Boyz" name wasn't localized.
  • This episode reveals that Luna got into music and got short hair when she was thirteen. However, in "Not a Loud", she became interested in music when she was lot younger.
  • Plot hole:
    • Luna returned to the mall for Lincoln and Clyde disguised as Rita, but when she was put into the cell with her brother, she wore her regular clothes. It's impossible because she didn't have them with her, or she was wearing her disguise over them.
    • The same thing happened with Lincoln and Clyde. When they got arrested by the scalper, who turned out to be a mall cop, they were wearing their SMOOCH clothes. But when they're in mall jail, they're in their regular clothes.



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