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"For Sale by Loner" is the forty-first episode (forty-second in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-fortieth episode of The Loud House.


Mr. Grouse attempts to find some peace and quiet after moving away from the Louds.


Mr. Grouse is attempting to get through his day. However, for every task he tries to do, the Louds would arrive and interrupt him, causing him some trouble, like a jetpack-toting Lincoln crashing into him while folding towels, Luna's massive speakers being too loud for him, Leni hogging his TV to watch The Dream Boat since Lily is using the TV at the time, Lana and Lucy digging a moat in his garden, and Lynn tossing a football at him that ends up flying right into his Mr. Grouse's house, breaking many things. Finally fed up with his neighbors' shenanigans, Mr. Grouse decides to put up his house for sale. The Louds arrive and are shocked that he's actually considering this decision, as he's been their neighbor as long as they can remember. Mr. Grouse admits that he needs solitude in his life, and despite the Louds' pleas to stay, Mr. Grouse has already made up his mind, and departs, telling the Louds to try their best to forget about him.

What follows afterwards is Mr. Grouse trying to rent a place he can stay at, with unsuccessful results:

  • First, Mr. Grouse attempts to stay in the spare bedroom of Cheryl and Meryl's condo at Chateau Royal Condos, but when he tries to sleep, the two practice for a hoedown competition, with the music keeping him awake and dragging him into their dancing, where he falls out a window.
  • Second, Mr. Grouse attempts to stay at Sunset Canyon, but as he eats his lunch, Scoots initiates a pudding balloon fight, where he gets pelted when he attempts to flee.
  • Lastly, Mr. Grouse attempts to stay in the spare bedroom on Coach Pacowski's boat, but the constant movement of the tide causes him to get sick and vomit overboard.

At Flip's Food and Fuel, Mr. Grouse complains to Flip that he can't find a place to stay, and when he mentions that he'll pay anything for a quiet place to live, Flip decides to take this opportunity. Changing his store getup to "Rick's Rents and Rocks" (and changing his name to Rick), Flip offers to let Mr. Grouse rent his mother's cabin in the woods, which also comes with a free rock companion. Mr. Grouse seems hesitant at first, but upon witnessing Vanzilla arrive with the Louds acting chaotic as usual, Mr. Grouse immediately accepts the offer.

Arriving to the cabin in the woods, Mr. Grouse is finally happy that he found a place that is quiet and peaceful. Now living in a place without much noise, Mr. Grouse proceeds to do all of his hobbies without interruption, like watching TV, working on the garden and doing a puzzle. However, as time passes, Mr. Grouse immediately becomes bored. Suddenly, Mr. Grouse spots Mr. Bolhofner walking by and introduces himself. Before long, Mr. Grouse attempts to get along with Mr. Bolhofner by hanging out with him, but his efforts to get along only cause more harm than good, and as a result, Mr. Bolhofner calls him a terrible neighbor, and orders to leave him alone.

As Mr. Grouse heads back to his cabin, he decides to show his rock the photos in his phone displaying his former neighbors. After looking through the photos, Mr. Grouse realizes that he misses the Louds, saying they're like a family to him, regardless of their flaws. This makes Mr. Grouse decide to head back home, and at that moment, the Louds arrive in Vanzilla to give him a congratulatory Lynn-sagna to celebrate the day someone finally bought his house. This news causes Mr. Grouse to drop the lasagna in shock and admits that he misses them, saying that living in solitude isn't as great as he hoped. After the Louds state that they miss him too, they quickly drive back Mr. Grouse's house, hoping to stop the buyers from buying the house.

Arriving to the house, Mr. Grouse quickly tells the buyers, a husband and wife, that he changed his mind and wants to move back in. Unfortunately, the couple reveals that they had already signed the paperwork to finalize the purchase. When the husband reveals that they bought the house because of how peaceful the neighborhood is, Mr. Grouse tells them that if they're going to live here, they better get used to their next-door neighbors: the Louds. Almost immediately, the Louds are over-zealous in welcoming them to the neighborhood, talking over each other, showing off their hobbies and getting into fights. Unable to bear the Louds' antics, the couple runs away, with the wife ripping up the paperwork in the process. As a result, Mr. Grouse, appreciating how much the Louds helped him out, proclaims "It's good to be home."


Lori, Luan, Seymour, Bernie, Coach Pacowski and Todd have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first (and currently only) episode to focus solely on Mr. Grouse.


For Sale by Loner

  • The married pair that purchased Mr. Grouse's house are the drivers from "Tripped!" that avoided the Louds during their hitchhiking.
  • This episode reveals that Cheryl and Meryl live in a condominium called Chateau Royal Condos.
  • It took only eight seconds for the couple buying Mr. Grouse's house to become overwhelmed by the Louds' antics.
  • This episode reveals the following about Mr. Bolhofner:
    • He lives in the woods because of his desire for peace and quiet.
    • He dislikes sports because his father was head coach for his school's wrestling team and was never satisfied with his son's skills.
    • Puzzles and talking stress him out.
  • The photos on Mr. Grouse's phone are callbacks to "Breaking Dad", "Good Sports", and "Diamonds Are for Never".
  • According to Flip, his mother lives in a cabin in the woods.
  • This episode seems to be taking place on a weekend, because it's the reason Lori is staying with her family.
    • This is also her final appearance in Season 5.
  • This is the fifth episode in season 5 to use Pop Punk for the title card music after "No Bus No Fuss", "Much Ado About Noshing", "Animal House" and "Lori Days".
  • When Flip turns his countertop into Rick's Rents & Rocks, a poster with a castle similar to Loud Castle can be seen on the wall.
  • This episode marks Coach Pacowski's first appearance in Season 5. He is the fifth and final faculty member of Royal Woods Elementary School to appear in this season following Cheryl in "Schooled!", Miss Allegra and Mrs. Johnson in "School of Shock" and Principal Huggins in "She's All Bat".
    • However, unlike the aforementioned instances, he has no dialogue.
    • This episode also marks his only appearance in Season 5.
  • In the Croatian dub this is the last episode in which Ranko Tihomirović voices Mr. Grouse before his death on December 12 2021.
  • Foreshadowing: On the title card is rock with painted face. In this episode Mr. Grouse purchases such rock.
  • Irony:
    • Mr. Grouse thought living in solitude would make him happier, but it had the opposite effect.
    • Mr. Grouse initially wanted to be away from the pests making his life hard (the Louds), but he himself became a pest to Mr. Bolhofner by trying to bond with him due to the fact that they were "neighbors".
    • The same voice actor (James Arnold Taylor) voices a character (Mr. Bolhofner) who drove Mr.Grouse away and a character (Unnamed man) driven away by Mr Grouse.


  • For Sale by Loner - The title of this episode is a pun of "for sale by owner".


  • Plot hole: Mr. Bolhofner's cabin is shown to be located on the edge of the woods, even though it was shown in "Rumor Has It" that his cabin is situated deep inside the woods.

How are you going to dance if your foot is disconnected?

And how are you going to dance, too?

  • While Cheryl and Meryl are dancing when Mr. Grouse enters their room, Meryl's boot is disconnected in one frame.
    • The same thing happens to Cheryl when she spins Mr. Grouse around.
  • When Mr. Grouse tells the couple buying his house that he wants to move back in, the wife's shoes are blue, but when she and her husband are subjected to the Louds' chaos, her shoes are black.
  • When the couple first exits the house, the wife can be seen wearing bracelets, but during the close up of the signed paperwork, the bracelets are missing. When the husband reveals the reason why they bought Mr. Grouse's house, the wife has her bracelets back on, but when they're scared away by the Louds, they're once again missing.
  • When the Louds scare the couple buying Mr. Grouse's house away, Lola's voice can be heard, even though she isn't present.

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