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"For the Record" is the ninth episode of the third season, eighty-fourth episode of The Casagrandes.


Worried he's not keeping up with his cool friends, Sameer tries to break a record for some street cred.


While Ronnie Anne, Sid, Casey, Sameer and Laird hang out on the front steps of the school, Nikki arrives, balancing 6 corn dogs on her nose. Because of this accomplishment, each of them talks about an accomplishment of their own, like Casey doing a 10-foot dunk with a new pair of shoes, Sid managing to stay awake for three straight days, Ronnie Anne stopping a purse thief and Laird wrestling a shark. When it comes to Sameer, he tells them a less-extravagant story where he used water as a substitute for milk for his cereal. After telling the story, the bell rings, prompting the gang to head to their class. As Sameer bemoans over telling a lame story, he decides to step up his game by trying to beat a record. Becky, who was stuffing students into a locker, overhears Sameer's intentions and offers her assistance, using a book of world records.

Throughout the day, Becky attempts to help Sameer with trying to break a record like being hit with the most dodgeballs in 10 seconds, sitting in a box full of fire ants for an hour, playing the most instruments at once, hanging upside down while being tickled or having the most clothespins clipped onto the body, but Sameer is unable to break any of them. When Becky asks him what he's good at, Sameer responds with blowing bubbles and riding a skateboard. Luckily, there's a record for that in the book where a boy named Wheels McBubbly holds the world record for longest bubble blown while skateboarding, with a record time of 3 hours 26 minutes and 23 seconds. Seeing how this is more up his alley, Sameer decides to go for it.

The next day, Sameer is ready to break Wheels McBubbly's record. Once Becky starts her timer, Sameer begins to skate around the school while blowing a bubble with his bubblegum. Throughout the day, Sameer attempts to get through his day at school while trying to maintain his composure for the record, and despite a close call with fencing in the gym, and some hiccups like being unable to eat his lunch properly and making a mess while trying to use the bathroom while in motion, he manages to get through without messing up. Becky announces that Sameer has only 10 seconds left until he breaks the record. Suddenly, one of the school's teachers opens her classroom door to remove the chalk dust from her blackboard erasers; the dust cloud impairing Sameer's vision, and when he sneezes, the force causes his to pop his bubble and fall off, only mere seconds away from breaking the record. Devastated over losing his chance of breaking a record, Sameer confesses that the reason why he wanted to break a record was because it would give him something epic to tell his friends, considering their amazing accomplishments they told of earlier. However, Sameer's friends confess that they were actually embellishing their stories:

  • Ronnie Anne reveals that the purse thief she attacked was actually the grandson of the woman whose purse he "stole" so that he can take it to a repair shop.
  • Sid reveals that she didn't actually stay up for three days straight; she had a dream where she did.
  • Casey reveals that the basketball dunk he did was actually on a plastic kiddie hoop that's as tall as him.
  • Laird, on the other hand, reveals that his fight with the shark was 100% real, and even has a video proving so, but no one listens to him.

As Sameer feels relieved that he's not alone in not having a special accomplishment, Becky arrives and tells Sameer that she contacted the Great Lakes City Record Association and was told that Sameer officially has broken a record after all: most failed attempts at breaking a record. Because of this, Sameer's friends cheer for him, as he's now an official record holder.



  • This is the second episode to feature Chavez Academy's dodgeball team. The first being "Throwing Pains".
  • Mrs. Kernicky is still the school gym teacher following Strife Coach.
  • According to Becky, she holds the record for stuffing the most students in a locker.
  • Irony:
    • As outlandish as Laird's accomplishment of wrestling a shark was, it was the only accomplishment that was genuine/actually happened.
    • Principal Valenzuela informed everybody about Sameer trying to break record except for the teacher dusting off sponges.
    • Principal Valenzuela doesn't punish Becky for bullying students and locking them in lockers.
  • Innuendo:
    • Laird was unsure if the green substance on his corn dog, which Nikki was balancing on her nose, was actually relish or possibly snot.
    • After Sameer falls down while on the subway train, he falls into an unknown substance that Becky is too afraid to reveal.


  • For the Record - The title of this episode is an expression used to tell someone that what you are saying should be remembered or written down.


  • When Sameer's friends are commending him before he goes for Wheels McBubbly's record, Becky's shirt is dark blue with light blue sleeves. But when she complains about them all giving her a headache her shirt is light blue with dark blue sleeves.

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