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The Fox family is a family with quintuplets (5 kids).


The Fox Quintuplets are first mentioned in "Breaking Dad" but only Pam is seen. That day, all five had to get their cavities filled making Rita's day packed. There was only enough gas for four of them, Pam heard this and got nervous that she might the one not getting it. But Rita, realizing her slip of the tongue, told her not to worry.

All five of the Fox Quintuplets first prominently appear in "Sitting Bull" where they are revealed to be the worst clients of Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan since the Fox Quintuplets did a lot of pranks on them. In order to get Lynn to quit babysitting after costing them 5 of their clients, Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan hook Lynn up with the Fox Quintuplets. When Lynn arrives, the Fox Quintuplets go crazy on her where Lynn proved that she can go crazy on them like getting into a food fight with them. Then she wore them out with tug of war and did a horsey reward system if they cleaned up. Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan came over just in case the Fox Quintuplets gave Lynn a hard time. After Lynn told her sisters what she did and learned that they only tried to get her to quit because of the clients they cost them, Lynn gave them apology punches and then went upstairs to tell the Fox Quintuplets the time when she broke her tibia. The next day, Lynn tells her sisters that she did a lot of stuff to get their former clients back and states that Mr. and Mrs. Fox are going out every night now that Lynn is the only babysitter that can tolerate their kids. In the final scene, Lynn engages in luchadore wrestling with them.

They later reappear in "Coupe Dreams" where Lynn and Lori babysit them in order to save up for Lori's dream car. They end up eating half of the pizzas Lori was tasked with delivering to a customer, which results in the customer demanding a refund.

They appear in "Lori Days" where Lucy holds a funeral for their pet goldfish.

In "Present Danger", it is revealed that they share their birthday with Lincoln. They had a Middle Ages-themed birthday party at Gus' Games and Grub.

Family members


  • Mr. Fox
  • Mrs. Fox


  • Pam
  • Stevie
  • 3 unnamed boys

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