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"Frame on You" is the forty-seventh (forty-eighth in production order) episode of the fifth season, the two-hundred-forty-sixth episode, and the fifth-season finale of The Loud House.


When Rusty is wrongfully suspended, the Action News Team leaps into action to clear his name.


At the middle school, the Action News team is doing their daily report. During the broadcast, Lincoln gets word on the suspect responsible for unleashing a stink bomb at a school party being in the principal's office. As Stella reports on the news, the suspect, wearing a jacket over his head to cover his face, comes running out and accidentally rams into the wall. Stella pulls off the jacket to reveal Rusty. Sometime later, Rusty tells his friends that he's innocent, but because of all the eyewitnesses, Ramirez has suspended Rusty for a week. After Rusty leaves (while being jeered at by the students), Lincoln and friends declare that they need to clear Rusty's name.

In the newsroom, Lincoln says that the first thing they need to do is to interview the witnesses, but they don't know their names. Suddenly, Rusty arrives, wearing a dress in an attempt to help them out without being spotted. Before he can give them the names of the witnesses, Ramirez arrives and, mistaking Rusty for a substitute teacher, tells "her" to go to her class, but not before telling them to visit an informant at the dumpster bin. Arriving to the dumpster bin, the informant is revealed to be Meryl, who is also willing to help Rusty clear his name. After being given a list of the witnesses, the news team proceed to interview each of them.

  • First, Liam and Zach interview Coach Keck, who was a chaperone at the party, and question if she really did see Rusty throwing the stink bomb, as she's near-sighted and was on the opposite side of the gym when it happened. However, Keck reveals that she bought a new pair of glasses that allow her to see things from a distance, and confirms what she saw, right down to the cuff links on his suit.
  • Second, Stella interviews Paige, where she questions if she saw Rusty throwing the stink bomb. Paige says she doesn't have a video of the incident, but has an audio file where it audibly has Rusty stating his name out loud and admitting that he's responsible.
  • Third, Lincoln and Clyde interview Chandler, where he promptly shows them video footage of Rusty clearly throwing the stink bomb in the gym.

In the cafeteria, the gang is worried that Rusty really was responsible. At that moment, Rusty arrives and when his friends state that all the evidence points to him (including the time when he threw the stink bomb), Rusty states that the time he "threw it" proves it wasn't him, as he was at Flip's at the time. The news team head over to Flip's to ask him questions, but they end up blowing their money when he charges them for any question they ask. With that plan unsuccessful, they suggest going to the gym, the scene of the crime. At night, the gang manages to enter with assistance from Meryl, and after some looking, Lincoln discovers under the bleachers a bag of stink bombs that also include mints from Duds for Dudes, Mr. Spokes' suit rental store. Realizing the true culprit went there to rent a suit so they can frame Rusty, they decide to head there to find the suit rental sheet. After looking through the store's records, Stella finds the rental sheet and reads the three names listed: Chad, Dirk and Jordan.

  • First, the news team interrogates Chad, but he's cleared when he reveals that he has a sensitive nose, which is proven when he quickly throws up after Liam and Clyde gross him out with stinky items.
  • Second, the news team interrogates Dirk, but he's cleared when he tells them that he was getting lessons from Mr. Bolhofner on how to wrestle a bobcat, and even has his destroyed rental suit as proof.
  • With Chad and Dirk cleared, the news team declare that Boy Jordan is the true culprit and demand him to confess in the school's dark room, but Boy Jordan reveals that he never rented a suit from the store, as he and his friend were wearing cat onesies, and has developing photos as evidence.

Realizing they have no more leads, the news team declares that they failed in their mission and Lincoln apologizes to Rusty for being unable to clear his name, but Rusty tells his friends that at least they tried.

Later, the news team is doing their daily report. As Lincoln corrects himself on a story he told yesterday about Liam's pig giving birth to a girl instead of a boy, Stella realizes who the true culprit is and tells Ramirez to meet them at the lockers. With everyone together, Stella reveals that the culprit is Girl Jordan. Girl Jordan is appalled by the accusation, but after being forced to open her locker, Meryl discovers a rental suit and an orange wig. This causes Girl Jordan to admit that she framed Rusty, and begins to explain to everyone why she did it:

Girl Jordan and Rusty were partners in their home ec class, and their final assignment was to make a sponge cake. As Girl Jordan watched the cake baking in the oven, Rusty accidentally bumped into the oven while practicing his dance moves, causing the sponge cake to deflate and Mr. Bolhofner to give her a failing grade. Angered over getting her first "F", Girl Jordan decided to get revenge on him. She rented the suit that Rusty wears at every formal event he goes to, found a red clown wig, and mimicked Rusty's voice to a tee. Now passing herself off as Rusty, she proceeded to ruin his name by throwing a stink bomb at the party.

With the truth out, Girl Jordan apologizes to Rusty after admitting she went too far with her revenge plan, and Rusty apologizes for ruining their cake. Seeing how much they've gone through, Ramirez decides not to suspend Girl Jordan and agrees to revoke Rusty's suspension if he can keep up with his substitute teacher act, to which he agrees with.


Mr. Bolhofner, Chandler and unnamed middle school students have no lines in this episode.


  • The premise of the episode is similar to that of "Crimes of Fashion", as both episodes involve Lincoln and Clyde/Lincoln and his friends trying to clear the name of a framed sister/friend who got fired/suspended.
  • This, its sister episode, "Season's Cheatings"/"A Flipmas Carol", "Zach Attack"/"Flying Solo", "Camped!", and "How the Best Was Won" are the only Season 5 episodes to not premiere on a Friday.
  • This is the last episode where Andre Robinson voices Clyde.
  • This is the final episode where Lincoln remains his age from Season 1.
  • This episode, along with its sister episode, premiered immediately before Nickelodeon's airing of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys wild card game.
  • This episode reveals that Coach Keck is near-sighted.
  • Up until sometime before this episode, Girl Jordan has never gotten a failing grade in her classes.
  • Irony: Principal Ramirez suspended Rusty for a crime he didn't commit but didn't suspend Girl Jordan for actually committing the crime. Also, Rusty is still paying price for Girl Jordan's felonies.
  • The gym, where disco party happened is the same gym from "Net Gains".

Net Gains

Frame on You

International edits

  • In the Polish dub, Girl Jordan is named Maria "Marysia" Jordan, with Jordan as her surname. However, Boy Jordan has Jordan as his first name.


  • Frame on You - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "shame on you".


  • When Girl Jordan crosses her arms, her right-side hair bow disappears.


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