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Frida Puga-Casagrande is a recurring character in the The Loud House and a main character in The Casagrandes, who first appeared in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".


She's Ronnie Anne and Bobby's aunt, Maria's sister-in-law, Carlos' wife, and the mother of Carlota, CJ, Carl, and Carlitos. She's the resident photographer of the Casagrande family and loves to take pictures of almost everything.


She is a very caring mother and aunt, and loves to take pictures for just about every family moment. She is also very dramatic and emotional, as she is moved to tears very easily.


She's a tall Mexican-American woman, with tan skin, long black hair, a unibrow, orange earrings, and two sets of yellow pearl bracelets on her wrists. She wears a pink dress with a greenish blue pattern on the top and light brown flats.


  • She is the tallest female Casagrande.
  • Her name is a reference to Frida Kahlo, a late well-known Mexican artist.
    • Like her namesake, Frida also has a prominent unibrow.
  • Her maiden name comes from storyboard artist Miguel Puga.
  • She's allergic to cats.[3]
  • "Going Overboard" reveals that she told Carlos to give up skateboarding once Carlota was born.
  • "Miss Step" reveals that she has a specific cry that she uses to affirm things.
  • "Achy Breaky Art" reveals that despite her emotive personality, she takes criticism very well.
  • "Fluff Love" reveals that she can both play video games and carry Carlos on her back.
  • "Saving Face" reveals that she can sew.
  • "Operation: After School Snack" reveals that she doesn't allow her children to eat anything between school and dinner time, lest they spoil their appetites.
  • "15 Candles" reveals that she spent two years planning Carlota's quinceañera, and the cake made for the event came out very dry.


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