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"Friday Night Fights" is the twenty-sixth episode (twenty-seventh in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


Lisa joins Lynn's football team as the analytics coach to prove that math will always beat out heart.


The Royal Woods Roosters is playing a game against Hazeltucky Hockers. As the Loud family watches, Lisa deduces that, given Lynn's position and strategy, she will be unsuccessful in scoring a touchdown and advises her family and Randall, the man in the Roosters outfit, to shield their eyes. Lynn, with the ball in her hands, is swiftly tackled as Lisa feared, and the game ends with the Hockers winning 52-0. Later, as the family eats dinner at Lynn's Table, Lynn is the only one who doesn't eat her food. Lisa, unable to see her sister so down, decides to step in and be her analytics coach, saying that she can give some different strategies on how to win.

The next day, Lisa announces to the Roosters that she is stepping in as the team's assistant coach, and has built a robot named Touchdown Bot to help out with statistics and boost team spirit. Throughout the day, Lisa trains the Roosters by using the numbers provided by Touchdown Bot and giving them nutritional powder to eat. During the next game against the Slapneck Salamanders, the Roosters use the numbers Lisa provides them with, giving them the best game they've had this season, but they still lose 20-24. When Lynn bemoans that they still lost, Lisa assures her that her strategy is working, as they are now scoring more points than before, and says that by training harder, they are likely to win any future games.

The next day, Lynn discovers that Lisa is making drastic changes to the team. She had Margo, Maddie, Paula, and her other teammates traded for newcomers, and their mascot has been replaced with a tiger. When Lisa assures that they will win statistically with these changes, Lynn does nothing to challenge her thoughts. During the game, Lisa soon discovers that her new changes have completely hindered the overall performance of the team, as the wide receiver fails to catch the ball, the defense doesn't aid Lynn, and the team is too chicken to stand up for Lynn when she taunts the rival team. When Lynn's team loses 63-0, Lynn chastises Lisa for ruining her team and declares she doesn't want her help. This causes Lisa to become heavily depressed, as she drown her sorrows binging on Burpin' Burger, and deactivates Touchdown Bot. While walking through Tall Timbers Park, Lisa discovers Margo, Maddie and Paula having fun playing football together. This gives Lisa an idea.

At the next game, Lynn discovers Lisa present, and Lisa says she's not stepping in to help, but that she got her friends back. Lisa admits that games aren't always won on paper, and that winning requires teammates caring for each other. When Lisa states that she's resigning as the coach, Lynn tells her that she can still be on the team as their coach. Later, the Roosters are playing against the Hockers and are losing 25-28. Lynn and Lisa soon settle on using a combination of statistical data and gut instinct to determine the proper play, and it is with this combination that the Roosters win the game. When the Roosters dump sports drink onto Lynn and Lisa as a sign of congratulations, Lisa says that she would've preferred a pat to the back, and Touchdown Bot prepares to give her a hard one, much to her fear.


Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lily and Wide Receiver 1 have no lines in this episode.


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Friday Night Fights was my second board on the Loudhouse. It was a fun episode.
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Jul 13, 2021[1]
  • The title card resembles that of "The Loudest Yard".
  • The premise of this episode is similar to "Cow Pie Kid", as they both involve Lynn's sports team suffering through the season until she gets some outside help.
  • This episode reveals that Lana and Lola tend to leech off their siblings' meals.
  • Innuendo: Lisa's breakdown after Lynn tells her she doesn't need her help is likened to that of someone who drowns their sorrows by getting drunk.
  • Irony: Lisa replaces all of Lynn's team members, including the mascot, because she believes that they are statistically more likely to succeed. But in practice, the changes Lisa made have completely hindered the overall performance of the team, resulting in Lynn losing 63-0.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, the second round of Lynn Sr.'s "cheer-up meal" is stir-fried mozzarella sticks, with chips in moist crumbs and dessert on the side rather than "mozzarella sticks wrapped in bacon, wrapped in chicken fingers, wrapped in a cheese-steak."


  • Friday Night Fights - The title of this episode is a pun of the 2004 sports drama film Friday Night Lights.
  • Louis Pasteur - At one point, Lisa mentions the famed Louis Pasteur.
  • Moneyball - Lisa using math to help Lynn's team win is identical to the plot of the 2011 sports drama film Moneyball, only with football instead of baseball.


  • In all of the wide shots with filled bleachers after Lisa joins Lynn's team, there are two Lisas. One is in the crowd with the other Louds and one is on the Roosters' benches supervising the game.
  • After Lynn and her team got splashed with water by Touchdown Bot the second time, Margo has her hair down instead of up in a ponytail.
  • At some points, the microphone of Lisa's headset switches sides.
  • When Lynn gets mad at Lisa after losing the game, the freckles on her right cheek are missing.
  • After Lynn sees that her teammates came back, Lisa's headset disappears in the next shot.
  • At the end, Lisa is wet before getting splashed with soda.



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