The FriendBot 1000 is a robot created by Lisa in the episode "Friend or Faux?".


As the name suggests, FriendBot is designed to be friends with anyone, being loyal to them and (presumably) help them with everyday tasks and hobbies. He also has an ice shooting feature, where he can shoot ice cubes.


When Lisa sees that she had received an F in social skills on her report card, her teacher, Ms. Shrinivas, says that she will raise the grade if she makes a friend. In response, Lisa quickly builds the FriendBot 1000. It can bring anything Lisa needs and also has ice vision. Ms. Shrinivas states that Lisa has to actually make a friend with one of her classmates.


FriendBot 1000 is a short, modern, futuristic and functional take on a typical toy robot. His face is displayed on a vertical flipping screen at the front of his cubical head. On top, there is a small antenna with a small red sphere. At either side of his head, there are two convex plates. His body is also cubical but has a handle near the top front side. He has two grey arms with white 2-fingered claws, and 2 small white legs with grey feet and kneepads.



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