S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case.png I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The following is a transcript for the episode "Friends in Dry Places".


[Lynn is in her room playing with her soccer ball, and then Lincoln comes in her room]
Lincoln: "Hey, Lynn!"
[Lynn accidentally hits Lincoln with her soccer ball]
Lincoln: "Oof! [Fell down the floor because of the hit] "
Lynn Jr.: "Oh, Sorry, Bro!"
Lincoln: "[with a hurt voice] I'm okay. [Lincoln gets back up] Can I borrow your sleeping bag? Lana's snake gave birth in mine."
[Shows that Lana's snake gave birth in Lincoln's sleeping bag]
Lynn Jr.: [Makes a disgusted voice] Gross. Eh, no prob. All yours! [Puts the sleeping bag in the floor, and Lincoln looks disgusted at it as the sleeping bag was dirty and stinky.]
Lincoln: [Makes a disgusted voice] Maybe I'll just sleep on the floor. [Lincoln smiles again] Tomorrow is the 5th Grade trip to Big Bear Dunes National Park"
Lynn Jr.: "Ah Yes, Michigan's Gold Coast. The most baller of all the coasts."
Lincoln: "I can't wait! It's the last field trip of Elementry School and my friends and I are really gonna go out with a bang! [Lincoln smells Lynn's sleeping bag again, and gets disgusted again] Wow, can you move that sleeping bag?
[Lynn moves the sleeping bag]
Lynn Jr.: "Oh-ho, I remember that trip, So many fun memories..."
Lincoln: "Who's that girl in your bench pressing?"
Lynn Jr.: "My bunkmate, Cherry? No, no, no, Sherly? Wait, Toni maybe? Yeah, I can't remember the names of people I'm not friends with anymore. We were close in 5th Grade, but once you get to Middle School, everything changes. Even, your friend group."
Lincoln: "Pfft... That won't happen to me and my friends, we're like siblings! We're gonna be close forever!"
Lynn Jr.: "That's if you make it out alive. [Lynn gives Lincoln her Lacrosse stick] Better take this for the bears."
Lincoln: "Bears? [With a scared voice]"

[Lincoln and his classmates arrive at the park]
Lincoln: "Wow!! It's so beautiful! And it's so peaceful!"
[Other students at the bus gets out and stomped Lincoln down]
Cheryl: "Okay, y'all little Jitterbugs, your Cabin Assignments are going up on the activity board."
Lincoln: "Huh? [Lincoln gets stomped down again]"
Clyde: "Come on, buddy."
Lincoln: "[Groans] Did Cheryl said Cabin Assignments?"
Clyde: "[Nods] "
Lincoln: "I thought we get to pick who we bunk with! [Lincoln goes to the board to see who's he bunking with] Let's see who I'm bunking with. [Lincoln looks at the list of bunkmates] Mmm--Principal Huggins? You gotta be kidding me!"
[Lincoln looks at his friends, and he sees Liam and Zach spraying Clyde with some kind of spray for Clyde]
Clyde: "Thanks guys, Let's do another coat in an hour."
Lincoln: "[Goes to his friends] Okay, let's not panic over the assigned bunk sitch. I'll work some of my Loud Magic, and we'll all be bunking together in no time."
Liam: "Actually, I'm happy as a skeeter in a sauna to bunk with Trent! He snuck in a whole mess of juice boxes with him.
Trent: "[Shows his juice boxes in his coat]Shh!"
Lincoln & Zach: "Oooh!"
Zach: "I'm rooming with Hassan, He takes security as seriously as I do. Check out what he brought! [Hassan brings a vacuum]"
Lincoln: "A vacuum?"
The thing that Hassan brought: "Threat detected. [The vacuum electrifies Lincoln]"
Lincoln: "Ahh!"
Zach: "No, it's the latest in-home security technology."
Clyde: "I'm with Richie, but I'm actually ok with it! He brought an air purifier, and you know how I am with pollen. Sorry, buddy!"
Stella: "And I'm in the girls' bunk with Girl Jordan."
Rusty: "Hey, look what Lance and me found in our bunk! Someone left a crate full of awesome random stuff! [Lance puts a hat in Rusty's head] Huh? Check out this hat! Score!"
Others: "[All exclaim]"
Lincoln: "Great. So I'm not rooming with any of my friends."
[Lincoln starts a flashback when he met with Lynn]
Lynn Jr.: "But once you get to Middle School, everything changes, even your friend group."
[End of Flashback]
Lincoln: "Nah, that wouldn't happen to us."
Cheryl: "Chop chop! Y'all need to meet up at your first activity station in ten minutes."
Lincoln: "Sweet. At least we all signed up to go Sand Boogey Boarding together."
Rusty: "[The hat that Lance gave to Rusty was actually a racoon and it's mad at Rusty] Yikes! Not a hat! Ahh!"

[Lincoln arrives at the place for Sand Boogey Boarding, but no one is there, not even his own friends.]
Lincoln: "Where is everybody? [Lincoln becomes sad] I'll just Boogey my own board."
[Lincoln Boogeys his own board, and he was happy until his board hit a stone and Lincoln crashes to the sand, then he threw up all the sand from his mouth]
Lincoln: "Where could they be?" [Lincoln saw Clyde and Richie making cherry jam using their feet.]  Lincoln: "Clyde? I thought we were all gonna go sand boogey boarding together." Clyde: "Well, yeah, but then Richie sold me on making cherry jam. It's a real hoot, if you can stand the pain of the cherry pits. [Clyde then stepped on some cherry pits] Ow! Ow! You should taste some. [Clyde then puts a foot up near Lincoln's face.] It's delicious."  Lincoln: "[Lincoln then had a digusted look on his face] Uhh! I'm not eating your toe jam." Clyde: "Come on." [Clyde then puts some jam on Lincoln's face with his foot] Lincoln: [Lincoln licked the jam to taste it and was stunned by it.] "Actually, that's not bad."

Liam: "I'm sweatier than a sow in labour."
Zach: "Yeah, my fair skin isn't meant for this brutal sun."
Rusty: "I hate hiking."

Lincoln: "At least were together right."
[Stella remove the sand that was in yours shoe.]

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