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"Friendzy" is the nineteenth episode of the third season and one-hundred-twentieth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln discovers that having a friend over means getting special privileges, and he takes advantage of that.


The siblings are having a massive brawl in the house, and the police is alerted by the loud noise. When a policeman bangs on the door, everything freezes, and Lincoln begins to explain to the viewers how he and his sisters ended up in a situation like this.

Lincoln explains that he and his sisters are notorious for fighting over the simplest things, such as deciding what songs to listen to on the radio, what to have for dinner, or suggesting what to watch on TV. He also explains that because of their fighting, the siblings end up losing their privileges to Rita and Lynn Sr. The entire dilemma all began a few days ago. Lincoln wants to watch ARGGH!, but Lynn is watching a game with Margo. Lincoln goes over to his mother to explain what's happening, but Rita tells him that Lynn has a friend over, so she has the right to use the TV. Getting an idea, Lincoln comes with a system called "Playing the Friend Card", which gives him special privileges as long as he has a friend over. Soon enough, Lincoln invites Clyde over for everything he wants, such as the TV, licking the egg beaters, using the badminton rackets, and what to have for dinner. Realizing that Lincoln is up to something, Lisa calls a sibling meeting, and explains that because Lincoln has Clyde over, he's getting numerous special privileges, and says that she has an idea to take Lincoln down.

Sometime later, Lincoln and Clyde are prepared to watch ARGGH!, but discovers that Lola has a friend over, and when he explains this to his mother, Rita says that while he and Lola do have a friend over, Lola got the TV first, so she has the TV rights. Lincoln tries to get a plate of cookies, suggest lunch, and use the badminton court, but Lincoln is prohibited from any of those privileges due to his sisters each having their own individual friend. Rita, Lynn Sr., and Lily, realizing the chaos that's about to come, decide to hide out at the mall for a while.

Lincoln, realizing that his sisters have caught on, decides to put his backup plan into action. When Lynn and Margo attempt to watch a game on TV, Lincoln explains that he has two friends over now, Clyde and Liam, giving Lincoln the right to use the TV. Lynn, not wanting to lose the TV and realizing that Lincoln is playing dirty, invites three of her friends over. When Luna takes note on how Lynn is defecting from their side, she declares that she can play dirty as well. Soon enough, the sisters begin to invite more and more friends over to the house, up to the point where there are now over sixty-five kids present. The siblings begin to blame each other due to their friends stirring up trouble, leading them to fight themselves (where the episode all began). Alerted by the loud noise, a police car pulls over, and the policeman bangs on the door. The siblings stop fighting, and Lincoln (after briefly telling the viewers that they're caught up) answers the door. The policeman tells the friends to leave the house, just as Rita, Lynn Sr. and Lily arrive back home. The policeman gives Rita and Lynn Sr. a $200 ticket for noise violation. Once the policeman leaves, Lynn Sr. demands an explanation for what just happened, and Lincoln steps to explain the whole situation.

S3E10B Rita and Lynn Sr. have friends, too

Bad timing!

After explaining the story, Rita tells them that they'll be using their own allowance to pay for the noise violation ticket, and the siblings explain that they learned their lesson from this experience: instead of fighting for privileges, they'll take turns and talk it out. The siblings decide to start with dinner, and Lincoln asks Lori what she wants since she's the oldest. But before Lori can answer, Rita and Lynn Sr. say that they're having goulash, because they invited a couple friends over, much to the kids' anger.


Lily, Sam, Haiku, Whitney, Andrew, Kotaro, Becky, Chaz, David, Giggles, Darcy, Muddy Girl, Dana, Teen Girl, Roxanne, Hunter Spector, Mazzy, and Sully have no lines in this episode. Although they were listed in the credits, Margo and Liam also have no lines in this episode either, but they were casted because they were heard screaming and laughing.


Screenshot 20180206-144258

Kevin Sullivan confirming the episode.

  • This episode was confirmed by Kevin Sullivan during the 2017 World Animation Celebration convention.[1]
    • He also confirmed that Sam, Luna's crush from "L is for Love", would return in this episode, but that she wouldn't have any dialogue.
      • Sam however, returned in "Fool Me Twice", also with no dialogue.
  • Jordan Koch considers this episode as one of his favorites he has boarded.[2]
  • This is the last episode where Lara Jill Miller voices Margo. Brec Bassinger later takes over the role starting in "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow".
  • Lisa brings out her threat level chart from "Brawl in the Family".
  • A majority of this episode is told in flashbacks.
  • This episode reveals that Liam is also a fan of ARGGH!.
  • The title card from this episode has the same color scheme as the one from "One Flu Over the Loud House".
S03E10b poke, poke

Poking at the frozen body.

  • Innuendo:
    • When the fight between the siblings pauses, Lola and Luan find themselves in an awkward position.
    • Possible: When the siblings are discussing Lincoln "playing the friend card" during the meeting, Lola says "During guard change, I'll sneak up on him in the shower!", implying that she would try to attack Lincoln naked.
  • Irony:
    • The sisters came up with the plan to use against Lincoln only, but the sisters eventually began to turn against each other.
    • When the kids learned their lesson of not inviting their friends over for petty reasons, Rita and Lynn Sr. invited a few of their friends over just to suggest what to have for dinner.


  • Friendzy - The title is a mashup of "friend" and "frenzy".
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy - The joke where Leni leaves the house with the friends is similar to a joke in the episode "X Marks the Ed", where Ed follows the kids after Edd forces them to leave Eddy's house.


  • Possible: Rita said that there were 65 kids leaving the house. However, there were actually 86 kids leaving. This is so because Lori had 6 friends over, Leni had 5, Luna had 10, Luan had 11, Lynn had 3, Lincoln had 15, Lucy had 9, Lana had 12, Lola had 8, and Lisa had 7. Adding them up, 6+5+10+11+3+15+9+12+8+7=86.
    • However, she was probably estimating.
  • When the sisters and their friends were shooting sinister looks at Lincoln and Clyde, Darcy's bandage is on her right leg, but during the montage of the sisters snagging the TV from each other, the bandage is on her left leg.
  • When the Loud kids stop fighting for the third time, Lynn, Lana, and Leni's eyelashes are disconnected.
  • In the Hebrew dub, when Lucy says "Sorry, Lola, but my nine friends and I would like to watch Vampires of Melancholia.", she is voiced by Lisa's voice actor, Tami Barak, instead of Maya Alon.

Running Gags

  • The Loud kids bringing friends over and trying to outnumber their siblings' friends.
    • Leni counting her friends to make sure she has more.
  • The Loud kids shooting glaring looks at each other.
  • Whenever the siblings fight over something...
    • ...Rita or Lynn Sr. would blow an air horn to get them to stop...
    • ...the parents say "If you can't decide, we'll decide for you"...
    • ...the parents would pick their preference, making the kids groan in defeat.
  • Someone mentioning "The Friend Card".


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