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"Frog Wild" is the fifteenth episode of the second season and the sixty-seventh episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln finds out his class is dissecting frogs, he and Lana embark on a mission to rescue them.


At school, Mrs. Johnson informs her students that the last thing they will be doing for their biology course will be dissecting frogs. All of her classmates are intrigued by this, especially Lincoln. However, Lana gets word of this activity and strongly objects to it. To show Lincoln why he should not dissect frogs, Lana shows him a video she made about how she and her pet frog, Hops, met. While playing in a lake, Lana enjoyed playing with a frog, but when she began to leave, the frog became depressed. Seeing the frog so depressed, Lana offers to take him home with her (which he agreed to) and later names him Hops. Ever since that day, Lana and Hops became virtually inseparable. The video leaves Lincoln in tears and, now convinced why he should not dissect frogs, he suggests to Lana that they go on a rescue mission to help the frogs that are soon to be dissected.

Frog dissection turned rescue mission.

Back at school, it is time for lunch, and when the students leave, Mrs. Johnson locks the classroom door. When Lana's lock-picking tactic does not work, she and Lincoln resort to climbing through the air vents. After nearly exposing themselves to Principal Huggins, Lincoln and Lana manage to find their way into Mrs. Johnson's classroom. However, before they can escape with the frogs, Mrs. Johnson returns, and to her horror, realizes the frogs are gone. When she sees the classroom window wide open, she assumes that the frogs escaped, and runs out the classroom, as she goes to alert Principal Huggins. In actuality, Lincoln and Lana hid underneath the desk and used the window as a diversion. With her gone, Lincoln and Lana sneak the frogs out of the school.

Lincoln and Lana bring the frogs to a lake and let them out of their cage, but it almost immediately becomes apparent to the siblings that the frogs they just rescued do not know how to survive in the wild. Because of this, and the factor that numerous predators want to eat them, they are forced to make them take shelter at the house. After bringing the frogs to the house, Lincoln and Lana head back to school due to lunch break ends. At school, Principal Huggins informs the students that the frogs are missing, and comes to the conclusion that someone sets them free. Because of this, he will be searching for each one of the students' houses after school to see if they are sheltering the frogs.

Lincoln and Lana arrive back home, but to their dissatisfaction, all of the frogs are on the loose. To make matters worse, Principal Huggins arrives to inspect the house. As he begins to inspect the house to find the frogs, Lincoln and Lana continuously distract him when he gets close to a frog's hiding place. After searching the first floor, Principal Huggins proceeds to search the second floor. After finding nothing, Principal Huggins concludes that there are no frogs around. However, when he grabs his coat, a bunch of frogs jumps out of it, since Lincoln and Lana were using his coat to cover up some frogs. With the big secret out, Lincoln and Lana apologize to the frogs and wish there was a way to show why frogs are cool. Hops then pulls out the video reel Lincoln looked at earlier and decides to use that to convince Principal Huggins why the frogs should not be dissected.

Back at the school, Principal Huggins, along with Mrs. Johnson, are left tearing up after seeing the video about Lana and Hops. As a result, Principal Huggins decides not to let the frogs be dissected. However, because of this, nobody knows what to do with the frogs. Lincoln suggests making a habitat for the frogs for the classroom, which leaves the students impressed.

Another rescue mission...

As Lincoln and Lana head home from school, it is revealed that Lincoln (and presumably Lana) ultimately ended up getting a detention for setting the frogs free in the first place—Lana, feeling guilty, apologizes to Lincoln for what happened. However, Lincoln assures her that he is fine with it since he knows that the frogs are safe. Suddenly, he and Lana pass by Jean Juan's French Mex and noticed the special they are serving: roasted duck enchiladas. Shocked, the brother and sister run off carrying several boxes of ducks, leading to another rescue mission yet again.


Andrew, Girl Jordan, Papa Wheelie, Mollie, Joy, and Trent have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Chaos familial", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This is the third episode to feature only four voice-actors, following "Toads and Tiaras" and "Patching Things Up".
    • This is also the first episode with four voice-actors in which Lola is absent.
  • This is the first episode to be boarded by Ari Castleton.
  • This marks Principal Huggins' physical debut in the series. He was first mentioned in "Making the Grade".
  • There are approximately over 50 frogs on the title card, which is ironically the same number Lana hunted there were total.
  • This is the second time since "Get the Message" that Lori and Leni's bedroom has a security system to prevent anyone from entering when they are not around.
  • This episode reveals how Lana and Hops first met.
  • The Roman numerals at the beginning of Lana's video on how she met Hops spells out "MMXVI", which translates to "2016", the year The Loud House premiered.

Here is a list of all the winners of the 32nd annual Genesis Awards:
The Loud House “Frog Wild” – Nickelodeon

—Pete Hammond, Deadline[1]
  • This episode won the Genesis Award for Outstanding Children's Program. The Genesis Awards are for works that raise awareness for animal issues.

Girl Jordan still has her wrist device on.

  • When the class is leaving right before Lincoln and Lana go in to free the frogs, Girl Jordan is seen wearing the wrist device from "The Green House".
  • Artie did not appear in this episode. But his last name was mentioned by Principal Huggins when he was searching houses after school.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Animals that are about to be dissected are usually already dead, instead of being alive.
    • When the predatory animals are preparing to eat the school frogs, a raccoon is seen holding a knife and fork.
  • Cartoon biology: When Lana is showing Lincoln her short film about how she met Hops, during the part where they have their first encounter, Hops smiles, and there are teeth, even though frogs do not have teeth.
  • Innuendo: When one of the classmates asks what two of the frogs are doing, Mrs. Johnson quickly covers them with a map of the United States, and yells out "Class dismissed!!", which implies they were doing something inappropriate.
  • Irony: In real life, being neither a police officer nor having a search warrant, Huggins' searching of his students' homes would be a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  • What the frog anatomy on the diagram was labelled as.
    • Eyes - Eye balls
    • Head - Head
    • Upper intestine - Gut tube
    • Stomach - Gas [unknown]
    • Butt - Dumper
    • Lower intestine - Waste tank
    • Heart - TBD
    • Lungs - Oxygen balloons
    • Freckles - Heat deflectors
      • The front leg and back leg were also labelled, but it is unknown what they were labelled as, because Mrs. Johnson's head was covering them up.


  • Frog Wild - The title of this episode is a parody of the phrase "hog wild", which means to lack constraint.
  • Mars Attacks! - The title card references the poster of this 1996 film.
  • E.T. - The episode's premise of saving the frogs from being dissected is similar to one scene in this 1982 film, where Elliot does the same.


Frog Wild Credits.png
  • In the credits, the first quotation mark is missing.
  • When Lincoln comes to class, where Principal Huggins was looking for the "frog hero", the walls are red, but later in the scene, they are beige.
  • Once the duo found out about the ducks, Lincoln has his backpack on. Once they are carrying the ducks, Lincoln's backpack was missing.
  • During Lana's first encounter with Hops, one of her eyes has three eyelashes while her other eye only has two.
    • When she says "I'm gonna name you Hops", both her eyes have 3 eyelashes.
    • This error occurs again in the scene where Lana is hiding a frog in her mouth.
Jordan has the Eco-Meter.png
S2E08B Students looking at the frog fortress.png
  • When the classroom has the new frog habitat, Girl Jordan has her Eco-meter, but in the same scene, when everybody turns around to look directly at the frog habitat, the Eco-meter disappears.
  • In the Polish dub, Lincoln says Lori and Leni have a lot of alarms, instead of security systems.[citation needed]
  • When Hops and Lana are eating crickets, Hops still has regular crickets in his bowl despite him liking his crickets chocolate covered.
  • In the scene where the students go to lunch Girl Jordan was seen in her Season 1 design, but when Lincoln was looking for Lana after school Girl Jordan was seen in her current design.



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