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"Froggy Lake" is the eighth short based on The Casagrandes.


When Adelaide suffers a tragic ballet misstep, Sid and the gang hop into action to help to get her back on stage.


In the Chang apartment, Adelaide is showing her sister and some of their animal friends some of her ballet moves, as she'll playing the role of Odette for a production of Swan Lake. Adelaide prepares to finish her performance by doing a pirouette, but as she spins around rapidly, she loses her balance and falls down. Sid and the animals check up on her, and Adelaide, after sitting herself up, realizes that she has sprained her ankle. Later, Adelaide lays on the couch with her sprained ankle in a cast and begins to cry, since she can't dance with an injury this bad. When Sid's comment that it'll take three months to heal doesn't help the situation, Adelaide mourns once again, as she believes her ballet career will be over. Because of this, Sid calls up Ronnie Anne to tell her that she has an emergency.

Later, Ronnie Anne, Carl, Sergio and some of the animals (consisting of Froggy 2, Nico, Cam, Uncle Monty and Rocko) are on the rooftop of the apartment building, where Sid tells them that because Adelaide couldn't partake in her ballet because of her injury, they'll bring the show to her, with the title of Froggy Lake. Following afterwards, the kids and the animals are hard at work to set up the stage and get their costumes ready. After some initial struggle, they succeed in accomplishing both tasks and Sid announces that it's time to rehearse.

Moments later, the kids and animals, in costumes, dance their respective roles. Suddenly, Nico accidentally steps on Rocko's foot, provoking him into attacking Nico. This sudden attack causes every one of the animals to wreak havoc, which involves creating a mess with buckets of paint, staining the tutu intended for Adelaide and the stage to collapse after is sustains enough damage. Seeing all their hard work destroyed, Sid bemoans that they should be lucky that Adelaide didn't see it, when suddenly, Adelaide arrives, using a tricycle for mobility. When Sid tries to apologize by saying that they wanted to make her feel better for missing her ballet, Adelaide, after seeing her paint-covered tutu on the destroyed stage, she says that she loves what she sees. Sid quickly recants her previous statement and says that she and her friends did all of it for her.

Sometime later, after the stage is rebuilt, the kids and the animals perform the ballet with no problems, ending with Adelaide arriving on her trike with her paint-covered tutu. Once the ballet ends, Sergio, who was assigned as a tree in the play, decides to cap off the ballet in his own way by doing a breakdance to some hip-hop music on his radio.



  • This is the first short directed by Rebecca Schauer.
  • On the title card, the written text used to write the title is the same as how Sid wrote the title of the ballet on her blackboard.
  • According to Sid, she once attended a 12 is Midnight Dance Camp.
    • It is also revealed that she used to have braces when she was younger.



  • When Ronnie Anne paints the background, her paintbrush does not have any paint on it.

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