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"Future Tense" is the thirty-fifth episode of the second season and the eighty-seventh episode of The Loud House.


When Mom and Dad meet an impressive family, they worry their kids aren't doing enough to ensure successful futures.


It's a normal day at the Loud house, and the siblings are outside, just doing their favorite hobbies. As Rita and Lynn Sr. pull out dandelions growing out of their garden, they, along with their kids, witness a new family arriving into the neighborhood, and moving into a house close to theirs, which was previously owned by the Crowleys. The parents decide to hold off on weeding so they can welcome their new neighbors to the neighborhood. Later, the parents arrive at the house of their new neighbors, and the neighbors introduce themselves as Bumper and Jancey Yates. The Yates let the Loud parents into their house, where the Yates' children introduce themselves one by one (consisting of tech-savvy Beatrix, mathematician Bumper Jr., musically enriched Belle and Korean-speaking Beau). As they introduce themselves, Rita and Lynn Sr. are amazed at how sophisticated the Yates children are, and the Yates parents explain that they like to make their children "well-rounded" so they can use their full potential, and state that if they don't use up all of their potential, they're failing. When Rita and Lynn Sr. leave, they immediately declare that they're failing their own children.

To the surprise of Lynn Sr. and Rita, they witnessed the perfect family.

Sometime later, all the siblings are in the van, driving in parts of town that they've never seen before. One by one, each of the siblings are dropped off at a specific location by their parents as a means of making them more "well-rounded." Lynn is dropped off at a learning center to become more academic, Lisa is dropped off at an art studio to take a ceramics class in order to "embrace the arts," Lori, Leni, and Luna are dropped off at the community college (Lori and Leni to take SAT prep classes and Luna to brush up on her English), Luan is dropped off at City Hall to intern for the mayor to show that life isn't about laughs, Lucy is dropped off at a basketball court to play basketball so she can learn to cooperate with other people, Lola is dropped off at a soup kitchen to do volunteer work, and Lana is dropped off at a finishing school to learn about valuable social graces. With all of the sisters (minus Lily) dropped off, Lincoln fears on where he's going. The parents tell him that he's going home to read comics. Just when Lincoln begins to feel relieved that he doesn't get to go anywhere, the parents reveal that they actually want him to read educational comics that deal with real world things, such as lawmaking and temperatures. Later at night, the parents are happy at the fact that they're making their kids more "well-rounded."

The next day, as the reluctant siblings prepare another day of their "well-rounded" activities, the parents tell them that it's Saturday, and that they should go have fun, much to their happiness. As the siblings go on with their usual activities, Rita and Lynn Sr. notice the Yates family about to do volunteer work by planting trees. Out of fear, the Loud parents decide to make their kids do volunteer work as well by cleaning up on the interstate. After arriving back home, the parents force their kids into visiting the opera after Lynn Sr. tells them that he saw Bumper at the coffee shop, and said that they're taking their kids to the opera for "cultural enrichment." Once again, after arriving back home, the parents force their kids into registering people to vote when Rita bumped into Jancey, and said that they're raising money for school so it can keep them "civic-minded" (which is met with lukewarm response, as they get doors slammed on them for every house they visit). In the dead of night, the siblings decide to call it a day, and as Rita and Lynn Sr. watch TV, they witness the Yates family on the news, having saved an endangered turtle. Unhappy with this discovery, the parents tell their kids to wake up so they can go turtle saving.

The next day, after having fed their rather vicious turtle, the siblings arrive back. Lana has passed finishing class, Lynn got first place in the State Math Bowl, Lori and Leni's SAT scores went up, Lisa has created 13 whole plate settings, Lucy made the all-star team, Lincoln and Lola have cleaned the entire interstate from Royal Woods to Flint, Luna (now speaking clear English instead of slang) tutored new citizens in English, and Luan has managed to solve the city's parking crisis. Happy with their progress, Rita and Lynn Sr. decide to take their kids out for ice cream, but they deny, saying that it'll make them sluggish. When the parents ask if they want to go to the movies instead, they also deny that, asking how movies will make them move on in life. Realizing what they've turned their kids into, the parents tell them to come outside.

The siblings are happy that they can be themselves again.

Outside, Rita and Lynn Sr. apologize to their kids for trying to make them more "well-rounded," and encourage them to be themselves, saying that they can deal with their futures later on in their lives. As the siblings proceed to have fun, the Yates arrive, and ask the Loud parents what they're doing. The Loud parents state that they're just "having fun." The Yates parents, not understanding what "fun" means, learn that from time to time, there has to be a moment where kids need to wind down. When the Yates parents allow their kids to have fun with the Loud kids (for only 7 minutes), they decide to watch TV with the Loud parents so they can let their children play contently.


Seymour has no lines in this episode.

Accidental release

Before The Loud House 's next episode bomb was even announced, this episode was accidentally released on Amazon Video on September 3, 2017, two weeks before its intended release date (September 18, 2017). According to Nick and More, a Twitter account that specializes on broadcasting information for children's TV channels, this was an error on Amazon's part. Beforehand, the Loud House bomb for September was set to be broadcast on the week of September 4 - September 7, but Nickelodeon pushed the bomb further down to September 18 - September 21. However, Amazon failed to get word of this update, and ended up releasing the episode on its original release date instead of its intended release date. On September 7, Amazon took the episode down, along with its sister episode, upon hearing word of the update.[1]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Photo de groupe", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This episode is omitted from Nickelodeon On-Demand on DirecTV for unknown reasons.
  • This episode has a callback to "For Bros About to Rock," with the family going to an opera and Lisa being the only one who's into it.
  • Beau was shown to speak Korean on a couple of occasions. These are his sayings translated:
    • "고마워" [gomawo] - "Thanks!"
    • "나중에 보자" [najung-e boja] - "See you afterwards!"

The only time you'll see their eyes opened.

  • For a majority of the episode, the Yates children's eyes were always closed, but it was not until the very end that they were opened for a moment.
  • Activities the Loud parents made their kids do to make them more "well-rounded":
    • Lincoln - Read educational comic books.
    • Lori & Leni - Take SAT prep classes.
    • Luna - Brush up on her English.
    • Luan - Intern at the mayor's office.
    • Lynn - Become more academic.
    • Lucy - Play basketball.
    • Lana - Attend finishing school.
    • Lola - Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
    • Lisa - Attend a ceramics studio.
      • Lily was the only sibling not encouraged to do an activity, due to her being an infant.
  • According to Lincoln, the Yates family moved into a house that once belonged to a family called the Crowleys, referencing Loud House writer Sammie Crowley.
  • Lincoln's line, "We cleared the entire interstate from here to Flint," refers to Interstate 75, which in real life runs through Royal Oak and Flint, Michigan.
  • According to Kevin Sullivan, the Loud family was originally going to save a dolphin named Kenny. However, this was changed to a snapping turtle after realizing that dolphins do not live in lakes.[2]
  • Lana's finishing school certificate shows that her middle initial is "L."
  • The number on Lucy's basketball jersey is 13, which makes sense, since 13 is usually a number commonly associated with unluckiness, and the macabre.
  • This is the first episode to use the 2017 Nickelodeon Productions logo.
  • Irony: When Luna was told she needed to brush up on her English, she yells, "We don't need no education!", which is a double negative. In other words, Luna basically told herself that she needed education.

International edits

  • Beau's Korean lines were localized to Belgian in the Korean dub.


  • Future Tense - The title may be a reference to the writing term of the same name, which means talking about something in the future.
  • Casablanca - The movie Rita and Lynn Sr. were watching that was being re-enacted by cats was this 1942 Best Picture winner. Humorously, this re-enactment film is titled "Cats-ablanca."
  • Peanuts - There are two references to this comic series:
    • Lily was briefly seen holding her blanket while sucking her thumb at the same time, similar to Linus.
    • When the Loud kids arrived back home after cleaning up the interstate, a dirt cloud can be seen behind them, similar to how a dirt cloud always follows Pigpen.
  • Pink Floyd - Luna's line, "We don't need no education!", is the main lyric in this 1970s band's hit single "Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2."
  • Land of Hope and Glory - The music that plays on the title card is a rock variant of this British song, commonly heard during graduation ceremonies in the United States.
  • The Barber of Seville - The Louds listen to this opera at the opera house, with the aria heard in the episode being Largo al factotum.
    • The verse, "Fortunatissimo per verità!," means "Most fortunate indeed!" in Italian.
  • Phineas and Ferb - Beatrix Yates' appearance and attire strongly resemble this animated series' supporting character Stacy Hirano.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - The appearance of the snapping turtle is a possible allusion to the evil turtle in said animated series.
  • Jimmy Carter - The Yates Family's obsessive and huge smiling could refer to that of this former President of the United States.


Future Tense credits.png
  • In the credits, Bumper Jr. is credited as Beau, and Beau is credited as having a Jr. prefix in his name.
  • When Lynn Sr. was using the leaf blower to blow the dandelions off of Rita, Rita's lipstick is missing.

Focus on Rita.

  • When the Yates kids are going to have fun with the Loud siblings, Beatrix's eyelashes are disconnected from her eyes.
  • When Luna yells out "We don't need no education!", her voice sounds deeper than usual.
  • After the siblings return from their activities the last time on the screen, some of them have different clothes. However, when they go up stairs to their rooms, they have their usual clothes.
  • It does not make much sense why Lincoln and Lola would bring their picked up trash upstairs, since they are supposed to toss it out.
  • When the Loud family comes back from the opera, Luan has five black lines on the top of her head.
  • Lori and Lana weren't seen when the Loud kids were out going door to door.



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