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The Game Goggles are a virtual reality video game console owned by Lincoln.


Game Goggles are rectangular in shape, and have a glass visor on the front, and they are gray in color. They also have a strap to stretch across one's head to wear them, to play on the go, and emulate the imagination of being in the game itself, as with most virtual reality goggles.


When worn, they display the game's visual 8-bit imagery with you as the player, and in order to play games with it, you'll have to do real motions. They are very fragile and will fail to function any longer if damaged.


Lincoln is the sole known owner on the show to own a pair of Game Goggles.


The Game Goggles have only appeared in "Get the Message" so far. One known game it seems to have is a game where you fight zombies through breakdancing. Lincoln danced so much when playing that game, he accidentally played right into Lori and Leni's room and Lori was not happy about that. When Lincoln was using the bathroom and put his game in there, Lori barged in and took the bathroom, but Lincoln accidentally left his Game Goggles in there. When Lori left the bathroom, Lincoln found that she stepped on them and assumed she did it on purpose. Furious, Lincoln left a scathing and hateful message on Lori's phone about why she's the worst sister ever, but Lori came back after he finished his message and revealed to have gotten him a new pair of Game Goggles after she accidentally stepped on his old pair. Lincoln, realizing his mistake, tried to erase the message only for Lori to delete it before it got to the scathing part because he's not allowed to leave messages on her phone. But she found the note that explained why she was the worst sister ever, and planned on turning Lincoln into a human pretzel as revenge. Lincoln put on his Game Goggles and played the Zombie Breakdancing game by doing the Running Man.

They briefly appear in "A Novel Idea", when Lincoln is at the arcade. However, they're colored purple, instead of gray, like the first time.


  • The Game Goggles seem to be based on the Virtual Boy, a console by Nintendo, that failed on the market, due to lack of virtual reality simulation, severe constancy of headaches, and eye restraints.
  • The Game Goggles seem to resemble an Oculus Rift.

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