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Got kicked out, Garage Banned?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Poland due to being paired with "ARGGH! You for Real?", and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Garage Banned" is the thirty-second episode of the second season and the eighty-fourth episode of The Loud House.


Tired of her siblings, Lori moves to the garage, but quickly finds it's more than she bargained for.


Lori wakes up one morning, when a rather muddy foot kicks her in the face. She discovers it's Lana, who snuck in after having another bad dream. At that moment, all the other siblings arrive, and start to annoy Lori:

  • Lola needs her to untangle her hair, but refuses to do it when Bobby calls.
  • Leni asks her if the dress she's wearing clashes with her toenail color.
  • Lynn and Lucy are fighting because of the former breaking Edwin's fangs.
  • Lisa volunteers to boot up her MRI machine after Lynn sarcastically comments about Lucy getting her brain checked, and Luan cracks a pun with Cliff and a CAT scanner.

Annoyed by everyone's attitude, she tells everyone to get out, but when Luan cracks another joke while talking with Bobby, Lori, now fed up, decides to take action.

Lori calls a sibling meeting and informs her siblings that she's tired of living in the house--as a 17-year-old, she's practically an adult, and informs them that, after talking it over with their parents, she'll be moving into the garage. Her siblings are dismayed by this, but Lori assures them that they'll be fine and that she's not that far away (20 ft. away from the house), so she tells them to just let her know if they need her for anything.

After moving all of her stuff in the garage (complete with a working toilet Lana installed), Lori finally gets all the alone time she has wanted. After painting her toenails, reading over a dozen issues of Sixteen 1/2 Magazine, watching TV, and dancing alone, Lori concludes that it must be bedtime. However, to her discovery, only 10 minutes have passed. She tries to pass the time by talking with Bobby, but Bobby is currently tied up at work. Lori tries to do yoga, but only succeeds in releasing flatulence. Lori tries to sleep, but she's unable to, seeing how early it is. She tries to have a conversation with Mr. Grouse, but he's too preoccupied doing yard work.

Inside the house, Lola is still unable to get all the tangles out of her hair. Lisa reveals that she has a spray that will get rid of the tangles, and sprays it on her hair, which results in all of Lola's hair falling off. When 11:00 arrives, Lori finally decides to go to sleep, but the shadows of dead trees reflect off the moonlight, and the heavy wind causes the branches from the dead trees to scrape against the windows, prevent Lori from going to sleep. Lori tries to ignore it, but when Mr. Grouse smacks a squirrel with his rake that hits against the window, Lori accidentally hits the garage door button, causing the garage door to begin opening. Under stress, Lori repeatedly hits the button, and gets into a defensive position, all while shuddering in terror. Lana enters Leni's room, and tells her about a bad dream she was having. When the two become scared, they wish that Lori was back, since she can calm them down.

The next day, a sleep-deprived Lori gets a call from Bobby. When Bobby asks how she likes it in the garage, Lori tells him that it was a very bad idea and that she wants to move back into the house. However, she's reluctant to do so, because if she admits to her siblings that she wants to move back in after making such a big deal about moving out, they'll never let her live it down. When Bobby has to go, due to a (possible) mouse being present in the bodega, Lori gets an idea. She releases a few mice into the garage, and calls for her family, saying that the garage is infested with mice. The trick almost works, until Lisa reveals a machine that hypnotizes the mice (and Leni) to trap them.

Lori tries to call for her family again, this time, saying that the plumbing on her toilet is broken. The plan almost works again, until Lana steps in and fixes it, while the remaining siblings keep the water out using buckets.

Lori then tries to tell her siblings that the garage is haunted with a message on her mirror (that she wrote with a lipstick dispenser), and Lucy contacts the ghost in the garage (which Lori didn't know about). The plan almost works one more time, until Lucy says the ghost will be leaving because it doesn't like Lori's flatulence. Desperate for a solution, Lori realizes that she can bribe Mr. Grouse into wrecking the garage. When Mr. Grouse asks what he'll get in return, Lori says that she'll give him some of Lynn Sr.'s cooking, and he can pay for the damage to the garage by using money from her allowance. With all of this, Lori and Mr. Grouse shake on it.

Luan complains to Luna about her fog machines ruining Mr. Coconuts' face, but Luna denies it. Luan tells Lincoln to tell Luna to make up for it, and he explains to Luna why Luan is right, but Luna threatens him to take it back, leaving Lincoln to side with her, only for Mr. Coconuts to vow revenge on him. Since he is unable to settle their dispute, Lincoln wishes Lori was back, since she knows what to do.

After helping Luan with the dishes, Lori decides to call it a night. However, she decides to stall herself by saying goodnight to everybody in a steady manner. When 7:30 comes, there's a loud bang outside. Everybody goes to investigate, and to everyone's surprise, Mr. Grouse crashed into his garage, due to setting his mower in reverse. However, in the process of explaining himself, he reveals the plan he and Lori had agreed on, making the remaining siblings suspicious of Lori's actions. Lori ultimately confesses, and says she wants to move back into the house, but was too ashamed to admit it, fearing that they would continually ridicule her. However, the siblings are happy about Lori moving back into the house, prompting them to engage in a group hug, which is abruptly cut short when Mr. Grouse complains about his damaged garage. Lana steps in, giving him a business card so she can fix it.

The siblings hugging Lori.

The next day, Lori, with all of her stuff now back in her room, encounters the same issues with her siblings (Leni's questions about fashion, Lana asking to let her sleep in her bed, Lisa trying to take Lincoln's kidney), but instead of feeling irritated, she's feeling glad, because she gets to be with her siblings.


Lily has no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness", "The Complete Second Season", "Photo de groupe", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • This episode is omitted from Nickelodeon On-Demand on DirecTV for unknown reasons.
  • On the title card:
    • One of the boxes is labeled "BOBBY".
    • The box labeled "THIS END UP" is ironically upside down.
    • Lincoln appears on the title card as a doodle of his head drawn on one of the boxes.
  • Lori says goodnight to her siblings in birth order, but she skips Luan.
    • The reason why is because Luan was not in the room with the siblings.
  • The face Leni makes when being hypnotized by Lisa's ultrasonic mousetrap is the same as when she's dazed when riding in Vanilla in "The Sweet Spot".
  • The headline on the news broadcast the family is watching when Lori announces she wants to move back in is "Local Man Eats Spider - 'I'd Do It Again' Morgan Sez", referencing prop designer Jared Morgan.

Dub facts

  • In the Croatian dub, this is the first episode in which Monika Barberović and Ana Ćapalija voice Lori and Lola respectively.


  • Garage Banned - The title of this episode is an obvious pun on "garage band".
  • Seventeen - The Sixteen and a Half magazines that Lori is reading is a reference to this popular teenage magazine.


Where'd Luan come from?

  • When Lucy says "Lynn broke Edwin's fang", the closed captions says "Luan broke Edwin's fang".
    • Also when Lynn and Lucy are fighting, Lucy sounds almost like Lynn due to them sharing the same actress.
  • During Lori's fake mice infestation, only Lincoln, Luna, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lynn Sr. come in to see it, but when they (and Leni who had fallen under the power of Lisa's mousetrap) leave, Luan is shown leaving as well even though she never came in to check.
    • Luan probably came off-screen.
    • Also, the squirt flowers on Luan's shoes are missing.
  • When the siblings are mad at Lori for lying, Lincoln is missing his chipped tooth.

How is Lori able to walk with two left feet?

  • When Lori is talking to Bobby on the phone as Leni is about to ask her if her outfit matched her toenail polish, both Lori's feet are shown to be both left feet instead of left and right.


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