Gayle McBride is Clyde's adoptive grandmother, and the mother of either Howard, or Harold.


Like Clyde's therapist, Dr. Lopez, Gayle has yet to make a physical appearance in the show.

She is first mentioned in "Get the Message", in which Clyde uses one of her perfumes.

In "Along Came a Sister", Clyde brings Lincoln a casserole that she made (or one that Clyde made from a recipe that belonged to her) to Frank's "funeral", telling him that she believes there's no greater comfort in times of grief than casserole.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Clyde tells Lincoln that his Nana believes that you shouldn't trust people who don't like chocolate while they were attempting to make chocolate pies for a school project.

In "Snow Way Down", it is revealed that Clyde's Nana's name is Gayle.

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