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Geo (also known as Geo VI) is an animal character in The Loud House.


Geo is the Loud family's pet hamster. He is almost always seen inside of a clear hamster ball.

He is a very clever hamster-- he can understand certain commands, as shown in "No Guts, No Glori", and in episodes such as "Pets Peeved" and "So Long, Sucker", he is even capable of formulating plans.

Geo is very sociable and affectionate; he enjoys being played with and petted by the Louds, and in "Pets Peeved", he goes to sit on Lori's bed.


Geo is a hamster, with tan fur and a brown patch on his back. He is the only one of the pets whose eyes are simply black dots.


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Replying to @rwmead
Actually while I was an intern, Prop Designer Jared Morgan told me that Geo was a nod to George "Geo" Herriman of Krazy Kat fame. Who's name was of course also given to a certain snooty rabbit manager of a house for Imaginary Friends.
Mar 3, 2018[1]
  • It was established in the comic "It's Just a Phase" that the family has had at least three previous hamsters named Geo. Furthermore, a deleted scene from "Home of the Fave" shows the first five Geos buried in the backyard, revealing that the current Geo is the sixth.
  • One of the Lincoln Vlogs reveals that he was named after George Herriman in-universe as well as out-of-universe, and that he was adopted because Lana found him and cried until they got to keep him.
  • The "What's Your Loud House Spirit Animal?" quiz reveals that he is afraid of cucumbers.
  • In "Chore and Peace", it's revealed that Lana toilet trained him, but that he occasionally falls in.
  • Geo is not seen during the flashback scene in "Head Poet's Anxiety" so it's likely Lana found him later in her life than when she found the other family pets.
  • There Will Be Chaos reveals that he likes to walk on the TV remote so that he can see the buttons light up.
  • Despite him being in the poster, he does not appear anywhere during A Loud House Christmas.


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