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This article is about the episode currently titled "Geri-antics". For the episode that formerly shared this title, see Insta-gran.
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"Geriantics" (also known as "Geri-Antics") is the twenty-sixth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-seventy-fifth episode of The Loud House.


When Lisa realizes that Pop-Pop won't be around forever, she turns to science to ensure his longevity.


At nighttime, Pop-Pop is reading a science book to Lisa so she can go to sleep. When Pop-Pop asks Lisa asks how her latest project is coming, Lisa states that her teleportation technology is working well and states that it will be effective in 73 years. This makes Pop-Pop state that he won't be around in 73 years, given his current age. The moment Pop-Pop says that, Lisa fears about Pop-Pop's lifespan and believes that she must rely on science to ensure his longevity.

To make sure Pop-Pop's life is long, Lisa decides to run a few tests on him...

The next day, Lisa brings Pop-Pop to the mall to work on his cardio by having him run while being pulled on an animal rider operated by Lisa. After that Lisa and Pop-Pop are at Sunset Canyon, eating lunch. While everyone is given steak, Lisa suggested to the chef to give Pop-Pop a raw fish instead for breakfast, lunch and dinner, much to his disappointment. Lastly, Lisa has Pop-Pop live in unusual room temperatures, such as having his room being heated up to 90 degrees, and swimming in the pool in ice cold water for 30 minutes. With her day over, Lisa gives Pop-Pop a pamphlet and wishes for Pop-Pop to follow her instructions.

The next day, Lisa decides to spy on Pop-Pop to ensure that he's following her instructions. However, she soon realizes that Pop-Pop is going against her wishes, as he gets a pedicure instead of going on a run, eating pancakes after his dose of fish, and swimming in warm water. Realizing she needs work to do, Lisa promptly makes Pop-Pop a suit with several mechanical features to ensure his longevity, and Pop-Pop agrees to wear it for Lisa's sake.

However, Pop-Pop soon realizes the downsides of wearing the suit, such having to recharge it for 3 hours 5 times a day, being unable to go outside in day or night, or touch anyone else, since it would damage the sensors on the suit. This makes Pop-Pop have a talk with Lisa, saying that while her intentions are pure, she's not only causing trouble for him, but for herself as well. He explains that while he may not be able to live forever, he says that he still has a lot of time ahead of him and states that he would live those days to the fullest. Seeing his point of view, Lisa agrees to let Pop-Pop take the suit off.

Lisa allows Pop-Pop to resume his regular lifestyle.

Later, Lisa and Pop-Pop toss the suit away and Pop-Pop decides to join his friends in a game of shuffleboard. Seeing how happy he is, Lisa tells Pop-Pop to keep being himself. At that moment, Scoots drives by the dumpster with the suit and decides to take it, proclaiming she'll be living for a long time.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 2" DVD.


  • This is the last episode to air in 2019.
    • This and its sister episode are the only episodes in the second half of the fourth season to premiere in 2019.
  • This was the final episode to air prior to Fred Willard's passing in which Pop-Pop had a speaking role, and also the last episode where he was voiced by Willard.
  • In South Africa, this episode goes under the title "Freedom Fighters".
  • Although Lincoln does not appear in the episode, his hair is visible in the title card.
  • When Lisa is on her way to bringing the suit, she is briefly humming part of the show's theme song.
  • When Lisa is at the nursing home to spy on Pop-Pop, she disguised herself as an elderly woman.
    • This is the second time that one of Lincoln’s sisters disguised themselves as an old lady; the first time this happened was in "Insta-gran," when Lori pretended to be an old woman to help her siblings break up Myrtle and Pop-Pop.
  • This is the first episode in which Lincoln is absent from both segments.
    • If one counts the Casagrande story arc, however, this is actually the fifth episode that has Lincoln absent from both segments.
  • It is mentioned that one person has lived to be 126 years old. In real life, the oldest human on record lived to be 122 years old.
  • Irony: Lisa's high tech suit requires three hours of charging five times a day (15h/24h), meaning that the user of the suit would spend most of their time recharging it than living the day.


  • Geriantics - The title of this episode is a pun on geriatrics, which is the branch of medicine or social science dealing with the health and care of old people.


  • In one frame, a piece of rope is disconnected while Lisa rides her Zoo Zippers.
  • Bernie's line, "Al, hurry up! The bus is leaving!", is said in Seymour's voice.
  • As Pop-Pop gets out of the pool, his anchor tattoo is on the wrong arm.

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