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"Get the Message" is the second episode of the first season of The Loud House.


After Lincoln leaves a scathing voicemail on Lori's phone, he realizes he has to erase it before Lori hears it.


The story opens with Lincoln playing on his virtual video game headset, which is about beating zombies by break dancing. While he was dancing throughout the hallways, he stumbles into Lori's room. Lori angrily says his name and he removes the goggles to reveal that he accidentally stumbled into her room. She berates him for being in her room, tells him to stay out and if she catches him in her room again, she'll turn him into a human pretzel. While she talks to Bobby, she harshly kicks him out, much to Lincoln's annoyance.

Lincoln angrily resumes his game and dances his way to the bathroom, and while he uses the toilet he puts his headset on the sink. Lori knocks on the door, Lincoln tells her he's occupied, and she begins to pound the door. Frustrated, he opens the door, Lori is still talking to Bobby and, not paying attention, accidentally shuts Lincoln out of the bathroom. He angrily storms into his room, only to realize he forgot his game. He bolts out of the door to see the twins Lana and Lola with sunglasses, orange sashes, and belts. They tell him that they became the new hall monitors at school and they're practicing at home. They give him a ticket, telling him that if they see him running again, they will send him to jail, they've already locked up Luan (the jail is cardboard) for telling bad jokes. She tells one, only to get 5 minutes more. Lincoln agrees and the twins shut themselves in their room. He runs to the bathroom to see his headset broken because Lori stepped on them. Enraged, Lincoln runs outside to complain to Lori, but she drove off in the van so he calls her a dirtbag.

Lincoln explicitly rants at Lori for breaking his game.

In his room, Lincoln angrily laments to Clyde about his game being broken. He tosses the damaged goggles and Clyde catches them, only to fall off Lincoln's bed. Clyde says he can't believe it. Lincoln agrees because Lori didn't say sorry to him but Clyde misleads this as he ends up happy because Lori touched them (because of his ordeal crush on her). Lincoln snaps Clyde out it, saying that Lori only cares about talking on her phone. He also says he's going to give her a voicemail she never forgets. Clyde asks what he's going to say, and Lincoln digs through his drawer and pulls out a note labeled "Why (Blank) is the Worst Sister Ever". Lincoln says he didn't know which sister was gonna get it. After writing down Lori's name in the blank, because he made his decision about who will get it, he uses his duck phone and calls Lori. Her ringtone rings while Luna plays a chord from her guitar. Lincoln says Lori's phone is in her room, so he leaves it on her voicemail. Once the voicemail comes, Lincoln says a long and inappropriate message with Luna playing on her guitar to censor it, with Lincoln finishing it by yelling "And that is why you are worst sister ever!", and hanging up, and Clyde, horrified at what Lincoln has just said to Lori, faints. Lori then suddenly invites herself in Lincoln's room and says sorry for breaking his game, it turns out that Lori bought him a new one while she went out. Lincoln is puzzled by this. Realizing he made a terrible mistake, Lincoln immediately regrets this, as he decides to delete the message before she hears it. While the duo looks through the hallway, they see Lana and Lola following tracks as Lori locks her room using a keypad before walking downstairs.

Lincoln's plan is to infiltrate her room to delete the message, but Clyde says her room is locked. Lincoln says to be a lookout, much for Clyde's excitement. Their plan is a go, as they fist bump. Lincoln sees the twins discover stool on the floor, so he has to go over them. After diverging the twins to chase Geo, he goes through Luna and Luan's room through the vent. Clyde has a map of the vent.

Lincoln is in her room. Clyde informs him that Lori is coming, but Lincoln says to stall her. Clyde wears a tux to distract her, while Lincoln successfully deletes the voicemail and escapes. It turns out that it was actually imaginary and that was how Lincoln was gonna do it. He gives Clyde blueprints, but they're covered in ketchup. Like the imagining, Lori locks her room and walks downstairs. Lincoln sees the twins profiling Lily, so he goes into the vent. He finds Lucy, much to his terror. She explains that she writes her poems there, as she reads one.

He falls in the bathroom but is saved by Lucy. He finally finds the vent to Lori's room, he uses a rope. Lincoln asks Clyde what the rope is made out of, but since it's actually cherry licorice he falls. Lori is downstairs watching TV. She hears noises, which alerts her to go upstairs. Clyde quickly informs Lincoln she's coming, but unlike the imagining, him stalling her fails. Lincoln grabs the phone and about is to delete it, but hears Lori so he hides under Lori's bed. Lincoln is seen behind a curtain, tries grabbing the phone, but his pet bird Walt pecks him because he mistook him for the phone. Suddenly, Lori's phone rings.

Lori finds recorded messages on there. Lincoln informs Clyde, but the latter is shocked as he faints once more. After hearing a couple of voicemails from Bobby, which Lori saves, Lincoln runs, but the twins catch him. He creates a divergent by saying Luan escaped. Lana wants to run after him, but Lola stops her and goes for doughnuts.

Lincoln frantically reaches downstairs, but fortunately, Lori deletes the message. She berates him once more for calling her. Lincoln apologizes. Instead of being angry with her brother, Lori just lets it slide because he was mature, he sends a complaining message to her, when she broke his toy. Lincoln nervously agrees. Bobby calls her and she answers. Lincoln was lucky and says to the viewers if he has a problem with one of his sisters, instead of writing them a nasty letter and sending a bad message, he just talks to them. He realizes the letter is missing.

An enraged Lori founding out Lincoln's note, much to his horror.

In the bathroom, while talking to Bobby, Lori finds Lincoln's letter and reads it for herself. She hangs up on Bobby and furiously claims that she's gonna turn Lincoln into a human pretzel. Lincoln searches, only to find Lori furious at him about the letter. Lincoln, shocked, decides to do the "Running Man" and quickly running downstairs. Lori exasperatedly curses at Lincoln in a blind rage, while Luna plays on her guitar to censor it just like on Lincoln from earlier, thus ending the episode.


Luna has no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  How Cool Is Spying? - Ron Brettell, Ryan Grogan, and Jerry Barnard [Title card]
  Skiddly Bit Bop - Judson Snell, Daniel Holter [Lincoln playing his V.R. game]
  Another Big Surprise - Andrew Pearce [Lincoln sees Lori]
  Skiddly Bit Bop - Judson Snell, Daniel Holter [Lincoln continues playing his V.R. game]
  ? ["My gaming glasses!"]
  Crime Time - Werner Tautz ["No running in the hallway!"]
  Deep Cover - Christopher Lennertz ["Lori! You dirt bag!!"]
  ? ["I knew this would come in handy someday. I just didn't know which sister would be getting it."]
  The Beast - Zack Tempest [Luna playing rock music that censors Lincoln's rant]
  Act Normal - Billie Fingers, Andrew Johnson, and Bruce Fingers [Lincoln and Clyde spying on the hallway]
  Bossta - Function & Red [Lola and Lana seek the hallway]
  Agent Blatant - Julio, Ernest, Simon Smith, Richard Searle [Lincoln skateboards through the air vents]
  Foxy Roxy - Phillmore Oakes [Clyde puts on a suit to stall Lori]
  Extreme Measures - William Brown, Mikael Sandgren [Lincoln picks up Lori's phone]
  ? [Lincoln leaving Lori's room]
  Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill ["Are these food stains?"]
  Setting The Trap - Dick Walter ["Quiet, Lori is coming!"]
  ? ["Okay, let's do this."]
  How Cool Is Spying? - Ron Brettell, Ryan Grogan, and Jerry Barnard [Lincoln goes into the hallway]
  ? [Lola and Lana hear something]
  Act Normal - Billie Fingers, Andrew Johnson, and Bruce Fingers ["She's making a crawl for it!"]
  Are We There Yet - Billie Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Bobby Tahouri [Lincoln crawling through the air vents]
  Dead Drop - Christopher Lennertz ["I've got eyes on the package"]
  Doctor Love - Gary Foote, Regan Ryzuk, Marco Vitali, Brian Delaney [Clyde stalling Lori]
  Deep Cover - Christopher Lennertz [Lincoln picks up Lori's phone]
  Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill [Lori finds her shoes]
  Deep Cover - Christopher Lennertz [Walt bites Lincoln]
  ? ["Mission is compromised!"]
  ? ["Speaking of which, where is that letter?"]
  Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill [Lori notices Lincoln's letter on the floor]
  Skiddly Bit Bop - Judson Snell, Daniel Holter ["Well, it's time to do the official dance of the Loud House: the Running Man!"]
  The Beast - Zack Tempest [Luna rocks out to censor Lori's rant of revenge]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Welcome to the Loud House", "The Complete First Season", and "L'amour Vache" DVDs.


  • When Lincoln ran out of his room the onomatopoeia "ZIP!" is seen before the twins warn Lincoln not to speed.
    • This marks the first time an onomatopoeia is seen in the show.
  • This is the first episode to involve censored swearing. The second is "Potty Mouth", and the third is "Job Insecurity", which was said by every Loud sibling (minus Luan and Lucy) and Lola respectively.
  • Irony:
    • Lincoln's ranting in the message was blocked by Luna's jamming, so even if Lori listened to it, she would hear mostly Luna's jamming. Lincoln's quest was pointless from the very start. However, Clyde was able to hear what Lincoln said.
    • Lana tells Lincoln no swearing, but later in the episode, Lincoln and Lori end up actually swearing.
    • Lincoln was angry at Lori for breaking his virtual game headset when she ended up going out and bought him a new one.
  • Innuendo: Right as Lincoln is about to use the bathroom, he quickly takes his headset off saying "Zombies don't need to see this".


  • Get the Message - The title of this episode is a phrase referring to understanding a central idea.
  • The Adventures of Tintin - Lincoln's pose on the title card is similar to some album covers where Tintin's pose was the same one he does.
  • Running Man Challenge - Lincoln, at the end of the episode, makes a clear reference to the popular dance craze.
  • The Simpsons Game DS - The track "Dead Drop", an edited library music version of "Bartman Begins" from this video game, is heard at one point.


Clyde must had his front teeth chipped, just like Lincoln.

  • When Lori is shouting at Lincoln for entering her room, her tongue is not outlined in a few frames.

Lori's eyelid error.

  • When Clyde is admiring the game headset being stepped on by Lori, he has a chipped front tooth like Lincoln's, which Clyde normally does not have.
  • When Lori suddenly appears in front of Lincoln in her room, her eyelid is the same color as her skin tone, instead of light blue.
  • In the YTV airings, when Lincoln says "Yeah Clyde.", the closed-captions says "Yeah Claire".
  • When Lincoln is imagining how to get Lori's phone when Clyde places on his marker mustache, his shirt was his tuxedo, but he doesn't have the tuxedo shown until he rips his shirt.
  • Plot hole: Although the twins were monitoring the hallway, they didn't bust Luna for playing her guitar loudly or Lori when she was yelling and swearing at Lincoln.
  • Clyde was passed out at the top of the stairs but at the end of the episode when Lincoln runs away from Lori, he's nowhere to be seen.


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