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"Ghosted!" is the sixth episode (seventh in production order) of the fifth season, the two-hundred-fifth episode, and the tenth full-length episode of The Loud House.


Lori gets help from Lincoln and Clyde to banish a ghost that's haunting her, but Fairway's golf team starts struggling so she has to bring it back.


Act I

At Fairway University, Lori is practicing her shots on the driving range for the upcoming Petoskey Open tournament. After swinging a ball, Lori asks Bobby how she did, and he says that she did great but hangs up due to stalling the customers. After hanging up, Lori prepares another ball, but to her surprise, one has already been placed on her tee. When Lori sees that no one is nearby, she attempts to put her club away, when suddenly, one of the clubs starts floating with a mysterious aura. Feeling like she's practiced too much, Lori leaves the range.

Soon enough, Lori believes that she is being haunted by a ghost, as the library books begin to float, she is served a drink with no one around, and any noise in her dorm drives her insane. Realizing she is losing it, Lori proceeds to call up Lincoln and Clyde, who are watching ARGGH! at Clyde's house. When Lori says that she believes that she is being stalked by a ghost, Lincoln and Clyde agree to help her banish it.

The next day, Lynn Sr. drops off Lincoln and Clyde at Fairway University, and Lori proceeds to show the two where she spotted the ghost. While looking around the driving range, they discover some ectoplasmic residue (ghost goop), and when Lincoln tries to take some to test it, he accidentally flings the sticky substance onto Coach Niblick, causing him to crash his golf cart into the water hazard. As the three leave, and after Niblick climbs out, the cart is mysteriously pulled out of the water and placed back onto the green. At the drink bar, Lincoln and Clyde ask Lori how the drink was served to her, but leave after they splash the liquid onto the janitor. Just before the janitor can mop the floor, the liquid is mysteriously cleaned off the floor, much to his befuddlement.

The last stop is the library. When Lori states that books started floating, one of the books begins to float behind her, prompting the boys to try and shoot it down. After a brief chase around the library, the ghost leaves through the fire exit, and upon the door being opened, an alarm goes off and sets off the sprinklers, much to the annoyance of the librarian. The three proceed to chase after the ghost through the woods. After Lori is given a hoodie by Clyde, they spot the ghost right above them. Lincoln tells the ghost to leave Lori alone because of how it is scaring her. When the ghost reacts to this shame, Lincoln and Clyde proceed to banish it by repeating "Leave Lori Loud alone!" Within seconds, the ghost vanishes, and Lori thanks the boys for their help.

Lori is being haunted.

The next day, as Lori prepares to practice for the upcoming Petoskey tournament, she discovers that her fellow golfers are struggling to get into their game, as they either cannot putt their ball out of the water hazard, around the trees or out of the sand trap. When Raj, one of the golfers, says that Shanks is mysteriously gone, Lori asks who Shanks is. Excusing Lori to a sand trap, Raj proceeds to tell her the story of Shanks Bogey.

Shanks Bogey is Fairway University's "golf whisperer" and is seen as a good luck charm to the students. The story began in 1900, when Fairway University was struggling during a championship game. When it seemed that Fairway was going to lose, their caddy, Shanks, helped them out by knowing exactly which clubs to use on any hole or doing anything for the team. His support for the team was so grateful, that once he graduated, he was given a full-time gig as the school's caddy, and would continue to help out for many years to come, even after his passing.

After finishing the story, Raj tells Lori one more crucial piece of information about Shanks: he is a ghost that lingers around the school. When Raj says that because Shanks has not arrived to help out the team, everyone's game is off. Now knowing the truth, Lori realizes that by banishing the ghost that was supposedly haunting her, she just put her entire team in jeopardy.

Act II

Lori calls Lincoln to get his and Clyde's help to bring Shanks back. When Lincoln points out that he and Clyde deal with ghost-busting, Lori says that without the ghost, her days at Fairway will be over (and is nearly bald from constant stress). While trying to figure out a solution, Lincoln discovers Lucy and her fellow Morticians' Club members doing a levitation spell, and tells Lori he knows exactly who she can get help from.

Sometime later, Lucy and the Mortician's Club arrive to Fairway in a hearse. After they pop out of rolling coffins (except for Boris, who gets stuck, and when he does get out, he lands on top of a cheerleading tower), Lori tells them that she needs their help in bringing back the ghost of Shanks Bogey.

At night, Lucy, the members, and Lori attempt to do a summoning spell with a ring of candles and a yearbook from 1900. The gang tries to summon Shanks back with a chant, but that results in failure. Next, they try to create an offering for Shanks in the form of his favorite food. While hiding behind a bookshelf, they hear someone eating the offering, but discover it's actually the students who were eating it. In a last attempt to bring Shanks back, Lucy brings up that he used to be in a theater group and suggests that if they dance like it is 1900 to his favorite song, he might come back. As Dante plays the song on the piano while Lori, Lucy and the others dance, they discover a blue aura hovering above them, and believe it is the ghost. However, it turns out to be a disco ball, and the cheerleading squad (with Boris) bursting in to celebrate. When Lucy states that she does not know any other ways to bring Shanks back, they discover the disco ball with the same glow as the ghost. Remembering that broken mirrors are the most effective way to see spirits, Lucy is informed that Shanks is over at the university's cemetery. The group attempts to go there, but Lori, knowing that she was responsible for his banishment, says that she will take care of it, much to the jealousy of the Mortician's Club.

At Eternal Greens Cemetery, Lori attempts to find Shanks in order to apologize to him. During her search, she finds Shank's tombstone and attempts to tell him she is sorry for banishing him from Fairway. When Lori does not get a response, she assumes that he is still upset. However, Lori discovers a ball on a tee illuminating and assumes that she can impress him with some rounds. After being told to use a specific club after grabbing the wrong one, Lori manages to putt a few balls with Shanks' assistance. Having learned some new tricks, Lori asks if he is still willing to come back. Not getting a response, Lori wholeheartedly says that the Petoskey Open is tomorrow, and if he will not help for her sake, he should at least do it for the others, and departs.

Lori ceases Fairway from its bad luck .

The next day, at the Petoskey Open, Lori, now wearing a wig to cover her bald head, swings her club at her ball, causing it to land in the sand trap. While putting her ball in the deep sand trap, Lori complains that the sun is in her eyes. Suddenly, an umbrella in her golf bag starts floating and opens up for her. Swinging at her ball, Lori successfully manages to land it in the hole, resulting in Fairway winning the championship. Seeing Shanks' ghost, Lori discovers that he has forgiven her and thanks him for his help. As the Louds cheer for Lori, Lucy and the Morticians' Club watch Boris having a fun time with the cheerleaders, making Lucy believe that he is staying with them.


Lily, Rita and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode reveals that a ghost named Shanks Bogey lingers around the Fairway University campus, and is seen as a good thing to the students, as his influence allows them to succeed in championship games. Without Shanks, the students are incapable of playing golf properly.
  • When Lincoln and Clyde were watching ARGGH!, the "ghost" Hunter Spector attacks is clearly a sweater. This is a callback to the Season 2 episode "ARGGH! You for Real?", where the show was revealed to be entirely staged.
  • Petoskey, Michigan is located in one of the northernmost counties in the lower peninsula of Michigan.

These must be the crew's ancestors.

  • When Lori arrives to the cemetery, some of the names on the tombstones are the staff members' names:
  • This is the first episode where Clyde has interacted with Lori without him swooning over her, getting nosebleeds or acting like a robot. This seems to indicate that Clyde has moved on from his crush on Lori, which was last mentioned in "Absent Minded".
  • According to Boris, his bones are hollow, which allows him to have excellent balance.
    • Boris is also capable of rotating his entire head 360 degrees like an owl.
  • It is shown that Lori's hair falls out when she is very scared or stressed.
  • This episode takes place in autumn and in the month of October, since there's a jack-o-lantern on Clyde's porch.
  • The music coming from Lincoln's video game is similar to that of Total Trash Takedown from "Game Off".


  • Ghosted! - The title of this episode is likely a reference to the term "ghosting", the practice of ceasing all communication and contact with a partner, friend, or similar individual without any apparent warning or justification and subsequently ignoring any attempts to reach out or communicate made by said partner, friend, or individual.
  • Ghostbusters - Lori references this 1984 film's iconic theme song by asking herself "Who are you gonna call?" when she states that she is losing her mind.
  • Arnold Palmer - The drink that Lori requests at the drink bar is a non-alcoholic beverage made with lemonade and iced tea, a combination named after the famous professional golfer.


  • Plot hole (possible): Lori is seen staying on a different floor despite deciding to stay on the Water Hazard Floor in "Schooled!" It's been almost two months between "Schooled!" and this episode, so it's possible that a room on a "normal" floor finally became available for Lori to move into.
  • At the beginning, as Lori is practicing for the golf tournament, her phone is not on her golf bag. A moment later, her phone appears on the bag.
  • As Clyde is watching ARGGH, his phone rings and he picks it up. But in the previous shot of Clyde, his phone was not there.
  • Throughout the first half of the episode, Clyde's walkie-talkie on his helmet switches sides several times.
  • Lincoln's backpack is missing when he takes a sample of ghost goo and when he senses clues on the floor in the bar.
    • Clyde's backpack was also missing at one point when he, Lincoln, and Lori are in the library.
  • As Lincoln and Clyde are chanting, "Leave Lori Loud alone!", Lincoln is empty-handed. Then when the ghost disappeared, Lincoln has his phaser in his hand.
  • When Lori first revealed her bald head, she had four strands of hair left. Later, when Lucy and the Morticians Club are helping Lori bring the ghost of Shanks Bogey back, Lori has three strands of hair. Then when Lori is at the cemetery to ask Shanks to come back, she has four strands again.
  • In the scene where Lori is taking out Shanks Bogey's favorite food out the oven, the close up shot of the photo of him eating it, Haiku's hand is tan.
  • When Lucy and the Morticians Club are levitating Boris, Lucy's mouth is missing.
  • As Boris and the cheerleaders are leaving the auditorium, some of the cheerleaders are missing an eye.
  • In the last scene Lucy is prominently smaller than Lincoln, when usually she's only bit smaller than him.

    Lucy got smaller!

  • When Lori and the Morticians Club was dancing to Shanks's favorite song, Lori's left hand was overlapping her cane.


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