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Gina Galiano (more commonly referred to as Ms. Galiano) is a teacher at the Cesar Chavez Academy and a recurring character in The Casagrandes. She is the teacher of Ronnie Anne and Sid's class.


Gina Galiano first appeared in "Señor Class" when she introduces Hector Casagrande as new student in her class.

Gina Galiano also appears in "Team Effort", when she puts Casey and Laird in a detention for sticking gum on the table, then she makes a pact with Ronnie Anne to release them from the detention with them cleaning the gum while Ronnie Anne teaches her the various poses to do for a good selfie. What Galiano didn't know was that Casey and Laird were framed by Coach Crawford.

In "Guilt Trip", Gina Galiano is the host of a dance marathon in Cesar Chavez Academy where the winner won a trip around the world. She eliminated each of the contestants until Mrs. Kernicky and Mr. Scully were declaired the winner of the competition.

In "Teacher's Fret", Gina Galiano started dating Arturo. They later ended their relationship due to differences.


She is a woman who has brown hair, a green sweater, a light blue blouse, a dark blue skirt and brown shoes, and a pearl necklace around her neck.


Gina Galiano has a mixed personality.


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