Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro is an Italian-Chinese bistro, located in Royal Woods.


The restaurant's exterior is based off a Chinese house and an Italian bistro (even with the Italian flag's colors). Beyond that, it has red roof, and a white wall.


Giovanni Changs is first seen in "Cheater by the Dozen" where Lori and Bobby have their date. Due to incidents that involved Clyde accidentally knocking a linguine dim sum on the ground, Lincoln, Clyde, and presumably the rest of his sisters had to work for Giovanni to pay off the spilled food. Giovanni was last seen ordering Clyde and Lincoln to hurry up with making Kung Pao anchovies.

In "Cooked!", the restaurant is seen in Lincoln and Clyde's commercial to promote Lynn's Table. The host laughs at the fact that Lincoln has a large group and quips "You're kidding, right?"



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