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Not to be confused with Boy Jordan.

Jordan (also known as Girl Jordan) is a recurring character who is one of Lincoln's classmates, first appearing in the episode "The Green House".


Season 1

Jordan first appears in "The Green House", where she was telling Lincoln he was going to throw his social life out the window due to how his family wastes water and energy. By the end of the episode, she applauded him for stepping up his green game.

Jordan reappears in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", where Andrew gave her a Dutch oven. This angers her, so she chases after him to give him a wedgie.

She then reappears in "The Waiting Game", where she makes yet another small cameo when Chandler was passing out the invitation using a plunger.

Jordan appears in "Dance, Dance Resolution", as she was one of the girls whom Zach, Liam, and Rusty try to impress, and fail. Later at the Sadie Hawkins Dance, she appears dancing and was later kissed by a boy who was hit by a volleyball.

She appears again in "Study Muffin", saying "hi" to the substitute teacher Ms. DiMartino, while the male students were fawning over Ms. DiMartino.

Season 2

Girl Jordan appears in "The Old and the Restless", where she makes a cameo. She was impressed by Pop-Pop's breakdancing.

She makes a non-speaking cameo at the end of "Back in Black", talking with Mollie and Joy.

She makes a non-speaking cameo in "Making the Grade".

She makes a non-speaking cameo in "Frog Wild".

She made a short appearance in "Pulp Friction" when she was impressed by Lincoln and Clyde's Ace Savvy comic.

She makes a non-speaking cameo running around during a dodgeball game in "Back Out There", then is mentioned twice after. Two seconds after the whistle blew signifying the end of the game, Lincoln is hit in the eyes with a ball and accuses Girl Jordan of doing it while pointing his finger upward. The ball came from offscreen so Jordan is not shown throwing it. Twenty-five seconds later, Clyde is hit in the back of the head and spinning to look behind him then shaking his fist, repeats what Lincoln said earlier. Jordan is still not shown throwing the ball here either and Clyde could not have seen who threw it.

Season 3

in "Roadie to Nowhere, she can be seen when Luna performs at the Royal Rumble.

She appeared in "Teachers' Union", in which she questions the inclusion of barbed wire in the obstacle course being used in the school's gym class.

Girl Jordan had her first major role in "Pasture Bedtime", where she held a pool party.

She made a small appearance in "What Wood Lincoln Do?", with her original look.

In "Crimes of Fashion", she was seen shopping at Reininger's.

She was mentioned in "Absent Minded", where Clyde mentions that it is her birthday.

She was mentioned in "Be Stella My Heart" when the guys were doing their snake formation during a dodgeball game in PE. They made it a priority to keep an eye out for her, as she blindsided them the last time they played, and she ended up cheating by hitting Lincoln before Coach Pacowski even blew his whistle. Later, she is seen eating spaghetti and meatballs during lunch when Lincoln gives her a pudding cup in exchange for stealing one of her meatballs to throw at Rusty. Later, she is seen watching Lincoln and his friends fighting each other over to Stella in jealousy.

In "Middle Men", she tours Royal Woods Middle School, along with her other classmates.

Season 4

In "Tails of Woe", she explains to Stella that her golden hoop earrings were stolen by the rat beast when she took them off for dodgeball.

In "Stall Monitor", she is shown Royal Woods Elementary School for the parent teacher conference.

In "Brave the Last Dance", she is seen in the library looking for a book, then later seen dancing in company of Emma and Chloe at the Valentine's dance.

In "Friends in Dry Places", she is assigned to bunk with Stella and they spend time riding an ATV with Cheryl.

Season 5

In "Schooled!", she made a cameo appearance.

In "Zach Attack", she was invited to Zach's house to see a UFO along with other schoolmates.

In "She's All Bat", she is watching Persephone and Boris in the gym class until she gets scared by bats and runs away.

In "Broadcast Blues", she is revealed to be in the same class as Lincoln, Chandler and Emma. She enjoyed watching Anchor News in middle school and was quite annoyed by Chandler's attempt to get attention.

In "How the Best Was Won", she is revealed to have a best friend named Rachel. They both win the Middle School Best award for best buds.

In "Frame on You", she framed Rusty by stink-bombing the school dance and dressing up as him after he accidentally ruined their sponge cake, resulting in her getting an F from Mr. Bolhofner. The Action News Team figured out it was her leading to Girl Jordan to confess to her actions in front of Principal Ramirez and Meryl when the latter found her Rusty disguise in her locker. Rusty persuaded Principal Ramirez not to suspend her.

Season 6

In "All the Rage", Jordan is on the first opposing team playing dodgeball against Lincoln and his gang.


Girl Jordan is an elegant and decent person. She has been shown to be aggressive and vengeful at times, as shown when she's playing dodgeball or when she framed Rusty for releasing a stink bomb because he accidentally caused her to get a failing grade.


She has light brown hair, which is tied into a braid, three pairs of eyelashes, and small pearl earrings. She wears a yellow elbow-sleeve T-shirt, blue pleated skirt, a bow on the side of her hair, and brown Mary Jane shoes with tall white socks.

In her early design, she is shown to have a rather different appearance. She is much smaller than her original, has the same hairstyle, but has a pink bow instead of the blue. She wears a pink shirt with a flower on it, light blue shorts, and bright pink slip-on shoes.


  • She is named after the storyboard artist Jordan Rosato.
  • Before "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", she didn't have an official name, and is referred to as "Girl 2" in the credits of "The Green House".
  • The credits to "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" refer to the character as "Girl Jordan". Chandler also hands out invitations to "Girl Jordan" and "Boy Jordan" in "The Waiting Game", in reference to there being two Jordans on the Loud House staff (Jordan Koch being the real "boy Jordan").
  • She is shown to be very good at dodgeball, as she was able to blindside Lincoln and the gang's snake formation. But she can also be a cheater as she sometimes hits people before or after the whistle blows (signifying the beginning or ending of a game).
  • Girl Jordan is one of the few girls at school Lincoln is in friendly terms along with Ronnie Anne (when she was still a student at his school before she moved to Great Lakes City with Bobby), Mollie, Haiku, Sid, and Stella.
  • In "Teachers' Union", she is revealed to have a fear of barbed wire when she asks if it is legal.
    • She also lost a toenail in the obstacle course in the same episode.
  • Her birthday is on November 8, as revealed in "Absent Minded", making her a Scorpio.


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