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"Going Overboard" is the Season 1 premiere, as well as the series premiere, of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne finds out her Tio Carlos was a famous skateboarder and she begs him to teach her some new moves.


In the Casagrande living room, Rosa is cleaning up (much to Carlota's dismay, since she's trying to do a makeup tutorial video), Hector is dozing off, Bobby is listening to music on headphones and Carlos is reading a book. At that moment, Frida arrives and says that she has been given the opportunity to show her art at a hip gallery next week. Suddenly, Ronnie Anne arrives, asking why there are scratches on the bottom of her skateboard. When no one gives an answer, Ronnie Anne is determined to find out who did it.

To Ronnie Anne's surprise, Carlos was a skateboarder in his prime.

At night, the family is asleep. As Ronnie Anne sleeps, a hooded figure steals Ronnie Anne's skateboard, and dashes outside. Ronnie Anne, alerted by the noise, discovers the figure and starts chasing after the figure. She catches up the person in a park, who is performing amazing tricks on the half pipe. Ronnie Anne, initially impressed, tell the figure to hand back her skateboard, and the figure is revealed to be Carlos. He explains that back in college, he used to be a skilled skateboarder named "Carlos X" because of how efficient it was to get around (it's where he also met a younger Frida). He stopped skateboarding because when he married Frida, she feared for his safety and practically forced him to quit. Impressed with his skills, Ronnie Anne begs Carlos to teach her some of his tricks. He agrees as long as Frida doesn't know.

The next night, Carlos places Lalo on his and Frida's bed and mounts a baby cam to monitor her. As Ronnie Anne manages to perform one of Carlos' tricks, Frida suddenly wakes up, prompting the two to head back home so Frida doesn't get suspicious. After a few days, Carlos has started to become increasingly tired, and fears that his frequent yawning will make Frida catch on. When Ronnie Anne begs him to do some more tricks, Carlos agrees to teach her one last trick.

At the park, Ronnie Anne and Carlos manage to perform a successful stunt where after they ride up the ramp, they switch boards at the highest point. When Carlos remarks that the only time he would get injured was by performing that trick, he suddenly slips on his skateboard and breaks his left foot. Fearing that his injury will expose his secret, Ronnie Anne attempts to fix it by bandaging his foot and camouflaging it with Carlota's furry boots. When the other family members take notice, they attempt to pass it off as the latest fashion trend for professors and they fall for it. Frida reminds Carlos that her art installation is tonight, but when he asks what he'll be doing, Frida doesn't tell him as to keep it a surprise.

At the art gallery, Frida reveals her newest art installation: a calculator trampoline that Carlos will jump on to solve equations. As Carlos tries to solve the equations that Frida asks, his broken foot makes him fall over and accidentally reveals his bandages. When Frida asks why his foot is injured, he confesses that he has been skateboarding with Ronnie Anne at night. Frida is initially upset, but Carlos and Ronnie Anne admit fault; the former saying that he just had the urge to do it, and the latter admitting to wanting more and not stopping. Suddenly, Romeo, the art gallery owner, reveals that he knows Carlos, as he was a fan of his skateboarding as Carlos X. When Frida asks if she can get a second chance, Romeo agrees, but on one condition.

For Carlos X.

Sometime later, Frida hosts a second art installation. This time, her new installation is a half-pipe with several paint sprayers. Ronnie Anne and Romeo perform several tricks and jump on the sprayers to create a mural of Carlos. The installation leaves the audience amazed, and Romeo accidentally slips and breaks his foot, but he brushes it off, knowing that he got to skate for Carlos.


Maria, Margarita and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Girls Will Be Girls - Robbie Nevil [Title card; montages of Carlos skateboarding.]
  Hot Konga - Dweezil Zappa [Romeo's tattoo.]

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Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • This episode reveals that Carlos used to be a skateboarder back in college, and was forced to stop after he married Frida, who feared for his safety.
  • This episode reveals that Rosa is super buff, as she is able to lift the TV stand (with the TV on it) with very little effort.
    • Prior to becoming buff, she often used Ronnie Anne's skateboard to move the fridge.
  • This episode was released early on YouTube on September 27, 2019.
  • In the German and Hebrew dubs, the episode is titled "Carlos X".


  • Going Overboard - The title of this episode is an expression that means to do something much more than necessary.
  • Gravity Falls - One of the audience members at the art show resembles Soos from this Disney animated series.


  • Plot hole: It's not explained how Carlos had recording of his skateboarding stunts, because 20 years ago mobile phones didn't have option of video recording.
  • When Romeo and Ronnie Anne were spray painting Carlos X on the wall, Carlos disappeared.


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