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"Good Sports" is the twenty-fifth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-seventy-fourth episode of The Loud House.


Lynn finds an unexpected TV sports watching buddy in the family's next-door neighbor, Mr. Grouse.


Today is the football championship game, and Lynn is eager to see her favorite team, the Lions, win. However, she finds that Leni, Luna, Lola, and Charles aren't interested in watching the game with her, leaving her to cheer for her team alone. The moment she sits down to watch the game, she suddenly hears Mr. Grouse celebrating the exact same time as Lynn. This makes Lynn realize that Mr. Grouse is watching the same game, and asks if she can watch alongside him, and Mr. Grouse agrees.

S4E14A High five

To the surprise of each other, Mr. Grouse and Lynn are sports fanatics.

The moment Lynn enters, she discovers that Mr. Grouse is a bigger fan of football than she thought, as his den is filled with Lions memorabilia. As the two watch, they initially get on each other's nerves, but as the game progresses, the two start to share a bond and are more than happy to see that the Lions have won the game. Realizing how much they appreciated their company, Mr. Grouse decides to give Lynn a football signed by one of the Lions quarterbacks and Lynn quickly gives Mr. Grouse her lucky pair of socks that she wore for the entire season. Before they leave, Lynn realizes that baseball season is approaching and asks if she can come to watch, and Mr. Grouse agrees.

When spring arrives, Lynn is prepared to watch the entire baseball season at Mr. Grouse's. However, to their horror, they actually root for opposing teams, with Lynn being in support of the Volcanoes, and Mr. Grouse in support of the Meteors. The two attempt to watch the game together, but because of their support to their respective teams, they find the task of bonding impossible, so they decide to break off their friendship (but not before returning each other's possessions).

S4E14A Sports buddies again

Sports buddies for life.

With Lynn by herself, she attempts to enjoy the game, but she quickly realizes that by being alone, she no longer has anyone to share her excitement with. However, as the game goes on, she suddenly starts showing signs of support for the Meteors, with Mr. Grouse showing signs of support for the Volcanoes in response. Realizing they still enjoy each other's company, Mr. Grouse invites Lynn back to his house and states that they may support different teams, but they would rather watch together. When the baseball game ends, Lynn and Mr. Grouse immediately make plans to watch hockey together when that season comes.



  • Starting from this episode onward, Michael Rubiner's credit on the show is now executive producer instead of co-executive producer.
  • The name of the football team Lynn and Mr. Grouse were fans of is called the Lions. In reality, there's actually a football team in Michigan called the Detroit Lions.
    • Furthermore, in Mr. Grouse's den, there are two championship trophies, one for 1935 and one for 1957, both years in which the Detroit Lions won the NFL championship.
    • Also, there's a pennant in the den that says, "Defend the Den", which is a slogan used by the Detroit Lions.
  • The episode reveals that Mr. Grouse is a widower.


  • Good Sports - The title of this episode is an expression that describes a person who is not rude or angry about losing.
  • Green Bay Packers - According to storyboard artist Sarah Johnson, the quarterbacks in the championship game are wearing numbers 4 and 12, an intentional nod by Johnson to the numbers worn by the former (Brett Farve) and current (Aaron Rodgers) quarterbacks of her favorite team.[1]


  • When Lynn is giving Mr. Grouse her lucky socks, she is still wearing socks, but when she goes home, she's not wearing any.



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