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Got kicked out, Gossipy Girl?
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"Gossipy Girl" is the thirty-seventh episode of the second season, the seventy-fifth episode, and the second-season finale of The Casagrandes.


When a Sid secret is leaked at school, Ronnie Anne and Sid wonder if they can continue being best buds.


Ronnie Anne and her friends are playing truth or dare on the apartment rooftop. As they play, they reveal some of their most embarrassing secrets, like how Casey was the "Mystery Stinker" who made the bus stinky with an intense flatus, and how Ronnie Anne had a dream where she was marrying Artemis from the Lucha Club. After they reveal their secrets, they all state that, as they take the rules of truth or dare seriously, they agree not to tell anyone what they were told.

The next day, as Ronnie Anne exits her classroom, she is suddenly surrounded by many students, as they have gotten word about her dream, and have offered her a mock wedding ceremony. This causes Ronnie Anne to run away, in tears and in embarrassment. At the cafeteria, Ronnie Anne chides her friends for revealing her secret to the school, but they all state that they're innocent. Regardless, Ronnie Anne decides to keep a close eye on them to make sure. Throughout the day, Ronnie Anne proceeds to spy on her friends and creates ways to distract them so she can steal their phones to see who's revealing the secrets. However, for each of her friends she spies on, they end up getting their secrets revealed, like Casey being the "Mystery Stinker", Sameer wearing lifts in his shoes to appear taller, Nikki being afraid of sock puppets, and Laird picking his nose with his feet. This causes the five to conclude that Sid is revealing their secrets. They confront Sid with their suspicions, pointing out that she's the only one who hasn't been embarrassed by a secret. Sid states that the reason she wasn't embarrassed was because she only did dares during their game yesterday. After she leaves, the five think she's playing with them, and Ronnie Anne comes up with an idea.

On the rooftop, Ronnie Anne explains her plan: they need to come up with a embarrassing story, and if it ends up getting leaked at the school, they can confirm it's Sid. At that moment, Sid arrives to tell them that she programmed Breakfast Bot to make popcorn. Ronnie Anne remarks that they almost had an "embarrassing" moment by saying that they cookies they got to eat were actually Lalo's dog biscuits. As Sid laughs this off, she leaves, and Ronnie Anne states that the plan worked. The next day, as the kids eat at the cafeteria, they are approached by some classmates and tell them that word got out that they ate dog biscuits. This causes the five kids to state that they caught Sid red-handed, revealing that they made that story up yesterday to see if it would get leaked, and since she's the only not publicly humiliated, they automatically declare that she's ratting their secrets. Sid once again claims that she's innocent, but her friends refuse to listen and state that they refuse to talk to her anymore until she admits it.

At night, as Sid lies on her bed in frustration over her friends distancing themselves from her for something she didn't do, Breakfast Bot suggests to her watching videos before going to sleep. Sid declines, saying that she tends to sleepwalk and do weird things as a result. Suddenly, Sid realizes that she was watching videos all week, and fears that she revealed the secrets during her sleepwalking phases. Thinking she really was responsible, Sid decides to make things up.

The next day, Breakfast Bot arrives to Ronnie Anne's apartment with a letter from Sid, where she states that she did reveal their secrets, albeit unknowingly, due to her sleepwalking, and states that in order to make things up, she's going to reveal to every student her most embarrassing secret. Although Ronnie Anne is finally satisfied that Sid fessed up, Sergio suddenly arrives and begins pecking at Breakfast Bot's buttons to text Priscilla, where Ronnie Anne suddenly gets a text stating that Sid is going to be revealing her most embarrassing secret at school. This causes Ronnie Anne to realize that Sergio was the one responsible, as his button mashing on Breakfast Bot, who was present every time they revealed their secrets, caused him to go haywire and reveal their secrets to everyone. Ronnie Anne realizes that Sid truly was innocent and, realizing she's going to embarrass herself for no reason, quickly races over to the school.

At Chavez Academy, Sid is ready to reveal her most embarrassing secret to the students. Ronnie Anne, Casey, Sameer, Nikki and Laird attempt to stop her, but it's too late, as Sid reveals that she has a birthmark on the bottom of her right foot that looks like Abraham Lincoln's face and even admits that she talks to it. As the students laugh at Sid for this embarrassing secret, the five friends, knowing full well that they're responsible for her doing this because of a false accusation, decide to step in and alleviate Sid's humiliation by revealing more of their own embarrassing secrets, causing the students to laugh at all of them. Once the students leave, Sid questions her friends on why they stepped into the fray, to which Ronnie Anne reveals that she was indeed innocent, as Sergio was the one who was truly responsible, as he made Breakfast Bot go haywire and leak their secrets to the students. The five apologize to Sid for their wrongful accusation, and Sid, using her Lincoln birthmark, accepts their apology, and they all share a laugh.


Artemis, Stanley, and Adelaide have no lines in the episode.


  • This and its sister episode are the lowest-viewed episodes of The Casagrandes to date.
  • This episode has similar plots to the Loud House episodes:
    • "Making the Case", as in both episodes, the main characters get humiliated in school and the guilty one has to humiliate themselves to make up for this. The difference is that Lincoln was guilty as charged and Sid was wrongly accused, Sergio was the real culprit.
    • "A Tattler's Tale", as in both episodes, somebody who was not invited to a secret-spreading meeting hears all of the secrets and is willing to spread them. The uninvited rat is later exposed, but is not fully defeated by the attendees of the secret-spreading meeting.
    • One difference is that Lola threatened to expose the Loud family's secrets with the consistent intention of them reaching their parents, while Sergio spread Ronnie Anne and her friends' secrets immediately without the intention of them reaching the students of Cesar Chavez Academy.
  • This episode reveals that Sid's first name is short for Sidney.
    • It is also revealed that she sleepwalks whenever she watches videos before bed. During her sleepwalking, she once played with Adelaide's face, ate a carton of milk, and did a tango with Cam.
  • The following embarrassing secrets are revealed:
    • Ronnie Anne:
      • She had a dream where she was marrying fellow Lucha Club member Artemis.
      • She does a funny dance.
    • Sid:
      • She has a birthmark on the bottom of her right foot shaped exactly like Abraham Lincoln's face, and even talks to it.
    • Casey:
      • He was responsible for an incident where he stunk up the entire school bus with an intense flatus. He claims it was due to eating meatloaf.
      • He keeps a jar of his baby teeth under his hat.
    • Sameer:
      • He wears lifts in his shoes to appear taller.
      • He puts mayonnaise in his hair to give it volume.
    • Nikki:
      • She is afraid of sock puppets.
      • Her right big toe is very hairy.
    • Laird:
      • He picks his nose with his feet.
      • He still carries his baby blanket and has never washed it.
  • Cartoon biology: Casey blushes red despite having dark skin.


  • Gossipy Girl - The title of this episode is a reference to the teen drama TV series Gossip Girl.


This is a Loud House episode?

  • The square title card for this episode mistakenly labels this episode as being from The Loud House instead of The Casagrandes.
  • Jacob Mattathiparambil Lukose's name is misspelled in the credits as "Jacob Mattahiparambil Lukose".
  • Possible: When Ronnie Anne steals Nikki's phone it's yellow, even though in "Trend Game" her phone is blue. However, Nikki could have gotten a new phone case since then.



  1. Nicktoons CEE only. The episode was aired on Nickelodeon CEE.
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