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"Gown and Out" is the twenty-second episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-twenty-third episode of The Loud House.


When Lola advances to a regional pageant, she worries she could lose for the first time.


At the elementary school, Lola is competing in the Little Miss Royal Woods pageant. As she competes, Lincoln shows off how his advice is beneficial to her success. Once the pageant is finished, Lola is announced as the winner. As the family begins to congratulate Lola on another successful win, Cheryl tells Lola that she has been invited to Little Miss Southeastern Michigan pageant this upcoming weekend. Lola is overwhelmed by this news, since she's never competed in a pageant of that level before. Unfortunately, Rita and Lynn Sr. will be occupied during the weekend, so they enlist Lori to chaperone for Lola. Lori declines at first, but she relents when her parents decide to throw in a spa package.

The next day, Lori and Lola arrive at the Caribou Suites in southeast Michigan to check in. As they wait, Lola meets the other pageant contestants. There's Chinah, who has won the most titles before the age of 7, Jackie, who stars in toothpaste commercials, and Claudette, whose gowns are all made in Paris. Realizing how tough her competition will be, Lola nervously excuses herself so she can get ready for rehearsals.

Upon arriving to the practice hall, Lori decides to use her spa package, but the spa turns out to be packed (up to the point where the spa's worst masseuse is taken). During rehearsals, Lola is clearly awestruck at how much more talented and smarter the other pageant contestants are, making her ditch practice and head back to the hotel room she and Lori are staying in. Excusing herself to the bathroom, Lola calls up Lincoln and explains her dilemma with the other contestants as well as her fear that she could lose for the first time in her entire career. Lincoln, however, explains that Lola is not going to lose, and he advises her to get some sleep so that she won't look like a mess the next day. After hanging up, Lola suddenly gets an idea.

The next day, Lori wakes up and discovers Lola looking really sick. Seeing how Lola needs to skip out on the pageant, Lori decides to spend her day with Lola as she gets better, spending her money on necessities, such as "Get Well" balloons, flowers, mani pedi products (the fancy kind), and cookies that cost over $5. Eventually, while pretending to be in a pageant, Lola breaks down crying. When Lori asks what's wrong, Lola says that she's not really sick. She explains that she faked being ill just to avoid competing in the pageant out of fear that she'll lose. Lori immediately feels sympathetic towards Lola, as she reminisces about how she almost skipped out going to homecoming out of fear that she wouldn't win homecoming queen. But after sucking it up, Lori went anyway. She did lose the title of homecoming queen to Carol Pingrey, and she admits that it stung. Even so, she tells Lola that if she didn't go to the dance, she would've missed out on a wonderful experience. Lola realizes that as she gets older, the competition will get harder, but that shouldn't stop her from doing what she loves. Inspired by Lori's words, Lola decides that she wants to compete in the pageant. However, she feels that she can't in her current condition coupled with the fact that the pageant starts in ten minutes. Lori calls up Lincoln, since he knows how to fix up Lola in a short amount of time.

Even if she lost the pageant, Lola still had fun in it.

The pageant begins, and Lola, with encouragement from Lincoln (via video chat) and Lori, presents her stuff with great joy. At the end of the night, the emcee announces the winners: Claudette and Jackie are the runner-ups, and Chinah is crowned Little Miss Southeastern Michigan, making a disappointed Lola lose a pageant for the first time, though she feels better after Lori and Lincoln's praise for her hard work. With the pageant complete, Lola admits that even though she lost, she's glad that she did what she loved (even Jackie commends her for a great job, as well as stating that she and the others will have to look out for her next year). With that mind, Lori decides to take Lola to the spa for some "well-deserved pampering."


Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lucy have no lines in the episode. Carol Pingrey and Bobby only appeared in Lori's flashback. The announcer isn't accredited.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Road Tripped", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • Lincoln appears on the title card in the tiara on Lola's head.
  • This episode confirms that Lola has never lost a beauty pageant before in her entire career; however, she does lose for the first time in this episode.
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Figured I'd let you all know. @Nickelodeon is doing good stuff in trans and LGBT representation. Very proud of this. #TransIsBeautiful #transpride #Nickelodeon #loudhouse #animation
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  • According to Maddie Taylor, Dana Dufresne, the emcee in this episode, is the host of the Little Miss Prim & Perfect pageant from "Toads and Tiaras", after a transition from a man to a woman. This was done to follow the transition Maddie went through from a man to a woman and says that she is grateful at Nickelodeon for changing the character she voiced so that she wouldn't have to voice a male/"him" anymore.
  • Apparently, Lola can't say the word "lose" without getting nauseous.
    • However, it's possible she only gets nauseous in the context of herself losing, since in "Lynner Takes All", she said the word "losing" with no problems (because she was referring to Lynn losing).
  • This episode references how Lincoln is the twins' pageant coach.
    • Lincoln also references "Roughin' It", when he tells Lola to remember "eyes forward, chin up, tushie clenched", which is what Lola taught him on how to keep balance.
  • Lori brings up how she lost homecoming queen to Carol Pingrey in "Picture Perfect" and "Selfie Improvement".
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Lori's voice changes when she sings.


  • Gown and Out - The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "down and out", which describes a person who has no job and no home.
  • Cinderella - Dana wears a gown that looks very similar to the titular character's gown.


  • Alexa PenaVega is credited as her husband, Carlos PenaVega.
  • Lola's earring was removed during rehearsals, but when she turned the sink on after entering the bathroom, the earring on her left ear appeared for a second before disappearing.
  • When Lola is shocked by Jackie's gymnastics routine, her left earring appeared for a moment.
  • Lana isn't listed in the credits.
  • When Lori wakes up, she's not wearing her earrings, but when she sees Lola "sick", the earring on her left ear appears out of nowhere.
  • When Lori runs out of the room to the gift shop, one frame showed her left foot disappearing.



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