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"Grandparent Trap" is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne thinks her grandparents' marriage is in trouble after watching a relationship talk show.


In the living room, Frida is watching a relationship talk show called Camila, where the host Camila talks to a troubled relationship and asks her audience if the couple should make up or break up. When Ronnie Anne arrives, having heard Frida's crying, she sees the program pointing out signs of a troubled relationship like excessive bickering, passive aggressive vacuuming and sleeping on the couch. It just so happens that Ronnie Anne sees these three problems with Hector and Rose, as Rosa bickers with Hector for having an appetizer before dinner, Rosa vacuuming the bread crumbs Hector leaves behind (as well as his clothes and appetizer), and Rosa needing her family to get off the couch so she can set it up for Hector to sleep on. The next day, Ronnie Anne holds a meeting with her cousins to say that she believes that Hector and Rosa's marriage is in trouble. At first, the cousins don't believe her, since they've been together for a very long time, but Ronnie Anne states that she doesn't want to take chances and Carlota suggests that they do thoughtful things to each other.

Ronnie Anne and Carlota try to persuade Hector.

Later, Ronnie Anne and Carlota try to persuade Hector and Rosa into doing thoughtful things for each other, like get flowers or make mole sauce. However, the two deny, with Hector saying that it's pointless to buy flowers since they wilt and die, and Rosa saying that mole sauce takes hours and she's busy with repairs. Seeing how that plan didn't work, Ronnie Anne decide to free their schedules so they can spend more time together. The kids decide to take over their chores, but when they leave, they begin bickering some more. Seeing the little progress they made, Ronnie Anne decides to set them up on a surprise date (after Carl's plan of dressing up as a ninja and attacking the mercado so that Hector can look brave to Rosa is shot down).

Sometime later, the kids convince their grandparents to meet for a date in the secret room. After the two get dressed, they arrive to the secret room, which has been set with a dinner for two. The moment, they sit down, they seem to get along just fine. Suddenly, Carl arrives in his ninja suit, still going with his plan. When Carl jumps onto the table, their dinner flies towards Rosa, but Hector jumps in front of her just in time. After chasing Carl out by throwing her shoe, Rosa admires Hector for saving her, but Hector states that he was actually saving the food. Disgusted by this remark, Rosa leaves. Seeing how their plan was foiled by Carl's actions, Ronnie Anne resorts to one last tactic: put them on Camila.

Everything is alright.

The next day, Ronnie Anne fools Hector and Rosa into coming to the show under the guise of seeing a school play. After a series of lies to keep the truth hidden, Hector and Rosa are put on stage, and Camila asks the two if their marriage is in trouble. After bickering with each other, Ronnie Anne, thinking she made their marriage worse, steps in and apologizes for putting them on the show, saying that believes their relationship is in trouble. Suddenly, Hector and Rosa laugh, saying that they love each other enough to not put their relationship to dwindle, as well as stating that blowing off steam towards each other is normal. At the Casagrande apartment, Frida, who has seen the whole thing, cries so much that she floods the entire apartment (so much so, the entire room is completely flooded, forcing Lalo and Carlitos to wear scuba gear). With everything settled, Camila says that they still have fifteen minutes left on the program, and Ronnie Anne suggests she use it to help with Sergio and Priscilla the ostrich's relationship.


Bobby and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During the initial airing of this episode, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. Tia Frida is watching what show?
    1. Rank Our Prank
    2. Camila
    3. Carmen
    4. Adios Ana, Adios
  2. What time is Abuelo's nap?
    1. 4pm
    2. 12 noon
    3. 3pm
    4. 2:30pm
  3. Where is Abuela going?
    1. The hardware store
    2. The Mercado
    3. The park
    4. The zoo
  4. Where are Abuelo and Abuela meeting for dinner?
    1. The Kitchen
    2. The Fire Escape
    3. The Garden
    4. The Secret Room
  5. Ronnie Anne, Carlota, & CJ are hiding in...
    1. Shoe boxes
    2. Cardboard boxes
    3. Big bowls
    4. Tents
  6. Abuelo & Abuela think they're going to what?
    1. A school play
    2. A musical
    3. A dog show
    4. A movie
  7. Tia Frida ate what on the couch?
    1. Chips
    2. Cheesy tots
    3. Corn
    4. Cherries

The Winners

  1. Prank Genius 001
  2. Carl Ultimate 001
  3. Carl Maestra 003
  4. Sergio Agent 001

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • Hector reveals that he prefers sleeping on the couch because of how close he is to the kitchen, that he wears a pair of shorts (which he thinks shrunk, but Rosa thinks he got bigger) as underwear, and that he keeps food in his shoes.
  • Cartoon biology: While watching Camila, Frida cries so hard she releases a ridiculously excessive amount of tears until she floods the entire apartment room. In reality, the human body can produce only two microliters per minute or about ten ounces each day, not nearly enough to completely fill a bedroom, let alone an apartment.


  • Grandparent Trap - The title of this episode references the Parent Trap film series.
  • AirPods - Sergio is seen wearing these wireless earphones at the beginning of the episode.


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