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For his voice actor, see Grant Palmer.

Grant is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in the episode "Snow Way Out".


Grant worked at Burpin' Burger, but since "Cooked!" he worked at Lynn's Table, but before "Season's Cheatings" for an unexplained reason he returned to work at Burpin' Burger.


Grant has dark blond curly hair. He wears a red jacket, with white sleeves, black pants, and gray and white sneakers.


  • He is named after his voice actor, Grant Palmer, who previously voiced Lincoln in most of Season 1, as well as the short "Slice of Life".
  • When Lynn Loud Sr. hires him in "Cooked!", his job application can be briefly seen. His last name is written on it, however a photo of him is covering the majority of the word, so it's hard to read.
  • According to his CV from "Cooked!" Grant has computer skills of photoshopping, designing, storyboarding, word processing, slide showing and internet page writing.
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