Great Lakes City is a fictional city in The Loud House. It is also the main setting for its spin-off series, The Casagrandes.[1]


S2E13 Casagrande Bodega

Casagrande Apartment

This is where The Casagrande Family and The Santiago Family live together. The Chang Family also moved there. It is an apartment complex located on a corner street.


Chavez University

Lori mentions that once she graduates from high school, she would move in with Bobby so they can go to this college together where Bobby’s uncle, Carlos, teaches.


Although it’s not fully seen, it is revealed that the city has a Jumbotron, Sky Needle building, and a central plaza park where Ronnie Anne and her friends hang out at.

Cesar Chavez Academy

Main article: Cesar Chavez Academy

This is the school that Ronnie Anne, Carl and Sid Chang attend.

GLART (Great Lakes Area Rapid Transit)

This is the subway that Ronnie Anne and Sid ride to and from school. Sid's father, Stanley, works as a conductor there.


Casagrande Bodega

Right below the apartment complex is the family bodega. It's a convenience store where Bobby and Hector work.

Hi 'n' Buy

A new grocery store in the city. It's a serious competition for Casagrande Bodega.

Margarita's Beauty

A beauty salon owned by Margarita.


  • According to Bobby in The Loud House episode "Selfie Improvement", Great Lakes City and Royal Woods are three hours apart.
  • As shown in The Loud House episode "City Slickers", Great Lakes City has a subway system.
  • According to Lincoln in The Loud House episode "City Slickers", he could see Liam's farm from the tallest building of Great Lakes City.


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