Great Lakes City is a city that appears in The Loud House. It is also the main setting for its spin-off series The Casagrandes.[1]


Great Lakes City is a large metropolis located somewhere near the Great Lakes of the Midwestern United States.[2] It is located over 200 miles away from Royal Woods, Michigan, in another state. Like many metropolises, it is a crossroads of cultures and peoples from around the world, and contains infrastructure such as an airport, taxis, buses, and a metro system called the Great Lakes Area Rapid Transit (GLART). It contains a number of institutions and sites of interest.


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Casagrande Apartment

Main article: Casagrande Apartment

This is where the Casagrande and Santiago families live together, alongside others such as the Changs. It is an apartment complex located on a corner street, anchored by the Casagrande Market, the family mercado.

Laird's Mansion

The episode "Home Improvement" revealed that Laird lives in a mansion that has vending machines in each of the bedrooms.


Chavez University

A local university where Carlos Casagrande teaches a variety of subjects. It is a typical American university, and one of two sites named after labor leader Cesar Chavez. Lori Loud had intended to study there with Bobby Santiago before gaining a scholarship to Fairway University.


A typical downtown area with large Jumbotron advertising screens, observation towers, and parks.

Cesar Chavez Academy

Main article: Cesar Chavez Academy

This is an elementary school that Ronnie Anne and other characters attend. It is the second location named after Cesar Chavez.

Great Lakes Area Rapid Transit (GLART)

The metropolis's metro rail system. It consists of both underground and above-ground segments. Stanley Chang works as a conductor and driver, while various characters use it to get around the city.

Great Lakes City Library

A library that was seen in "Undivided Attention". Mavis works there as a librarian.

Great Lakes City Zoo

A zoo where to see a lot of animals. Becca Chang works there as a tour guide.


Art Space Gallery

A gallery in Great Lakes City that displays works of art. Frida Puga Casagrande and Romeo work here.

Burger Blast

Burger Blast is a fast food restaurant that opened up in "Fast Feud" near the Casagrandes' apartment. It is run by Padma and Pierre.

Greta's Magic

A magic store that is run by the magician Greta the Great.

Hi 'n' Buy

A new, large grocery store in the city that first appeared in "Store Wars with the Casagrandes". It's a serious competition for Casagrande Bodega as it opened up nearby it.


A Korean market that is run by Injae Hong that first appears in "Bo Bo Business". It is down the street from the Casagrande Mercado. Bobby once worked here following a promotion disagreement with Hector.

Margarita's Beauty

A beauty salon owned by Margarita that is near the Casagrandes' apartment.

Pete's Pets

A pet store owned by Pete that first appears in "Croaked".

Pizza Pig

A local pizza restaurant that was first seen in "No Show with the Casagrandes".

Unidentified pizza restaurant

A known pizza restaurant that is staffed by an unnamed pizza chef and an as-yet-unseen man named Gino.

Outside the City

Fairway University

Main article: Fairway University

A golf-themed university that specializes in training and developing golfers, located just outside Great Lakes City and 208.6 miles from Royal Woods.[n 1]



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