Erin Grey Van Oosbree, credited as Grey DeLisle and Grey Griffin, is an American voice actress, singer, and songwriter. She provides the voices of Lana, Lola, and Lily Loud. So far, she's the main actress with the biggest number of roles in the show.

Credits on The Loud House

  • Lana (main role)
  • Lola (main role)
  • Lily (main role)
  • Scoots (recurring role)
  • Stroller Mom (minor role)
  • Ruth (minor role)
  • Margie (minor role)
  • Leif (minor role)
  • Lexx (minor role)
  • Leon (minor role)
  • Maggie's Mom (minor role)
  • White-Haired Mom (minor role)
  • Bernadette (minor role)
  • Beulah (minor role)
  • Poetry Student 1 (minor role)
  • Pam (minor role; "Breaking Dad" only)
  • Coach Keck (minor role)
  • Photography Girl (minor role)

Selected Filmography


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