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"Grub Snub" is the twenty-seventh episode (twenty-eighth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


When Leni and her friends start hanging out at Gus's, Lincoln and the gang start a turf war for control.


Gus' Games and Grub is known by Lincoln and his friends as their "home away from home", as they are treated with respect by Gus, the owner of the place. After being given several amenities from Gus, the gang is about to eat a pizza with spaghetti on top. However, just before the gang is about to eat their spaghetti pizza, Leni and her friends; Fiona, Miguel, Jackie and Mandee, arrive. They spot Lincoln and his friends sitting at a booth and decide to join them, eating their spaghetti pizza. When asked why they're here, Jackie reveals that Dim Yum, the dim sum restaurant at the mall, is closed, and needed a new place to hang out. After they eat, the teens proceed to play the games, and Miguel ends up winning enough tickets to buy a Rip Hardcore waffle iron (something Clyde has been vying to win for years). When Lincoln asks Gus for some garlic knots, Gus reveals that he just gave his last batch to Leni and her friends.

Later, the teens decide to leave, and when Lincoln wishes them a good time at Dim Yum tomorrow, Fiona reveals that Dim Yum actually shut down, and have decided to make Gus' their new hangout. Unable to let this happen, Lincoln tries to reason with the teens into finding a new hangout, but Leni reveals that Gus' is the only place that all of her friends can enjoy. With his plan unsuccessful, Lincoln tells his friends during school lunchtime that they must plan to "take back" Gus' from Leni and her friends.

Later, the gang attempts to drive Leni and her friends away from Gus' by trying to make the situation hard for them. First, they try to block off all of the arcade machines with police tape, but Leni and friends believe that it's VIP tape made exclusively for them. Second, Clyde tries to send Leni and her friends away by dressing up as a waiter and telling them that they don't have any more food, but Gus arrives and gives them a pizza he made for the Royal Woods Men's Choir, saying that the group had a last-minute singing emergency. Lastly, Lincoln suggests putting pebbled ice, Leni's least-favorite ice, into her drink. After Liam chucks the ice into Leni's drink, Leni complains about how uncomfortable she is because of the pebbled ice in her mouth. Gus, alarmed by Leni's complaining, brings out a massage chair to make her feel better. Flabbergasted and fed up with Leni's gang's luck, Lincoln decides to storm up to them, and tell her off, saying that Gus' is his friends' hangout, and suggests that they battle it out, where the loser is banned forever.

Later, the two groups are about to start the Gus' Game-a-thon, where whoever gets the most points in a series of challenges will be the winner.

  • Round One: The first challenge has Lincoln and Leni trying to eat the most spicy wings. Although the wings burn their mouths, Lincoln wins when Leni is unable to eat anymore. (1-0)
  • Round Two: The second challenge has Clyde and Miguel playing a plane racing game. Miguel struggles, as he has a fear of heights, but with a little motivation from Leni, he succeeds in beating Clyde. (1-1)
  • Round Three: The third challenge has Liam and Mandee trying to get a prize from the claw machine. Mandee fails to get a prize, but Liam succeeds. (2-1)
  • Round Four: The fourth challenge has Rusty and Jackie trying to make a pizza first. Jackie wins, as Rusty's dough gets stuck to the ceiling. (2-2)
  • Round Five: The fifth challenge has Stella and Fiona playing skee-ball. Fiona scores 500 points, but Stella scores 99,999 points. (3-2)
  • Round Six: The sixth challenge has Zach and Miguel playing Smack-a-Troll. Zach is unable to hit any trolls, but Miguel effortlessly hits every one, giving him a perfect score. (3-3)

For the seventh and final challenge, the two teams compete on the Dance Battle machine. As the two teams play the game, Gus discovers that the machine is heating up and tries to warn the kids for their safety. However, the kids are so focused on winning, that they all start to play the game, before getting to a giant fight, where their recklessness wrecks everything in their path. As the gang collapses on the booth they usually sit at, they discover that their fighting has destroyed everything and seriously injured Gus. This causes Lincoln to admit that both of them are the losers.

As the two groups now hang out outside the building depressed, Lincoln apologizes for making such a big deal about Leni and her friends hanging out at Gus', and Leni apologizes for just barging into Gus' without his knowledge, as the place was his. As the two question where they could hang out now, a crutch-toting and angry Gus arrives and says that he knows how they can still hang out at his place. Later, the two groups are hard at work at restoring the place to its former glory, and once they get everything cleaned up, Lincoln reveals that they modified their booth into having extended seats so that all of them can hang out. As Gus thanks the gang for restoring his place, the seats Lincoln and Leni are sitting on suddenly spring them into a ceiling fan, where they are flung outside the building.


Emma, Errol, Richie, Trent, Lincoln's Classmates and Chandler have no lines in this episode.


  • The premise of the episode is similar to "Space Invader" and "Friendzy", where one of Lincoln's older sisters hogs his personal area, so he tries to get rid of said sister.
  • Clouded fight between Lincoln and Leni's friends that devastated the arcade and lead them to get banned is similar to how it happened in "Cereal Offender".
  • Liam shows off his pitching ability from "Cow Pie Kid" by hurling the pebbled ice into Leni's drink with pinpoint accuracy.
  • This is the first episode to reveal Gus, the owner of Gus' Games and Grub.
@kgCannarile Twitter Picture.jpg
The rough title card for Grub Snub. Toy Lincoln's eyes and the teddy bear were toned down a bit in the final.
#loudhouse #leniloud #lincolcnloud[sic] #grubsnub
Jun 1, 2021[1]
  • In Kevin Cannarile's initial sketch of the title card, the eyes on the Lincoln doll and teddy bear were going to be giant black buttons, but were replaced with beads in order to make it appear less scary.
  • The way Leni motivates Miguel in the plane racing game is similar to how Lincoln motivated her in Total Turbo XXII in "Driving Miss Hazy", in that Lincoln and Leni tell the person struggling at the game about something fashion-related (Leni was told that she was going to the mall, and Miguel about a fashion show in Paris), making them concentrate and gain a great performance.
  • This episode reveals the following:
    • Liam prefers sitting on haybales while at Gus'.
    • Rusty gets a free token from Gus for every A on his report card.
    • Stella owns a blue hoodie.
    • Dim Yum, the dim sum restaurant shown in "Leader of the Rack", shut down.
    • Miguel has converted to vegetarianism.
    • Jackie does not like drinking hot liquids and knows how to bake pizza.
    • Leni hates pebbled ice, comparing it to chewing baby rocks.
    • Miguel is afraid of heights.
  • Stella's blue hoodie is similar to that of Nikki.
  • This is the first episode where Diego Alexander voices Rusty.
  • The "Round 5" time card is the only time card where its number is not spelled out.
  • There were no promos for this or its proceeding episode, "She's All Bat".
    • Despite that, a promo for the episode and its proceeding episode, "She's All Bat", was released on September 1, 2021, for the episode's Canadian airing on YTV Canada for YTV Canada's airing on September 4, 2021.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Liam's toy helicopter is strong enough to hold adult Gus.
    • Liam is smaller and lighter than Miguel, but had no problem in holding him without falling nor struggling.
  • Irony: Lincoln and Leni's groups competed for being exclusive to go to Gus' Games and Grub, but in the end, they end up destroying the restaurant, meaning that no one gets exclusive access.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, Stella finds a piece of sausage in her hoodie rather than pepperoni.


  • Grub Snub - The title of this episode is a pun on the food delivery service Grubhub.
  • Braveheart - Lincoln's line, "Because they may take our waffle irons, but they will not take our freedom!", references Sir William Wallace telling his comrades "They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!"


  • When Fiona is playing skee-ball during the competition, the frills on the bottom of Leni's dress are unaligned.
  • On the time card for Round Seven, "Seven" is misspelled as "Sevenn".
  • When the gangs start fighting and the crowd starts running, the three boys running behind the girl in the pink top overlap her.
  • Luna's hand is visible inside the groups' fight cloud, but she herself is absent.
  • Possible plot hole: Miguel claims he's vegetarian, but when his group eats the spaghetti pizza, meatballs can be seen flying from his side. However, since Mandee is eating on the same side as Miguel, it is possible she was eating the meatballs.
  • Plot hole: The Burpin' Burger doesn’t have vegetarian meals despite having salad in Lori Days. It might take place before the episode.
  • When Lincoln gets fed up with Leni and her friends staying at Gus', Clyde is still wearing his waiter outfit. Then, when Lincoln and his friends confront them, Clyde is back in his normal clothes.
  • When Fiona tells Lincoln and his friends that Dim Yum is actually shut down, Stella is shown to have buck teeth when they all gasp.


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