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"Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?" is the thirtieth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Abuela teaches Ronnie Anne that getting ingredients for dinner is no small task.


Ronnie Anne and Sid are watching a trailer for a movie called Bark Night, starring Phoebe Powers. When the trailer ends, Ronnie Anne and Sid are excited to see a sneak preview in three hours. At that moment, Rosa enters and says she needs help getting groceries, since Sergio will be busy hosting a birthday party for Sancho. Rosa says that she's planning a special kind of soup themed around the seven seas. After Sid informs her that the movie will start in three hours, Ronnie Anne decides to help out, thinking it'll be short and sweet.

Ronnie Anne is ready to get the ingredients.

However, while gathering ingredients, Ronnie Anne discovers how tedious Rosa's method of getting food is, as they have to examine every single lime to find the right one, get spices from a very far away street, and carefully watch over a spice plant so they can pick it at the right time. Suddenly, Rosa gets a call from Sergio, who seems to have lost control of the party. When Rosa leaves to alleviate the situation, Ronnie Anne discovers that the movie will premiere in one hour, and decides to skip over Rosa's instructions so she can see the movie sooner. After getting the ingredients from Hi 'n' Buy, Ronnie Anne drops them off to Rosa. With the ingredients obtained, Rosa reveals that she actually has bigger intentions for the soup. She says that a local food critic is coming at 6:00 to taste Rosa's soup and hopes to be declared "City's Best Home Cook". Ronnie Anne is horrified, thinking that since she didn't get the correct ingredients, Rosa's chances of winning are slim. Wanting to get the soup ready before the critic's arrival, Rosa tells Ronnie Anne to go see her movie.

Arriving to the theater, Ronnie Anne meets up with Sid just before the trailers start. However, as the trailers play, Ronnie Anne becomes more and more guilt tripped by the trailers' opening lines revolving around lying and disappointment. This causes Ronnie Anne to tell Sid that must fix her mistake. After exiting the theater, Ronnie Anne tries to call Rosa about the situation, but Sergio's partying blocks out Rosa's ringing phone. Realizing she still has plenty of time, Ronnie Anne reads through Rosa's cookbook and learns that the perfect ingredients for the soup come from the fish market, where through several tasks, she succeeds in obtaining catfish, tilapia, mussels, jumbo shrimp, baby octopus, clams and squid.

Despite getting the seven ingredients, Ronnie Anne discovers on the back a last-second ingredient: crab legs. Unfortunately, the fish market closes, and Rosa calls. Ronnie Anne ultimately confesses that she went to Hi 'n' Buy to get the ingredients because she was close to missing her movie. When she says that she got every ingredient but crab legs, Rosa immediately hangs up. Suddenly, Rosa drives up to Ronnie Anne in the mercado van, quickly telling her to get in. After jumping in, the two proceed to chase after the crab legs guy, jumping over an open drawbridge along the way. Needing a way to stop him, Rosa pulls out a sandal and uses it to press the pedestrian crossing button, changing the light to red, and making the driver halt to a stop. After stopping, Rosa asks the crab man for some crab legs, and he obliges. With all eight ingredients obtained, the two are prepared to head back, but the van explodes after sustaining damage from jumping over the drawbridge. Rosa says that has backup. Cawing like a bird, Sergio and the rest of the pigeons arrive and proceed to carry the two back home.

Ingredients trip with Phoebe Powers.

When 6:00 arrives, Rosa present her eight seas soup to the food critic, and after taking one sip, he instantly loves it, and declares Rosa "City's Best Home Cook" by presenting her with a trophy. Happy that she won, Rosa apologizes that Ronnie Anne had to miss her movie, but Ronnie Anne she got more enjoyment than she could've ever gotten from the movie by getting the ingredients and is more than happy to shop with Rosa. When Rosa comments that she still feels bad that she didn't get to see Phoebe Powers, the food critic reveals himself to be Phoebe Powers, saying that when she's not acting, she shadows as a food critic. Wanting to know how Ronnie Anne and Rosa obtain their ingredients, she decides to tag along on their trip to get ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast.


Bobby has no lines in this episode but is listed in the credits. Carl also has no lines, but was listed in the credits because he was heard laughing.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During the initial airing of this episode, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. The movie is rated A for...
    1. Awesome
    2. Adventure
    3. "A" game
    4. Amazing
  2. Who is Sergio throwing a birthday party for?
    1. Polly Pigeon
    2. Sammie
    3. Sancho
    4. Clyde
  3. Abuela's lime hit a piñata shaped like what?
    1. A unicorn
    2. A cake
    3. A star
    4. An ice pop
  4. Abuela's spice guy is on what street?
    1. 3rd Street
    2. Great Lakes Street
    3. Franklin Avenue
    4. 475th Street
  5. Where did Ronnie Anne go shopping?
    1. The Mall
    2. Mercado
    3. Hi 'n' Buy
    4. Hello 'n' Go
  6. What fish did Ronnie Anne buy?
    1. Catfish & Tilapia
    2. Salmon & Swordfish
    3. Goldfish & Guppies
    4. Angelfish & Anchovies
  7. What did Ronnie Anne tell the clams?
    1. A joke
    2. A secret
    3. A poem
    4. A story

The Winners

  1. Lalo Pro 002
  2. Maybelle Pro 012
  3. Familia Shredder 016
  4. Abuelo Maestro 023

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • Rosa's methods of obtaining seafood from the fish market:
    • Catfish and tilapia - they must be obtained by being caught, since the seller is a former baseball player.
    • Mussels - the buyer must beat the seller, Muscles, in an arm wrestling match. Luckily, he's easily distracted.
    • Jumbo shrimp - the perfect one must be shaped and act exactly like a boomerang.
    • Baby octopus - the buyer must be careful not to get the old or teenage octopus.
    • Clams - the buyer needs the clams to open up for them, and should accomplish this by telling them a secret.
    • Squid - the buyer better get some scuba gear.
  • This episode reveals that Sergio can use a phone.


  • Guess Who's Shopping For Dinner? - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1967 Stanley Kramer film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
  • A113 - The license plate on the mercado van is this code famous for appearing in every Pixar film.
  • The Dark Knight - The title of the film Ronnie Anne and Sid want to see, Bark Night, is a pun of this 2008 superhero film.
  • Super Mario Bros. - Whenever Ronnie Anne gets her ingredients from the fish market, the coin sound effect from this video game can be heard.


  • The second question of the Smarty Pants Challenge has an extra verb by saying "Who is Sergio is throwing a birthday party for?"


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